How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without A Key

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Is starting your mobility scooter an impossible task, if you lose your keys? Well, no, read on to know how to start a mobility scooter without a key. 

A mobility scooter is a perfect vehicle for older adults who face problems while completing their daily tasks such as grocery shopping or going to the park. It works on electricity and solves the same problem as a wheelchair. It is also known as an electric scooter. There are nearly 1.6mn wheelchair and mobility scooter users in the US.


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


Mobility scooters have gained a lot of popularity because: 

If you, too, use a mobility scooter, you would know how useful it is and why it is essential to have it with you all the time. Just like other vehicles, mobility scooters also start with a key. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost your keys? 

Although you might think that you can simply call the company and ask for the new set of keys, this is not as straightforward as most people imagine. The manufacturer of the scooter will take around a week or more to deliver the keys to you. Can you wait for so long? Can you move around without it for such a long period? 

If you need access to a mobility scooter every day, it will become tough for you to wait for the manufacturer to deliver the keys. But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you; this write-up will tell you how to start the mobility scooter you own without a key? Although it is a bit tricky, once you know the right way, there will be no problem starting the scooter with no keys. 

How Do I Start a Mobility Scooter if I Don’t Have a Key?

When you are ready to start your scooter without keys, you should prepare before you start. First, you should collect some common and essential tools, and most houses have these tools for instant use whenever required. 

What Tools Will I Need?

  • A hammer 
  • A screwdriver that has a multi-head 
  • You must get needle pliers, preferably a rubber-handed one. 
  • Never forget rubber gloves. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


Once you have all the above tools with you, move ahead to the ignition switch, and there is a panel; start removing the panel. Now what we are supposed to do is, learn how to bypass the ignition switch. Here are the steps to bypass the ignition on the mobility scooter. 


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Steps of Hotwiring

# Search the Wires of the Ignition

Start with locating the wiring system. You will usually get the wiring system; once you open the control panel, it is an area where you get the speed gauges and ignition system. 

This control panel stays in place with the help of screws. You have to remove the screws to get off the control panel; you would also require a rubber mallet in case of difficulty. 

Once you get into the wiring system, there will be three colored wires grouped together. Out of which two wires are live wires. Please make sure that you wear rubber gloves while working with them. Usually, the red and black wires are live wires that are responsible for running the electricity. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


The two wires play a crucial role in starting and hotwire your mobility vehicle. In case you have different colored wires, don’t worry; it’s just that you have to check by testing various combinations. 

# Take Off the Wire Cap.

As we said before, there are three wires under the control panel. There is a cap that covers these wires. A plastic cap of every wire helps hold the wire in one place for a stable connection. 

To do this step, you would need the help of nose needle pliers made up of rubber, as rubber is not an electrical conductor, so we recommend you to use rubber items to save yourself from any electric shock. 

With the use of pliers, you should pull off the cap by twisting it. When doing this step, you should take care of the wire’s insulated parts not to fall away. After removing the cap, you will find three uninsulated and exposed wire ends. 


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# Attaching the Red and Black Wires (Live Wires) to the Ignition Socket

Once you have two exposed live wires, you can hold two live wires and attach the wires with an ignition socket. Connecting the cables to ignition means putting the cables into the keyhole of the socket. You should put the uninsulated ends of the wire in the keyholes. 

You must start with one wire, then put the second wire. It is essential to put the double wire on the opposite keyhole of the first wire. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


Once you have placed both wires ends on the socket, you will get a click sound or humming sound of the engine. If you get the sound, that means your wires are correctly placed, and it is time for the next step. 

If you don’t hear the right sound, try different wires until you hear any sound. 

# It Is Time To Start Your Scooter With No Keys.

Once you get a humming sound, it means electricity runs through the ignition and allows the scooter to start. You have to turn the ignition on and the scooter. 

If the electricity is flowing correctly to the ignition, there won’t be any problem. Now turn the wires you have entered into the keyholes. This step shows you have hotwired the scooter, and it is ready to go now. 

After completing the above steps and your scooter has started, it is time to re-cap the wires and place the control panel back to its original place. Now you are ready to hit the road. 


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What Are the Reasons To Start a Mobility Scooter Even Though You Don’t Have a Key?

There could also be many other reasons apart from losing your key as to why you have to turn on the mobility scooter with no keys. Let us see what some common scenarios are. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


# Most Obvious Reason- Loss of Key

In many cases, people lose keys. In case you have lost your keys, you would need an alternative if you are getting the replacements later. And the choice has to be without keys, surely. The steps you take vary from machine to machine, so you must know your device’s make before you start a scooter with no keys. 

# You Broke Your Keys by Mistake

Unavailability of keys is common, but what happens when you broke your keys or in a disrepair state. In such a scenario, your keys won’t be able to perform their primary role. Yet again, it requires you to follow the steps through which you can start your scooter without the need for a key. 

# The Key became Incompatible With Your Scooter

Over time, many keying mechanisms become incompatible with the same machine. While the keys can get easily replaced, the warranty period needs approval, and it may take a longer time. Can you wait for too long for the replacement? If yes, wait for a week or more. If not, you can check out the strategies of starting your scooter without using a key. 

# There is an Emergency

There could be many scenarios that can occur like you forgot where you kept the keys or someone by mistake carried your keys, you must adapt ways of using a scooter even when there is no key.


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How To Get a Replacement of Keys?

Getting a replacement of keys is not at all difficult; if you have bought the mobility scooter for a good brand, then you can get a new key from them directly. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


In case the manufacturer fails to provide you a replacement key, then online services are the best option. 

To get a new key from an online service, you can provide some basic information to them, like 

  • Your proof of ownership of the car. 
  • Mandate one- Unique serial number of the mobility scooter you own

The above information is a must to provide so that the key maker will cut the key accordingly. 

Although the average time to get the key is around a week, sooner can be a scene if you live in the metro city. 


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Now you are aware, how to start your scooter with an absence of keys, don’t you? However, it is always advisable to have duplicate keys and use them in case of emergencies. Never forget to carry them as spare keys in case you lose or for any reason. 


How To Start A Mobility Scooter Without a Key


When you need access to the scooter without keys, hotwiring is the best possible way to start your vehicle. Though keep in mind that it is important to do the process carefully. Otherwise, it could lead to accidental shock to you or might end up damaging the scooter.