Older Adults And Internet Usage: More Than 59% Seniors Are Online!

Older Adults and Internet Usage Statistics

Internet usage has made life easier for everyone, but has it helped older adults? We will look at some older adults and internet usage statistics to understand whether the internet is really helping them better their lives The Internet has become one of the vital tools for communication, entertainment, information, and various others. Today half … Read more

Best iPad Apps For Seniors

Best iPad Apps For Seniors

Let us help you realize the true power of your iPad with the best iPad apps for seniors in the article below! The iPad is a wonderful way for older adults to connect with the digital world. It enables them to read emails, share experiences on social media platforms with their friends, relatives, siblings, and … Read more

Guide to Helping Seniors with Technology

The next time you hear an older adult complain about how they don’t understand technology, point them to this guide to helping seniors with technology! The adage “It’s never too late to learn something new” has never been more relevant than it is in today’s technologically-driven society. Having to master new technology on their own … Read more

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Looking for some awesome senior focussed blogs? You have come to the right place! Seniors need care and love from the family members as well as from their caregivers. Many times, people often do not understand some aspects of how to care for seniors. What makes them feel depressed in their life? What makes them … Read more

15 Apps To Check On Elderly Parents

The need to check up on our loved ones is a natural one. Apps to check on elderly parents help us fulfill this need. We provide a list of 15 such apps below. The need to check up on our loved ones is a natural and important one. Parents keep a continuous vigil over their … Read more

Best Game Apps for Seniors With Dementia

Game apps are a great way to engage your loved ones affected by Dementia. I have listed below the best game apps for seniors with Dementia. More than 6mn people in America live every day with Alzheimer’s. When your loved one is affected by Dementia, there is only one way to view life, and that … Read more

Best Android Launcher For Elderly

Age affects vision. Launchers enhance smartphone accessibility. In this article, we discuss the best android launcher for elderly and many good alternatives.   In today’s world, we all have smartphones in our pockets, regardless of age or other factors. But have you ever wondered, are phones good for seniors? As we know, age affects vision; … Read more

Alexa Uses for the Disabled

Smart devices are a key feature of our life today. They help with various activities and many people rely upon them. Smart devices are used every day for playing music, asking about the weather, setting an alarm, reminding you about events, and many other things. A very popular smart device would be Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa … Read more

Alexa vs Google Home for Elderly

Technology has emerged into providing information by voice, instead of using a search engine by a keyboard. Both Alexa and Google Home do just this, as they are programmed with AI to recognize voice inquires and respond to them by scouting the information on the internet. But what are the pros and cons to each … Read more