Trays and Baskets for Walkers

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We have reviewed the best trays and baskets for walkers. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

Why Are Walker Accessories Important?

A 2017 study1 showed that most people who are prescribed a walker end up not using it for daily tasks, and therefore risk a severe injury.

Among the key reasons for non-use were the belief that they did not need it or forgot to use it, or the device made them feel old, and lastly inaccessibility. Perceived risk was not high enough to engage in self-protective behavior.

However, a significantly higher number of falls resulted in surgery for people who were using the device, as compared to those who were using them

The point to note here is that if adding a small device like a tray or a basket helps improve the usefulness of a walker to your loved one, you should make that small investment. Not using the device can have dangerous results.

What to Look For in a Walker Tray?

Trays and baskets are probably the most useful accessories for your walker. Trays can be used to hold your food, drinks, your mobile phone, a book that you are reading, and anything else that you may want to keep handy.

It makes the walker an instant table. Choosing a walker tray has many parameters to consider, some of which are listed below:

Usage: If your tray needs to be attached to the walker at all times, you should prefer a foldable tray, since they can be easily tucked away easily so that you can walk inside the frame without removing them, and they are also easier to stow away when you want to store the walker.
Dimensions: While most walker trays are made as adaptable as possible to the various shapes and sizes of walkers, it still makes sense to check whether the dimensions of the tray that you are considering to buy match with those of your walker.

Walker caddies: While a walker tray is hung on the front of the walker, thus preventing the user from also hanging a bag from the front, a walker caddy is a hybrid device that does both those functions. You might want to consider that if you need both a tray space and a holding space.

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What to Look For in a Walker Basket or Tote Bag?

While rollators usually have built-in bags, baskets and other accessories to carry things around, walkers are more basic and have no storage space.

However, if you will be needing your walker on a regular basis and using it to go to nearby stores and grocery shops, it makes sense to have some storage space on them. Walker bags and baskets are a nice accessory to fulfil that need.

Below are some things you might want to check out before buying a walker basket:

Dimensions: Try to find a basket or pouch that is smaller than your walker, but not so small that it slides around making it unstable. It is important to measure your walker and then check the dimensions of the bag that you are intending to buy.

Position: Bags can be of two kinds – front hanging or side hanging. If you have a wide walker then you are probably better off buying a side hanging bag, since front hanging bags are typically too small for extra-wide walkers.

Storage Space: Walker pouches come in several varieties. Some may have just a single simple pocket, others may have a variety of pockets in different shapes and sizes. Try to judge the amount of storage space that you need. Also, ensure that there are flaps and closures in place to keep your things safe. If your loved one has dexterity issues in their hands, prefer velcro or magnet-based closures.

Fasteners: Some bags only fasten at the top, some will have multiple fasteners that hold them in place. Make sure that the fastening mechanism provided with the bag is compatible with your walker.

Design: Walkers by themselves are usually pretty drab, so it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of colour and style in your walker bag.

Cleaning Your Walker Tray or Basket

Walker trays are often used to holding food and drinks, and it is very much possible to spill things on them by mistake. It is important to keep them clean. Cleaning is usually a two-step effort:

For a standard fold-down tray and baskets, cleaning with soap water and then wiping them off usually does the trick to keep dirt and grime away.

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Best Walker Baskets

#1 Drive Medical Walker Basket

Drive medical walker baskets are one of the most popular and inexpensive walker baskets in the market. It has great features such as a built-in, removable cup holder, durable construction and wide space to hold all your things.

Drive Medical Walker Basket


  • Plastic insert tray with removable cup holder
  • Compatible and easy to attach with all 1″ folding walkers
  • Large storage space (16 x 5.8 x 7 inches)
  • Inexpensive


  • Drinks put in the cup holder tend to spill around
  • Some users complained that the bottom part of the basket breaks after a few weeks

Here we a video below that features Drive Medical Walker Accessories.

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#2  HealthSmart Universal Walker Storage Basket

The HealthSmart walker basket is lightweight, easy to install and fits almost any walker. It also has a convenient removable cup holder tray at the bottom.

HealthSmart Universal Walker Storage Basket


  • Durable rust-free material
  • Removable cup holder included
  • Lightweight, easy to install


  • The basket can only be installed on walkers that have two horizontal bars on the front

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#3 NOVA Folding Walker Basket

The Nova walker basket is again a universal fitting basket with a removable cup holder in it. The cup holder also acts as a bottom liner to the basket so that small items do not fall out of it.

NOVA Folding Walker Basket


  • Universal fitting
  • Removable cup holder
  • Easy to install


  • Again, the basket can be installed only on walkers that have two horizontal bars
  • Some users complained that the product was received without the bottom tray.

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#4 Top Glide Clip-on Walker Basket

The Top Glide basket comes as a bundle with two carry-all hooks, which can be used to carry things like small pouches umbrellas and other items. The basket itself is easy to install and includes a washable cup holder as well.

Top Glide Clip-on Walker Basket


  • Includes a pair of carry-all hooks for extra capacity
  • Durable, easy to install
  • Removable, washable cup holder


  • Some users complained that the washable drink holder was not shipped along with the product.

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Best Walker Trays

#1 DMI Universal Folding Walker Tray

The DMI universal folding walker tray is one of the best and most bought walker trays available in the market. It is durable, easy-to-clean plastic, locks in place easily, it is lightweight and has a built-in cup holder. The textured surface and raised outer edge ensure products don’t slip off the tray.

DMI Universal Folding Walker Tray


  • Foldable locks in place when folded out
  • Textured surface and raised outer edges to avoid spillage
  • Durable and easy to clean plastic


  • Some users complained that it did not fit on an 18-inch walker
  • The plastic clamps to hold the tray broke off for some users.

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#2 Yunga Tart Walker Tray

The tray is nicely contoured towards the inside edge to get the tray items closer to the walker. It has a matte surface to hold the user’s belongings more strongly and a mug holder as well as a cup holder on either side of the tray. The tray is available in 6 different colours.

Yunga Tart Walker Tray


  • Contoured towards the inside to get it closer to the walker edge
  • Matted surface for more grip
  • Available in 6 different colours


  • Some users complained that the tray kept tipping and wasn’t safe

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#3 North American Walker Tray

The North American walker tray comes with a special grip mat for holding things. It is durable and easy to clean. The tray has two recessed cup holder to secure beverages and the outside edges are raised to avoid spillage

North American Walker Tray


  • Special grip mat for holding items in place
  • 2 cup holders in-built
  • Easy to install and use


  • The product is not universal fitting.
  • The special grip mat came off for a few users.

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#4 Support Plus Walker Tray

The SupportPlus walker tray is large enough to hold an entire meal. It has a special removable and non-slip mat. The edges are raised to contain spills. The product is available in two colours

Support Plus Walker Tray


  • Easy to install in most walkers
  • Removable non-slip mat
  • 2 cup holders


  • The slots for fitting the tray were too small as per some users

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Walker trays and baskets are the two most important accessories to a standard walker. These products make the walker a lot more useful by giving it storage and carrying space. There are several great products available in the market, we have selected the best out of the lot here based on the criteria we set out in our sections on how to select a walker tray and basket.