Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

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Looking for some awesome senior focussed blogs? You have come to the right place!

Seniors need care and love from the family members as well as from their caregivers. Many times, people often do not understand some aspects of how to care for seniors. What makes them feel depressed in their life? What makes them vulnerable in old age? 

Senior-focused blogs collect useful information that you can search for related to anything relevant to older people, such as financial planning, healthcare, finding professional services, best nursing homes, and retirement homes, etc. The authors share their own experiences and ways to overcome all sorts of problems.

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Senior caregiving articles are available in various niches like back pain, osteoporosis, mental health, sexual health, and whatnot. You can search from some of the top blogs present on the Internet. 

If you are confused about how to care for seniors, then this article is apt for you. It will focus upon some of the excellent blogs which provide information about senior caregiving. So tune into reading this blog to understand how to provide caregiving to seniors. 

What Are Some Of The Senior-Centric Blogs?

We want to inform you about some of the blogs written from the senior point of view. You can visit any of these blogs when confused regarding any aspect to the seniors. 

#1 Our Blog By A Little Help

The “Our blog” helps seniors, families, and the public who reads their blog. This page assists us with all the aspects of seniors and multiple ranges of caregiving options. It also informs about the aging process. 

You can rely upon this page for good information about anything related to seniors. As a caregiver, this blog has guides that guide you towards helping those in your care to age safely, confidently, and independently in their own house. 

It also gives information related to running a senior household. It will be a great support when it comes to transportation, running, and shopping for seniors. It also offers wellness packages and supports the daily activities of the seniors.

#2 Suddenly Senior

The name of this blog is unique and hints at what it’s all about—being senior happens suddenly when you feel a sudden drop in your energy levels, even if your heart still feels like 21 and holding. This blog is related to nostalgia, advice for seniors, and helping them accept aging with a bit of humor. It’s a fun read. 

#3 ElderChicks

This page is related to senior women. It is created for women, their aging, their health, and mastering life in your elder years. You will enjoy reading every post on this page.

The page is managed by two senior women, Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleisher. It is wholly dedicated to women and gives information on various aspects of womanhood.

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

#4 Time Goes By

This page covers a wide range of topics from age discrimination, ageism, work retirement, social issues, politics, media health, family, social security, medicare, entertainment, humor, culture, technology, mortality and grief, love, and sex. 

Many bloggers work on this site to assist seniors in all aspects of their life under one roof. The site even has a resident Geriatrician working for them. You will find dozens of senior-related blogs on this page. 

#5 Senior Planet

This site is a tech-oriented guide for the elders. It focuses on people who are aging with the right attitude. It helps them to use technology to change the way they age and tells about developing unique skills.

It primarily focuses on courses and activities that help seniors save money, get in shape, and make new friends. In addition to these blogs, which help older adults, it also provides information about supporting seniors who want to learn about new technology and help people connect. 

This page offers 60 online programs for seniors who are enthusiastic about exploring and learning new things. 

#6 National Council on Aging (NCOA)

National Council on Aging is another website with much information related to different kinds of senior issues. You will come across a new post on this page every two or three days. 

They provide information about some of the recent research on Alzheimer’s treatment, healthy lifestyle choices, and how to choose a healthy diet. 

It is a very beneficial site for seniors since this page also covers topics like. 

#7 Inside Elder Care

This page is related to Ryan Malone’s journey. His mother had a stroke, and he used to take care of his mother. He was responsible for taking care of his mother and assisting with nursing at home.

He wants all readers to benefit from his experiences of senior care. Many people get stressed about taking care of their parents and the circumstances that come as a result of it. He wants everybody to understand that it can be a positive experience to take care of their parents and seniors.

This blog is beneficial for seniors because you will come across topics like Medicaid planning and long-term care insurance on this page. It would be helpful for you if you went through all these aspects.

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

#8 Holly Eburne

Holly Eburne is a physical therapist, and she talks about the challenges while caring for her husband, who had dementia, on this blog. In addition to this, she provides tips for caregivers to improve the memory of older adults suffering from dementia. 

It is useful to check out this blog because she also provides links to other helpful memory care sites and articles. You can check out her interviews where she states the hope to cure dementia. 

#9 Transition Aging Parents

This blog is directly helpful for caregivers and indirectly for older adults. The author Dale Carter writes about children’s challenges while caring for elderly parents, especially those that are suffering from dementia. 

This blog also talks about how to protect our parents from financial exploitation. She tells us about the experiences she has gone through with her mother. Every piece of advice and suggestion she provides is practical and helpful. 

