Bedwetting Alarms for Seniors and Children

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We have reviewed bedwetting alarms for seniors and children in this article. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

Bedwetting is defined as an involuntary voiding of urine during sleep. It is medically also known as Nocturnal enuresis (NE). Bedwetting is common among younger children. But the elderly can also suffer from involuntary urination for a multitude of reasons.

What Are the Causes of Bedwetting?

Some causes for nighttime incontinence generally include urinary tract infection (UTI), diabetes, neurological disorders, overactive bladder, side effects of different medications, anatomical abnormalities, prostate enlargement or prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and obstructive sleep apnea. In some rare instances, adult bed-wetting may be caused by emotional disorders or acute anxiety.

With age, the bladder becomes less capable of retaining large amounts of fluid, especially without training and exercise. Weak muscle tone around the urethra might find it difficult to retain urine as effectively as the strong exercised pelvic floor muscles.

How Does Bedwetting Affect the Person Affected by It?

Bedwetting is not only embarrassing but also extremely inconvenient for the elderly as well as the kids. The requirement of changing the bedclothes, sheets, and bathing may interrupt their sleep and also affect that of their caregiver. Repeated bedwetting incidents tend to bring long-term effects on personality, mood, physical health, and emotional well-being.

What Are the Different Ways to Track Bedwetting in Your Household?

The possible causes and treatments for nighttime incontinence can be determined through a detailed record of the symptoms and bathroom habits.

The health care provider can keep a diary over multiple days to gather enough data to assist a medical practitioner in making a diagnosis, maybe order additional tests and develop a plan of care.

The person experiencing bedwetting accidents should not feel embarrassed by sharing this personal information.

Providing a complete picture of the issue will prove to be helpful in improving the accuracy and speed of the diagnosis of the condition and its treatment. You should ensure that you keep track of the following while maintaining your records-

  • Urination Times during the day and night
  • Timing of any accidents related to incontinence during the day and night
  • The estimated quantity of urine voided in each instance
  • Detailed information about the intake of fluids (including the timing, amount and the type of beverages consumed)
  • Nature of the urinary stream (whether the urine stream was strong and consistent or otherwise? Are there instances of continuous dribbling?, Is there difficulty initiating a void?)
  • Indication of an existing or recurring UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Any other symptoms associated with nocturnal enuresis and urination like night sweats, etc.

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Is There a Need to See a Doctor for This Condition?

Once you have documented your instances of incontinence, it is important to see a healthcare provider to rule out any other form of serious health problems that may be causing nocturnal enuresis.

One should be prepared to provide details related to personal as well as family history along with their medication usage. This helps in narrowing down the treatment options available.

After collecting all this information, the doctor will mostly perform a physical exam, conduct a neurological evaluation, and send urine samples to the lab for urinalysis and urine culture.

What Are Bedwetting Alarms?

Bedwetting alarms have the ability to preserve the confidence, dignity, and independence of the elderly while reducing distress related to bedwetting accidents in children.

They are a very effective treatment methodology for those whose bedwetting is not caused by any physical abnormality or a malfunctioning urinary tract system.

A bedwetting alarm is a device that emits a sound or vibration as soon as wetness or moisture is detected. Some of these alarms may vibrate and emit sound at the same time while others may offer one or the other option.

The alarms that are worn in underclothing or on top of the protective pads are connected to a small battery-operated instrument that is triggered to go off whenever moisture is detected.

These devices can be worn on the body and are often activated by just a few drops of fluid. The alarms average around $60 to $80 and can be purchased through medical stores, pharmacies, and also online over the internet.

How Do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

Whenever any degree of wetness is registered on a pad placed on top of the bedding or that is worn in clothing, either the vibration or the sound of the alarm wakes up the person using the bedwetting alarm.

Wetness detection devices can also be attached to the undergarments, depending on their make and model. Once awakened, one can most likely stop the flow of urine long enough so that one can get to the bedside commode or the bathroom.

