What are Lift Chair Recliners?

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Lift chair recliners are armchairs that have twin functions of reclining (for comfort) and forward tilt (for easy getting out and in). They are designed to help people with limited mobility get in and out of the chair more easily. Lift chair recliners come with different specifications for different uses. You can also choose from among many styles to match your living room decor.

What are lift chair recliners? A piece of furniture with reclining and forward tilt facility.

Who Can Use Lift Chair Recliners?

A lift chair recliner is the most useful for people who find it difficult to get up from a sitting position, off a couch. It allows people who have issues standing up from a 90 degree angle. Seniors and those suffering from mobility issues find lift chair recliners a very handy piece of furniture.

Unlike other forms of patient lifts and hoists, lift chair recliners do not require another individual to operate. They can be easily adjusted to the comfort of the individual while they are sitting. If you are looking to invest in a lift chair recliner, there are a few factors to consider.

You need to think about the room needed to operate the lift chair, as well as the control system for the chair itself. In some cases, the mechanism for controlling the lift is wired too short to allow another individual to easily assist with the adjustment of the chair itself.

These chairs also come in a wide range of styles and price points. Another factor that impacts their price are luxury features. So it is important to do your research to make sure you are happy with your lift chair recliner.

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Is a Lift Chair Recliner Good for the Posture?

We asked Dr. Mariusz Fafjer (DC) if a lift chair recliner is good for posture. He had the following to say:

Posture is an interesting topic in general and has been talking about a lot recently especially with new research coming out. It is important to know that there is not one ideal posture and everybody’s “neutral†posture will be different from person to person. What we do know is that one prolonged posture may not be beneficial. This basically means you want to keep moving and not stay in one static position for too long of a period. This include recliners.

Lift chair recliners are great for individuals who need help getting up from the seated position. What I would look for when getting a recliner is the seat depth – the distance between your back support and the end of the seat behind your knees. If this distance is too long then we tend to round our low back and “sink†into the chair.

After a prolonged period of sitting this may irritate your lower back because it is constantly in a flexed position. In that case, I recommend using a lumbar support of some kind, could even be an extra cushion or pillow, to prop up under your lower back in order to straighten your spine. When reclining the chair this issue doesn’t tend to be that noticeable. The moral of the story is try to avoid one position for a longer period of time and stay moving and active. This approach is the best for your spine health and posture.

One needs to be mindful of the best practices when using lift chair recliners. You can read about the benefits and dangers of sleeping in a lift chair recliner.


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Technical Features

Lift chair recliners come in a wide range of functional, aesthetic and luxury options. Most lift chair recliners have a control panel attached to the chair with a piece of wire.

This remote panel is used to control the different adjustment options for the recliner. You can control different raising and lowering settings. They offer adjustment features found in a normal recliner, such as an angled reclining system and an adjustable footrest.

Lift chair recliners come in many colors
Lift chair recliners come in many colors to match your home decor.

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When it comes to analyzing the control panel for a lift recliner chair, the length of the cord and the ease of use of the controls is important to consider. A control panel with a short cord can work for a single individual who wishes to operate the chair.

But if you have a care giver operate the chair, you may need to look at longer length of control panel cable. That will help the caregiver standing next to the chair to easily operate it without inconveniencing the person seated.

One of the key features to consider is whether or not the recliner comes with a backup battery. Most lift chair recliners require electricity to operate.

In the case of a power outage the person using the chair may find themselves unable to get out of a sitting position. Especially if you are living on your own, it is important to invest in lift chair recliners with a backup power system.

Upholstery Options

Once you have found the right lift chair recliner design for you, there is the matter of the upholstery to consider. Most lift chairs recliners can be designed to match your living room.

You will get a wide range of upholstery styles and textures to choose from. In many cases a corduroy or other fabric based upholstery is cheaper. But other upholstery options like leather might be easier to clean. A bit of extra investment there might mean ease of maintenance for your lift chair recliner for the longer term.

It is possible to get Lift Chair Recliners with premium upholstery
It is possible to get Lift Chair Recliners with premium upholstery.

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Some lift chairs can be custom-made to require less clearance space behind them than others. This allows the chair to be close to the wall if necessary for more cramped spaces. It is also important to know the weight of the chair itself if you live on the second or third floor of a building. The delivery may be more costly than expected.


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Lift Chair Recliners: Luxury Options

Just like any other recliner on the market, many lift chair recliners offer the option of luxury additions. You can choose from options such as massage, heated seats, and storage compartments in the armrest of the chair. These options are not necessary to perform the basic function, but can improve the quality of your experience.

Some lift chair recliners offer heating and massage options too.

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Lift chair recliners can help restore autonomy and mobility to your loved one. When you look for a lift chair recliner, take into consideration what you would like out of the chair itself.

What all functions are must have and what is good to have but you can do without it too. With so many options out there, it is possible to invest in a practical mobility tool that does not clash with the rest of your home.

Knowing the size, power, upholstery and luxury additions can make your search for the right lift chair recliner much easier. Having a good idea of what you’re looking for before you start looking for a lift chair recliner can take a lot of the stress out of shopping, and can help you spend more time relaxing.


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Lift Chair Recliners – Parting Words

Lift chair recliners are a great option if you are looking for a comfortable piece of furniture, which you can relax in. It is not difficult to stand up from one, if you have trouble getting up. We also cover other stand assist devices and car transfer devices on our website.

If you are suffering from back pain, we cover pillows and cushions extensively. We have reviewed coccyx cushions, wheelchair cushions, car seat cushions and Roho cushions.

We hope that wth this article, we have been able to answer your questions around lift chair recliners. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the use of a lift chair: