How To Make A Coccyx Cushion

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This article discusses how to make a coccyx cushion at home, with some simple materials available in every household.

A coccyx cushion is a cushion designed to relieve pain and offer comfort in the tail bone present at the bottom end of the vertebral column. One important purpose of a coccyx cushion is that it has some pain-relieving goals, specifically coccydynia, which is the pain that arises from the coccyx. 


How To Make A Coccyx Cushion


A variety of reasons can cause pain in the coccyx. Some of those reasons are a fracture to the tailbone, injuries caused due to falling, tumors, dislocation, childbirth, etc. This pain in the coccyx can be very severe and brutal to handle and can affect a person’s daily functioning. 

It is where the coccyx cushion springs into action. Coccyx cushions are beneficial in alleviating the pain which a person is enduring as it relieves the pressure that one puts on their tailbone. 

This cushion is extremely comfortable and supports your back. A fantastic benefit of using a coccyx cushion is that you can use them while sitting at home or work or even when you are driving your car. Coccyx cushions can be constructed at home and are very easy to make.

Types of Coccyx Cushions

Coccyx cushions are available in a variety of designs or styles. Each type of coccyx cushion helps relieve the pain caused in the coccyx or the person’s tailbone. The few common types of coccyx cushions are:


How To Make A Coccyx Cushion


  • A typical cut out coccyx cushion
  • A two-part or triple C coccyx cushion
  • A gel tec cushion
  • A discreet coccyx cushion without a cutout
  • A medport cushion
  • A ring cushion or doughnut cushion.

Although many other types of coccyx cushions, the most commonly used cushion is a typical coccyx cushion. The various types of coccyx cushions are readily available in the market. However, coccyx cushions can be made at home. The cutout coccyx cushion is also very easy to construct at home. 


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How To Make A Coccyx Cushion At Home?

Making a coccyx cushion is an effortless task that can be accomplished in a short time, provided you have the required materials with you. To understand the technique of constructing a coccyx cushion for yourself, you must first understand the necessary materials you will need to make one. 

Generally, the most typical form of a coccyx cushion is n which comes with a cutout. This type of coccyx cushion that comes with a cutout is considered the most comfortable cushion. 


How To Make A Coccyx Cushion


Thus, the basic materials required for constructing a coccyx cushion include foam rubber, stretchable fabric for covering, and a board for the base of the cushion. 

With these basic materials in hand, you will instinctively understand the process of making the perfect coccyx cushion for yourself.

Materials Required:

  1. A 50 mm or 2 inches thick foam rubber.
  2. A medium to rigid board for the base.
  3. Stretchable material for covering the cushion
  4. An Upholstery Needle 
  5. A strong nylon thread

How To Make A Coccyx Cushion: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Cut the board to make the base of the coccyx cushion. You may or may not use the board for making the base.

Step 2: Cut the rubber foam to the desired size. You can choose a rubber foam of your preference, may it be a softer foam or a hard one.      

Step 3: If the thickness of the foam you are using is not enough, you can use more than one foam layer.

Step 4: You can add an extra layer of foam at the back of the cushion for added comfort.


How To Make A Coccyx Cushion


Step 5: Make sure to cut out of the desired size in the cushion.

Step 6: Accordingly, cut out a stretchable fabric of the desired length for covering the cushion.

Step 7: Now, spread the stretchable fabric over the cushion body and secure it tightly. Stitch the open ends of the fabric with the help of an upholstery needle and a sturdy thread. 

Step 8: Additionally, you may also construct back support attached to the back of the coccyx cushion to give you a more comfortable sitting experience.


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How To Make A Coccyx Cushion: Other Effective Hacks

Although making a simple coccyx cushion with a cutout is the most basic and most straightforward way of making a coccyx cushion for oneself, You can follow multiple other hacks for making a coccyx cushion at home. 


Apart from a typical coccyx cushion, there is another type of cushion which can be significant in alleviating the coccyx pain in a person. It is a ring cushion or a doughnut cushion. These cushions are designed so that it has a round shape and a hollow at the center. The hollow center design is beneficial in relieving the pain that arises in the coccyx, although it is more helpful in releasing the pressure from the genital area. 


How to Make a Coccyx Cushion


Are you wondering about how you can construct a doughnut pillow? A quick and straightforward hack t can be by using the inner tire tube of a car. When this inner tire tube of a vehicle is partially inflated, it acts as a very comfortable ring cushion. You can also cover this inner tube with a piece of stretchable fabric.


More than a ring or a doughnut cushion, a breastfeeding cushion or a nursing pillow works wonderfully. A similar pillow can be constructed back at home very quickly. All you will need is a rubber foam and a stretchable fabric for covering it.

You can cut out the rubber in the desired shape and then cover it with the stretchable material. The fabric needs to be stitched over the foam. Another way of making a similar pillow is by cutting two layers of fabric in the required shape and then placing one on top of the other and stitching them through the edges. After that, the inside of the fabric is pulled out, giving it a hollow, tube-like appearance. 