The purpose of a bedwetting alarm is to gradually train the user to recognize the signs when they have a full bladder before a bedwetting incident happens. For some people, this may take several weeks, but bladder volume and bladder training during both day and nighttimes can improve with determination and commitment.

Bedwetting alarms have proven to be an effective tool especially for individuals who do not have more than one or two episodes of waking up during the night.

These systems can help the user become more aware of the need to exercise their pelvic floor muscles while reducing the fluid intake before their bedtime and engaging in toileting just before going to bed.

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What Should I Expect When Beginning to Use Bedwetting Alarms?

If you are using a bedwetting alarm for the first time, it is considered to be a good idea to set your expectations and goals regarding the treatment well in advance.

The idea behind using a bedwetting alarm is to stop bedwetting permanently. Deep sleepers may take more amount of time to wake up once a bedwetting alarm goes off.

It may also take several months for an adult to start sleeping dry on their own without any incidents of bedwetting. The user, as well as the caregiver, must be well prepared to wake up and change the clothing at night when the alarm goes off.

For the sake of convenience, it is suggested to purchase extra bed mats that would complement the bedwetting alarm.

What Are the Different Types of Bedwetting Alarms Available in the Market?

Bedwetting alarms are available in three basic styles

Wearable bedwetting alarms

In the case of wearable bedwetting alarm, there is a sensor in the underwear for fast moisture detection. A wire runs from the sensor to the main alarm which is attached to the lowers, generally around the shoulder area.

This is mostly a hard-to-ignore area for sound sleepers. A wearable alarm may have both options- sound as well as a vibrating alarm.

Wireless bedwetting alarms

The sensor of a wireless bedwetting alarm is also attached to the underwear, but the transmitter and receiver both communicate wit it without any wires.

You can thus place the alarm anywhere in the room. Some wireless alarms include an additional unit that can be used to intimate the caregiver in case any hands-on assistance is required.

Bell bedwetting alarms

This design of bedwetting alarms does not need a sensor to the underwear. It rather includes a moisture-sensitive pad that acts as a sensor that is placed under the user. As soon as the urine leaks onto the pad, the alarm starts to sound.

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What Are the Features That You Should Look For While Purchasing a Bedwetting Alarm?

A bedwetting alarm is effective as long as it is able to accurately and quickly detect moisture and immediately alert that urination is occurring. However, there are some features that are worth keeping an eye out for when you are shopping for one.

Alarm Size: If you have decided to opt for a wearable alarm, avoid a design that is overly bulky. Instead, you can opt for a medium-sized or compact model that would be comfortable. If visibility is a concern for the user, find a smaller alarm where you can conceal the cords under the clothes.

Adjustable Volume: It might seem like just a minor convenience, but having the ability to control the alarm volume to suit the needs of the elderly can sometimes be a godsend. It helps in preventing anxiety due to getting startled by an excessively loud alarm and especially in case of deep sleepers who might not even respond unless the alarm is not loud.

Variable Tones: Sometimes it becomes possible that the user becomes accustomed to a particular tone from the alarm and finds it much easier to ignore, especially over a prolonged period of time. Switching up the tone once in a while helps in ensuring that they remain responsive to the alarm.

Comfortable Sensors: Some users find even the most compact of the sensors uncomfortable. If you feel that you would not be able to use a bell and pad bedwetting sensor, you may look at the option for a soft contouring silicone sensor.

Remote Control: Some of the high-end wireless alarms come with remote control. These alarms are mostly paired with a parent receiver unit that is designed to be used by caregivers so that they can regulate the alarm activity.

It might be difficult to zero in on a single product when you are shopping for specialized alarms. We have therefore selected some of the best bedwetting alarms available in the market for you.

#1 DryBuddyFLEX 3 Bedwetting Alarm

Dry Buddy’s sensing briefs for wetness are very comfortable, reliable, and quite easy to use as compared to other products where a sensor is attached to regular briefs.

