What is a Roho Cushion?

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A Roho cushion is an inflatable cushion for wheelchairs and beds that can make it more comfortable to be in a wheelchair or be bed bound for long periods of time.

For people who have limited mobility and are either wheelchair-bound or bed bound for a large portion of the day, finding a comfortable spot can be a challenge.

Moreover, staying in one position for long periods of time, such as lying on a bed, can increase the individual’s chance for developing painful conditions like bed sores. This is, in a large part due to the flat, solid design of many wheelchair seats and beds.

That is where the Roho cushion comes in.

Roho inflatable cushion

So, what is a Roho cushion?

A Roho cushion is similar to an inflatable mattress or seat cushion, as it uses air to provide a soft surface for the user. Unlike other forms of cushioning for beds seating, Roho cushions are specially made to provide a comfortable, varied surface for both seating and lying down positions, which in turn helps prevent bed sores from developing.

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Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, are formed when a portion of the skin spends prolonged periods of time resting on a single surface. Roho mattress pads are made to spread out this pressure over a wider, more flexible surface, reducing the impact of the pressure on the skin and allowing normal blood flow to reach the area.

Not only do Roho cushions make long periods of seating or lying down more comfortable but because they are inflatable, they are easily transported and carried around.

Roho cushions are especially useful due to their easy-to-clean surfaces and their high-quality air pressure systems.

Since Roho mattress cushions are specially made to fit over existing mattresses, they are lightweight and maintain their air pressure for much longer than traditional air mattresses do.

Roho cushions also come in other assistive forms, such as ankle brace cushions and toilet seat cushions, to provide additional comfort to those who need it.

For people with sensory-based ailments, such as fibromyalgia, having additional padding on everyday surfaces can help alleviate some of the symptoms presented by their illness, helping them stay more comfortable longer.

Roho cushions are specially made to adapt to the body’s minute changes over various periods of time, relieving pressure on the areas where the skin comes into contact with a surface.

A Roho cushion can aid the long term health of the user by proper weight distribution. This helps in maintaining normal blood flow to the area affected, which can help prevent further injuries or discomfort in the long run.

While a wheelchair cushion or bed pad may seem like a small investment, for someone with limited mobility who spends a majority of their day in constant contact with the same surface, they can be a real blessing.

Roho cushions can help with both their physical well being, as well as their emotional health, as it can take away some of the discomfort of being in the same position for a long period of time.

Continue reading to discover more about how Roho cushions work and who can benefit from investing in comfort-based assistive things like Roho seat cushions, mattress pads, and other similar devices.

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How do Roho cushions work?

Studies show that functionality is one of the primary goals in mind when creating assistive devices like wheelchairs. At the same time, it is very important keep in mind the overall comfort of the person using these devices for long periods of time.

Things like mattress pads, wheelchair seat cushions, and comfortable hand and ankle braces may have a huge impact on the overall rehabilitation of an individual.

For many people, the comfort provided by the assistive comfort technology allows them to spend more time doing every day activities. This can be central in the rehabilitation process because it can help return a level of self-sufficiency and independence to their day to day lives.

Roho mattress pads provide patients added comfort of a mattress pad and the health benefits of normal blood circulation and prevention of bed sores.

This can have a marked impact on both the recovery time for patients who have been confined to bed rest for a long period of time, as well as an upward trend in the health of patients who are permanently bed bound.

Seat cushions are useful for people who find themselves spending a lot of time in the same spot. This can include someone who utilizes things like wheelchairs (you can read our review of lightweight transport wheelchairs here) and outdoor mobility scooters.

Seat cushions can be combined with things like portable commodes and shower chairs to provide additional comfort during day to day tasks. They can also be placed on a lift chair recliner for added comfort and blood flow throughout the day.

Roho seat cushions can also be easily transported and re-inflated on the go, allowing them to be kept with the individual throughout the day. This allows them to be used in a wider range of locations to help provide comfort while out and about.

Roho mattress pads are useful both for short-term healing processes, as well as for long-term treatment for individual patients. Roho mattress pads are most often used in cases of prolonged bed rest, where contact with an uninterrupted, solid surface can put the patient at risk for a wide range of skin irritations, including bed sores.

Roho mattress pads are used in hospitals and in-home care situations for patients of all levels of care.

For an individual who requires nightly kidney dialysis at home, for example, a Roho pad can help them be more comfortable during the process, and help ensure that the dialysis is able to clean more thoroughly due to the slightly increased blood circulation.

For patients who find themselves in bed for longer periods of time, a Roho cushion can help them feel less trapped, and make sure that their bed feels comfortable for extended periods of use.

Roho cushions can also be easily inflated or deflated to suit the needs of the user, making it more flexible than other mattress pads. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the right way to set up a Roho cushion:

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Who Can Benefit from Roho Cushions?

Roho cushions and mattress pads are useful for people who experience mild to severe discomfort while sitting or lying down on flat surfaces for extended periods of time on a daily basis. This can include people who suffer from sensory-based nerve conditions, such as fibromyalgia and severe arthritis.

Roho mattress pads are also extremely useful for people who are on bed rest after a recent surgery or for people recovering from injuries, such as fractures or spinal injuries. Most pregnant women who have been advised bed rest until the end of their term find Roho mattress pads especially comfortable.

Roho cushions can also help people who spend a large part of their day in a sedentary position such as in the workspace. Most people find them more comfortable for long-term use as compared to traditional seat cushions or coccyx cushions.

Roho cushions can also be used in living areas to make certain types of furniture more comfortable for people who may find themselves needing the extra layer of padding between themselves and the surface of the chair, such as people who cannot easily move from one location to the other unaided without a high risk of injury.

Roho mattress pads are also much easier to transport and install than most other mattress pads, making them perfect for use on road trips and in hotel rooms to provide added comfort.

Roho mattress pads can take some of the pressure off of sore or broken areas of skin, and allow that part of the skin to rest and give it the time it needs to heal up.

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Conclusion – Roho Cushions

Overall, Roho cushions are meant to provide additional comfort to people confined to one position (either seated or lying down) for long periods of time.

Roho cushions are quite versatile in a variety of situations be it someone looking to take some of the pressure off of a sore hip after a long day of work or a patient who is in intensive recovery at the hospital.

With a durable design that is specially created to help reduce the pressure that is placed on the surface of the skin, as well as to encourage circulation, Roho mattress pads can help increase the speed of recovery in patients who have recently undergone surgery, as well as reduce the risk for skin sores and other long term bed rest related injuries.

For people who spend a large portion of their day in a wheelchair, Roho wheelchair cushions can provide a welcome rest to the base of the wheelchair seat, and can help return a level of freedom to individuals who suffer from mobility-related concerns.

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