This hollow needs to be stuffed with a sufficient amount of synthetic cotton.


Another cushion similar to a nursing cushion is also what works wonderfully in alleviating the coccyx pain, and are better replacements for a doughnut cushion are the neck cushions. Travelers, more specifically airplane travelers, most commonly use these neck cushions. The shape of these neck cushions is very much similar to that of a breastfeeding cushion. You can use any of the neck cushions as a coccyx cushion to release the pain in your coccyx.


How to Make a Coccyx Cushion


Generally, the neck cushions available in the market are a stuffed neck cushion and an inflatable one. Both of these can be used as a coccyx cushion. The inflatable ones, however, must be slightly inflated so that it does not act very rigidly. When it comes to constructing a neck pillow, it can be built in how a breastfeeding cushion or a nursing pillow is made.


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An amazing hack for making a coccyx cushion can be by using socks. Wondering how? The answer is simple! You can stuff these socks and then use them as a coccyx cushion. All you require to do is the stuff this sock so that it becomes firm enough to support your back and release the pressure from your coccyx. The step to step procedure of constructing this coccyx cushion with a pair of socks will clear all your confusion:

Step 1: Take a pair of socks which is a minimum of calf length. Any sock with a shorter length is not recommended. 

Step 2: Stuff the stock with synthetic cotton, or regular cotton, or any other fabric firmly. You can also use other pairs of socks for stuffing. Stuff both the socks until they are equally firm.


How to Make a Coccyx Cushion


Step 3: Now, the open edges of the socks may be tucked into one another to be secure enough and do not have the chance of falling apart, or the ends can be stitched together. Stitching is a better option, as the sock will not have any chance of opening up later.

Step 4: The final product will have a U shape which appears to be perfect to act as a coccyx cushion.

Another idea that can be incorporated when constructing this coccyx cushion with a pair of socks is that the stuffing inside these socks can be done using rice. If one uses rice stuffing inside the sock, it can efficiently be heated in a microwave and consequently used as a heating pad. 


One of the most incredible and inexpensive hacks for constructing a coccyx cushion can be the application of pool noodles. Pool noodles are simply foam tubes that are used by children while swimming. These foam tubes are very cheap and are even readily available in the market.

Constructing a coccyx cushion with these swimming foam noodles tubes is extremely easy. All you require to do is cut these foam tubes and bend them into a ‘U’ shape and attach it to the chair you are sitting on. Whether it is a chair at home, or an office chair, or the seat of your car, this quick coccyx cushion replacement can be attached anywhere. 


How to Make a Coccyx Cushion


Making a coccyx cushion out of these swimming pool noodles is very easy. All you require for making a coccyx cushion are these foam swimming tubes, a penknife or a kitchen knife, and duct tape. It will take you barely two minutes to construct the coccyx cushion with these three materials in hand.

All you have to do is cut the foam swimming pool noodle to the desired length with the help of a penknife or a kitchen knife and give both ends a wedge shape. Then, with a duct shape, the foam noodle is given a ‘U’ shape by bringing the ends together. This quick coccyx cushion can now be placed on any seat on which you will be sitting. 

Advance construction of a coccyx cushion and be done using these foam swimming pool noodles and aligning more than one layer of these together. The foam tubes can thus be bent accordingly and given a secure ‘U;’ shape. This type of coccyx cushion is more comfortable and helpful in alleviating the pain in the coccyx.


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Are Homemade Coccyx Cushions Effective?

Coccyx cushions are a blessing for anyone who is facing pain in the coccyx. Although there are various coccyx cushions available in the market, you can easily construct a coccyx cushion at home.

A coccyx cushion that is built at home is equally effective like a market brought coccyx cushion. To make a coccyx cushion work effectively, one should use it correctly. The correct use of a coccyx cushion is what contributes to a healthy coccyx.

Tips For Using A Coccyx Cushion Effectively

  • Use a coccyx cushion made up of good quality foam and should be of the appropriate thickness. It is what contributes to the good functioning of a coccyx cushion.
  • Maintain consistency in using the coccyx cushion. If you truly want to relive the pain in your coccyx, then one must incorporate a coccyx cushion in every seat that they get seated on. 


How to Make a Coccyx Cushion


  • Using a coccyx cushion that supports the back can be more effective. A two-part or triple C coccyx cushion is more comfortable and supportive. The back support adds to the relieving of pain from the coccyx.
  • Place the coccyx cushion directly on the seat where you are sitting. Do not place the coccyx over another pillow, as this can put the coccyx cushion at an improper angle.
  • To increase the coccyx cushion’s effectiveness, you can also place an ice pack or a hot pack on the coccyx cushion.


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Take Away

Thus, there are various ways in which a coccyx cushion can very conveniently be made at home. With some basic materials in hand, anyone can make a coccyx cushion and use it effectively to release the pain caused in the coccyx. Additionally, using the coccyx cushion correctly is what promotes good speed in alleviating the coccyx pain.


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