DryBuddyFLEX 3  Bedwetting Alarm

These briefs have a patented arrangement of redundant wires which makes it possible for the briefs to function even when the wire breaks. They offer the largest area for wetness sensing. Thus they eliminate the concerns about whether the sensor has been placed correctly as the sensors always sense the wetness.

It is as simple as the users wearing the briefs and attaching the sensor at the waist in a few seconds. The briefs are available in all sizes from 22 inches to 38 inches measured at the waist (belly button).

The briefs feature a patented magnetic sensor that can be used with regular cotton briefs or with the Dry Buddy wetness sensing briefs. The sensor attaches firmly and very easily while preventing any sort of damage to the briefs.

An integrated wireless transmitter is a single unit with a small and lightweight sensor which is the only device that is in contact with the child or the elderly to their clothing.

The sensor is sealed and will not be damaged by any form of liquids. This prevents any worrying about damages during usage and cleaning. The transmitter, on the other hand, is sealed and water-resistant with a sealed battery of battery life of over 2,000 triggers under normal usage.

The loud and powerful alarm features adjustable volume ranging from 97.2 decibels at 8 inches down to zero. It allows placing the alarm nearby or at a little distance while staying effective.

There is an option to purchase a bed shaker that has the ability to provide stronger vibrations than any other vibrator for bedwetting alarms. This alarm is also resistant to being triggered by perspiration.

The Dry Buddy FLEX comes with a year-long limited warranty with a 6-month warranty for the briefs. It is extremely convenient with the one-button or remote simplicity and its long-range transmission of over 200 feet.

The video below shows how to perform the synchronization of DryBuddyFLEX 3 Bedwetting Alarm.


  • Reliable, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • Long-range transmission of up to 200 feet provides flexibility and convenience.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Cleaning and drying are easier as the transmitter and sensor both are sealed and water-resistant.


  • A little expensive as compared to other bedwetting alarms in the market.

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#2 Chummie Pro Bedwetting Alarm

The Chummie Pro Bedwetting Alarm is a complete system that includes a controlled alarm that is placed on the bedside and a bed mat for urine detection that is placed below the sheets.

Chummie Pro  Bedwetting Alarm

It is a perfect bedwetting alarm system for deep sleepers, adults, teens, and children, who are not keen on wearing wired alarms on their bodies and prefer a natural goodnight sleep.

It comes with a unique 21 inches X 17 inches IntelliFlex mat fixed to a 10-foot long cord for ultimate comfort. The mat detects the urine in seconds to wake up the user after a bedwetting accident.

The alarm can be set in just 30 seconds where the user can select from 8 loud tones and vibration. It offers 2-step shut off for deep sleepers. The alarms alert you on low battery detection and also in case of accidental removal of the sensor at night so that the user does not miss a bedwetting event.

The IntelliFlex mat can be cleaned with a dry cloth for immediate reuse and can be rolled up for easy storage or transportation. It is easy to use and uses urine sensing strips that will not corrode.

This bedwetting alarm comes with a free smartphone app that assists the user in getting help, special offers, view instructional videos, read FAQs, and contact support team with just a click.


  • Convenient and Portable.
  • Loud Alarm with the option to select from 8 tones and vibration.
  • Free mobile app to get live help and access online support.


  • The alarm is sensitive and sometimes can be triggered by perspiration.

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#3 DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm

The Dry Easy Bedwetting Alarm consists of a moisture sensor and an alarm unit. The moisture sensor needs to be attached to the user’s underpants. It triggers the alarm to go off as soon as there is an incident of bedwetting. It provides 4 levels of volume control that cater to different needs according to the user.

DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm

Dry Easy features 6 selectable sounds as per the user preferences and avoids them from getting used to a particular alarm sound. There is also a random playing feature that helps in avoiding the phenomenon of the users not responding to the alarm due to inertia.

The alarm has different operation modes that include sound plus vibration, sound only, and vibration only. The cable with the alarm is detachable and can be bought separately without having to buy a whole new unit.

