Cosmetic Surgery For Seniors – How Old Is Too Old?

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Most men and women who have reached 60 years wonder whether they should get cosmetic surgery. Let’s discuss Cosmetic surgery for seniors and understand what the right age for surgery is

Have you ever thought of doing cosmetic surgery but wondered that you might be too old for it? Patients above 60 years old often ask whether cosmetic surgery is safe or not at a late age.

To verify this, Researchers examined 129,007 patients who had done cosmetic surgery. Most of the patients were under 65 years, but doctors have also treated patients aged 65-93 years. 

Cosmetic Surgery For Seniors – How Old Is Too Old?

The researchers wanted to see whether seniors above 65 years had any serious complications like deep vein thrombosis after cosmetic surgery but found that the complication rate is almost identical in both younger and old age groups.

 This finding made the researchers conclude that surgeons screen the older patients in a better way than younger patients. Your overall health plays a vital role in cosmetic surgery rather than your age. 

Cosmetic surgery is safer for older adults who don’t have diabetes, heart, or lung problems. I am going to discuss more Cosmetic surgery for seniors in this article. Continue reading the whole article for detailed information.

Cosmetic Surgery In Seniors

Many senior adults feel cosmetic surgery is not worthwhile. They think that they are too old for cosmetic surgery. But let me tell you that age is just a number. You can get cosmetic surgery done just like younger people. Today a lot more senior men and women are going under the knife to look more youthful and improve their looks.

I will admit that butt lift and liposuction are not much in demand after 60 years. 

Some senior adults have drooping eyelids, which hinders vision. So they can do eyelid cosmetic surgery to improve their vision. The best part is that eyelid surgery is covered by insurance because it is medically necessary.

Again many older women have osteoporosis. So they might have pain in the neck, back, and shoulder. 

Breast reduction cosmetic surgery is a way to reduce the pain from your sagging breasts in your back and shoulder.

How Old Is Too Old For A Tummy Tuck?

The skin of your abdomen becomes saggy with age. So you can do a tummy tuck cosmetic procedure to tighten the abdomen muscles and remove the loose skin and excess fat to create a flat appearance.

The good news is that age is not a barrier to tummy tuck procedure. 

Cosmetic Surgery For Seniors – How Old Is Too Old?

How Old Is Too Old For Rhinoplasty?

Your nose starts to change with age. It looks slightly longer than before. But in actuality, the nose loses its tip support. So, it droops down and gives the appearance of a longer nose. If the longer nose bothers you and you are still active in your golden years, you can get a rhinoplasty (nose job).

The technical steps of performing rhinoplasty are almost the same as that of younger patients. But there are a few essential factors you need to consider after the age of 60. 

The first factor is that your nasal bones are brittle compared to young people. So, if osteotomies or cutting the bones will be performed, then it has to be done very carefully.

Another vital factor is the elasticity of the skin. The skin elasticity decreases with age. So if you want to reshape the nasal tip, you have to be prepared that the results would not be as spectacular as that of a younger person.

How Old Is Too Old For A Facelift?

When an older woman sees herself in the mirror, she might notice sagging skin and wrinkles on the lower face and jowls. Facelift cosmetic surgery is a way for older women to look ten to fifteen years younger by removing visible lines and wrinkles on the face.

Your age is not a barrier to having a facelift procedure. But other factors play an essential role in performing the surgery. You should not smoke or have cardiovascular disease. You should be completely healthy to have a facelift procedure.

What Things Should You Consider Before Doing Cosmetic Surgery?

Age is not a hindrance to doing cosmetic surgery. But, you should consider a few things before doing cosmetic surgery.

#1.Your Health

Your doctor will ask you to do a medical examination of your entire body, including blood tests. You should discuss with your doctor if you are taking any medication or have had any medical condition before. 

Remember, good health is quite essential to perform cosmetic surgery. If you have any long-lasting disease like diabetes or heart problems, the surgeon may refuse to do the surgery.

#2. Give Priority To Safety Than Price

Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance. So you have to bear the entire cost of your surgery. Most people prefer to do surgery with no low cost involved, i.e., mainly in a salon or spa. 

But if something goes wrong, you have to pay in the long run. For example, swelling, change of color of skin, scar, or burn may affect your health. So, I will advise you to select a qualified and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon for the procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery For Seniors – How Old Is Too Old?

#3. Evaluate The Facilities

You need to make sure that your surgical procedure should be performed in a good hospital or medical center. An office building or a private room is not equipped to handle complications.

#4. Don’t Do More Than One Cosmetic Surgery At A time

Sometimes cosmetic surgeons offer you to get more than one surgery at a time. For instance, they may tell you to take liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation all in one procedure. But doing all three procedures together has higher chances of blood loss and infection. So, try to avoid it.

Wrap Up

Cosmetic surgery can be done by older people provided you have good health. I hope this article has given you valuable information, and don’t forget to share the information with older adults who want to do cosmetic surgeries to look younger.

You can ask any query related to cosmetic surgery in older people in the comment section. I will be happy to answer your queries. Secondly, if you found the content useful, please share it with others who might be looking for similar information.