#10 Roaming Boomers

David and Carol Porter manage this page. They both travel and love to share their experiences. Their website is more like an online luxury travel magazine that provides more information about learning adventure and exploring things. 

This page will be great for older adults who love to travel since it provides information about the world outside. If you are not interested in traveling or don’t travel more often, you can still go through the experiences of these authors.

#11 Better Health

Better health is another great blog that contains videos and audio podcasts related to health topics. You can go to this page for caring tips and ideas since you will come across

  • Health tips
  • Book reviews
  • Interviews with top healthcare professionals

The blog uses journalists, healthcare providers, administrators, specialists, and medical professionals. So, you can be assured that the health care tips you find on this page are coming from trained professionals. 

They provide various articles related to seniors. You will find some extra articles related to queries and difficulties associated with the medical field.

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

#12 Bulletin Today

Bulletin today is a news blog. It is a fantastic website for older adults to stay updated with the latest news and the current events in society. 

It also posts current issues and helps seniors understand how these events can affect their lives. Seniors can stay engaged with news and all the current affairs by glancing at this website at least twice a week. This website provides information related to

  • Health news
  • Travel tips
  • Financial scams
  • Healthy aging

Awesome Baby Boomer Bloggers

Around 21.19% of the American population comes from the baby boomers generation born between 1946 and 1964. The Internet is full of awesome Baby Boomers. 

Judy Freedman, Peggy Browning, Elaine Ambrose are some of the famous baby boomer bloggers. These people are boomers themselves and write great blogs covering all the aspects of boomers. 

From healthcare, cooking, gardening, self-care to travel and leisure, these boomer bloggers cover everything about the day-to-day life of boomers and try to simplify their lives in many different ways. 

Let’s have a look at some of these personalities who are enjoying life in their 70s and 80s

David Evans

“It doesn’t matter whatever the age is, but we always want to have a good sense of style and fashion” these are words by David Evans. David Evans is also known as Gray Fox. 

He provides blogs and articles related to men’s fashion. He also provides some personal recommendations to look good in your skin. You can check out his blogs for fantastic fashion ideas. 

Adele Horn

Adele Horn is a columnist with the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. She has a website named coming of age, in which she writes about the challenges that people from the baby boomer generation face. 

She shares how to deal with getting older and caring for their aging parents. She also mentions for baby boomers how to care for their children. 

Dave Bernard

Dave Bernard provides tips and prepares bombers about how to retire successfully in their life. He also offers various tips to focus on the financial aspects of retiring. 

He states about finding meaning and enjoying the last day of your job. His blog covers retirement with enjoyment.

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

David Porter

This blog provides all kinds of advice related to experiences in traveling. They also offer destination suggestions and travel agency services. 

They help boomers decide wisely about the travel destination where they want to go. Boomers who enjoy roaming can seek suggestions through this article. 

Randall Hartman

Randall Hartman is the author of an excellent blog. Many baby boomers lose their life aspirations. Randall Hartman encourages baby boomers to fill their life with aspirations. 

He regularly posts on the Huffington Post and other publishers. 

Baby boomers can go through his blogs as it fills them with enthusiasm and aspirations they want to achieve in their life. 

Lisa Carpenter

Lisa is a grandma, and she shares her experiences being a grandmother. She writes about her life and wants to break the stereotype related to this. 

Elaine Ambrose

Ambrose focuses more on her honesty. She writes about being honest and not being afraid about natural things like farting during an MRI. She also writes about faux pass subjects on her website. In addition to this, she is an award-winning speaker, author, and blogger. 

Peggy Browning

Peggy Browning is a fantastic baby boomer blogger. She writes in a great way. Her blogs range from gardening, life lessons to cooking. She inspires her readers to live life with enthusiasm. 

Judy Freedman

Judy Freedman is a great baby boomer blogger. She writes about many subjects like Health, Family Wellness, beauty and fashion, travel, and leisure.

She also writes about the informative views related to things that have impressed her. She always writes about the things she is most passionate about and interested in. 

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Wrap Up

We have put together a collection of blogs, websites, and guides that can help older adults navigate through a wide variety of things. Whether it be about living life, understanding how to age gracefully and in a healthy way, knowing your finances and how to plan for your retirement, understanding diseases and their impact on the human body, travel, leisure, or anything else on your mind, these sites will give you guidance and the right information.

People think that the older generation is not internet savvy, but we believe that a generation born and raised on reading and learning does not care about the medium when it comes to educating themselves.

We hope this article was able to add a few new blogs and websites to your reading list. As always, we would love to hear your suggestions, comments, and critiques! And if you loved the list, do give our page a thumbs up on social media and to friends and family looking for similar pages.