The alarm sensor is very sensitive and it can sometimes even be activated by touching the sensor just with a wet finger. It comes with a toggle clamp on the sensor which makes it easy to securely attach with the user’s underpants. The sensor has an open cover design and can be cleaned and dried easily.


  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • 4 level volume control with 6 selectable sounds.
  • The Toggle clamp locks the sensor in its place.


  • The alarm is very sensitive and can even be triggered by a wet finger.
  • Would work primarily over the underpants as against on a pull-up.

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#4 TheraPee Bedwetting Solution

TheraPee combines the features of an advanced bedwetting alarm and web-based interactive software. This solution is sold by the Dr. Sagie’s Bedwetting Clinics.

TheraPee Bedwetting Solution

The package includes an license for the  interactive software program, designed for one patient. It also includes STOPEE which is the most advanced and safe bed-pad and alarm system.

The solution is interactive and engaging, 100% online, and automated. You need to simply enter your information and a customized interactive program will be delivered online to you instantly.

The software generates therapist sessions every two weeks. All sessions are pre-recorded thereby avoiding any need to call or schedule any specific session timings.

The sessions cover how to use the device and also teach the child special exercises to increase their bladder capacity or strengthening the sphincter muscles.

TheraPee is thus not just an alarm system but also a guidance and behavior modification system from a physician’s perspective. The price includes a license for the software that is limited to a single patient only.

The program although targeted for children from the age of 4 to 18 years old, has also shown successful results for older patients. It carries with itself a warranty of 1 year and the sensor pad with a warranty of 3 months.

In case there are any issues with the sensor pad between 3 to 6 months, the manufacturer sends a new one on their own expense asking only for the shipping expenses.


  • Combination of an alarm system and interactive software that helps in controlling bedwetting issues through regular exercises and guidance.


  • A bit expensive if you are looking only for a basic alarm system.
  • The user will need to wear underwear instead of pull-ups for the alarm to work effectively.

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#5 Wet-Stop 3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

The Wet stop 3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm is one of the most innovative and reliable alarms available in the market. It comes with a reward system that allows you to motivate your child rewarding them for a dry night.

Wet-Stop 3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

If the alarm is being used for the elderly in the family, they will find it much smaller in comparison to the competitive units making it more comfortable yet effective. they can position it in place without requiring any pins, tape, or sewing, unlike other units.

The alarm is powered by 2 AA batteries which make it cost-effective since you do not have to look around for expensive, uniquely shaped batteries if the unit’s batteries get discharged or go flat.

It has 6 variable alarm sounds and vibration. The cord that is included with the alarm goes up to the user’s top with the clip securing itself in place while keeping the user incredibly comfortable. The increased comfort factor of this alarm makes it easier for the user to sleep in peace unless they wet the bed.


  • Not very expensive.
  • Powered by inexpensive AA batteries.
  • Available in 3 colors.


  • Much quieter than other alarms and can sometimes make it difficult for the caregiver or the parent to hear it.

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#6 DRI Sleeper Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

The DRI Sleeper is a two-piece bedwetting alarm that is free from any clips or domes. It has no cables which get clumsy or become disconnected.

DRI Sleeper fWireless Bedwetting Alarm

The Eclipse is discreet and comfortable to wear. It is safe and simple to use. The alarm sounds at an ideal frequency and volume to alert the user.

It has a wireless range of 40 feet within a house which enables the alarm unit to be placed in the parent’s or caregiver’s bedroom in order for them to wake the user. They can also purchase an additional alarm to alert the user when it is wet.

The DRI Sleeper alarm is unique in many ways. It has a thin, light, wireless sensor that is comfortable for the user. The sensors are made of a conductive plastic and have safety electronics to avoid any reactions of the skin.

It is quite sensitive and responds fast to liquid so that the user learns not to wet the bed more quickly.

If you get a DRI alarm, you can talk to a bedwetting alarm expert directly. These experts provide help to the user in overcoming any issues that they are facing.

The sensor can be placed inside the underpants, onto a mini pad which is then stuck directly near the wee spot, or inside a slit near the wee spot that is cut into a diaper.


  • Small, safe, sensitive, and easy to clean.
  • Comes with online resources and expert support through phone, video, or chat.


  • The alarm does not have a vibrate only mode.

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#7 Smart Bedwetting Alarm for Children

The Smart Bedwetting Alarm is designed to be slim, sleek, and elegant. It can automatically cycle through 8 loud alert sounds so that the user does not get used to a particular alarm sound. There are 3 modes of operation- sound only, vibration only (serves as a discreet mode), sound, and vibration mode.

Smart Bedwetting Alarm for Children

It has an innovative sturdy keep bedwetting sensor with a large urine area to detect the urine to awaken the user in seconds.

This is a unisex bedwetting sensor that grips to the underwear with a tight hold and does not come out accidentally at night.

Unlike most of the other sensors available in the market, the Strong Hold sensor does not corrode in contact and can easily last the overall treatment duration. The small and compact sensor is comfortable and does not poke the user in the night.

The alarm is compact and lightweight weighing only 1 ounce so that the user does not feel it while sleeping. For kids, it comes with interchangeable face stickers to change the look of your alarm and a progress chart to make the progress fun and rewarding for the kid.


  • Automatic cycling through 8 loud tones so that the user does not get accustomed to a single tone.
  • The alarm offers a discreet mode with just vibration.


  • The alarm does not offer volume control.

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#8 DryBuddy 2 Wireless Mobile Bedwetting and Enuresis Alarm

The Dry Buddy2 is the 2nd generation extended range wireless mobile and home bedwetting alarm with a magnetic sensor. It provides effective and easy use within a home as well as outside.

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The alarm system is completely battery-powered and provides a lot of user flexibility and convenience. The receiver of this alarm can be placed up to 72 feet (or 22 meters) from the user and is not required to be attached to the user or their clothing. The Dry Buddy2 is also resistant to being triggered by perspiration.

It has a loud alarm sound and good vibrations of any bedwetting alarm, both are adjustable. The loudness of the alarm can be adjusted from extremely loud to silent.

The vibration levels can be adjusted as well from mild to very strong. It also has an option to opt for no vibration at all. You can also use multiple Dry Buddy2 alarm receivers in the same house at different locations.

The Dry Buddy sensing briefs are reliable and comfortable. They are available in sizes to fit 22 inches through 38 inches. Ensure to measure the waist size at the navel.

The patented magnetic sensor can also be used with your regular cotton underwear. There is no need to wear an alarm box or honker with wires making this experience comfortable and convenient for the user.

The Dry Buddy2 alarm is supported with a limited warranty of a year with a 6-month warranty for the briefs. The wireless magnetic sensor is small and lightweight and is very easy to attach preventing any damage to the briefs.

The sealed sensor/transmitter is water-resistant with a sealed battery and a battery life of more than 800 triggers under normal usage. Cleaning and drying the sensor is super easy as well.


  • Comfortable and convenient.
  • No haggling with wires or experiencing the discomfort of attaching an alarm box to your clothing or body.
  • Powerful and Flexible alarm with sound and vibration modes.


  • A bit expensive.

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Episodes of urinary incontinence can be messy and sometimes embarrassing. Fortunately, there are treatments that are available and techniques that can be used by the seniors and their caregivers to reduce the likelihood of elderly bed wetting instances.

Bedwetting alarms are an effective method of controlling the instance of a bedwetting accident.

They do not just alert the user and their caregiver or parent about an accident but with time and continuous monitoring, they are able to help the user in managing the situation in the long run.

This often leads to the user not experiencing these accidents in the future considering that they have trained themselves to control and relieve themselves when alerted.

Identifying a bedwetting alarm can be a tricky task but once you look at the key features that you need depending on the actual condition of the user, you should be able to identify the best possible option for you.

A lot of products mention the age range in terms of kids and adults. You might want to keep a check on the features and sizes that should suit your requirements and make the purchase accordingly.