Best Posterior Walker or Gait Trainer

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In this article, we have reviewed the best gaiter trainer or posterior walker. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

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Klip- Lightweight Posterior Rollator Walker/Gait Trainer 4 Wheel - Lightweight Posterior Walker for Toddlers, Kids, Teens with Special Needs (Small, Red)
Height adjustable
Size adjustable
Motion lock wheels
Swivel lock
Accessories available
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Inspired by Drive Mobility Aid Moxie GT Gait Trainer, Sword Gray, Large
Height adjustable
Size adjustable
Motion lock wheels
Swivel lock
Accessories available
Amazon Prime
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Wenzelite Trekker Gait Trainer, Blue, Youth
Height adjustable
Size adjustable
Motion lock wheels
Swivel lock
Accessories available
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`Walker Posterior Nimbo LTWT Youth/Adult Midnight Blue
Height adjustable
Size adjustable
Motion lock wheels
Swivel lock
Accessories available
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Best Value
Drive Medical KA1200-2GKB Nimbo Posterior Walker - Pediatric Walker for Children, Knight Blue
Height adjustable
Size adjustable
Motion lock wheels
Swivel lock
Accessories available
Amazon Prime
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A  gait trainer or posterior walker provides excellent mobility assistance for people of all ages. Children and elderly with balance issues, disabilities or recovering from illness or injury can use it to move around safely. They may have no wheels, two wheels, or four wheels and come in both walker and gait trainer configuration. 

Research has shown that posterior walkers, which support you in the back, are better at improving posture and maintaining a stable gait, as compared to anterior ones. Anterior walkers, esp. If they are of the wrong height, may make the user slouch and bend down, which is terrible for their gait.

We have put together this article to help you understand the benefits of a posterior walker, the features you should look for in one, and finally a list of walkers as reviewed by us based on intensive research and study.

Benefits Of Posterior Walkers over Anterior Walkers[1]

  • Posterior walkers are known for much better gait patterns and improved posture. Anterior walkers force the user to slouch over the handlebars.
  • Better gait pattern leads to improved energy conservation in the user. The more upright and properly you walk, the less energy you expend in walking.
  • Posterior walkers improve step length. Anterior walkers limit the amount you can move forward, and in general, are not designed to encourage larger steps.
  • Some researchers believe that improved step length also leads to faster movement, though this claim is debatable.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Posterior Walker

A good posterior walker or gait trainer is an essential medical tool that aids people to serve their health needs. Certain features can assist people in buying an ideal posterior walker. 


One of the unique features of posterior walkers is that it assists people in regaining their mobility. Some walkers provide excellent mobility assistance. They can increase walking velocity with the assurance to provide a safe and secure mobility experience. 

However, you need to select based on your level of balance and mobility whether you are looking for 4 wheels, 2 wheels or no wheel walkers

Hand brakes and Caster locks

The four-wheeled walkers include an essential features like hand brakes to control the walker so that you can easily stop it when needed. Similarly, wheeled walkers also have caster locks, that can fix the walker in its place for a brief period, for example when the walker is on an incline, or when the patient is being transferred from seat to walker, and so on.

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Durable and long-lasting

Posterior walker users often put their full body weight on such walkers. Therefore, the walker needs to be sturdy. Select a walker that is made of an all-steel body that is corrosion-free and lasts for a long time. Aluminum and carbon fiber are also excellent choices that make the walker lighter in weight while still being very durable

Anti-rollback and anti-tip

Most walkers and gait trainers come with anti-rollback and anti-tip facilities, preventing any accidents. Ensure that the walker that you select has these features in them.

Hand grips

Users tend to use walkers throughout the day. The handgrip helps reduce strain on your loved one’s hands when the walker is used for long periods. Ensure that your walker hand grips are ergonomically designed, padded, and provide proper hand positioning and a comfortable grip. 

Height adjustment

Posterior walkers are typically designed to be used by both adults and children. The right height must be used, especially for children. Make sure that you buy a walker that has the right height, or else has an adjustable height so that you can change it to your personal setting for maximum comfort.

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Comfortable seating

Some posterior walkers also come with optional seating space. The seats come in solid style or sling style. If your loved one uses the walker for a large part of the day, and especially for their daily activities such as grocery shopping or other work, an optional seating arrangement on the walker is not a bad idea at all.

Some patients might be suffering from a heart or lung condition which prohibits them from walking for too long without taking a rest. For such patients, a seated walker is practically mandatory.

Forearm support

Forearm support ensures that your forearms are comfortable and rested properly so that you can get the right benefit of gait support from your posterior walker. Ensure that the walker you are purchasing should have padded forearm support

Additional Safety

Many posterior walkers include anti-rollback or anti-tip capabilities, which assure safety. Anti rollback features are especially important if your loved ones are going to be using the walker on the street, especially if you are living in an area with slopes and slants.

Swivel caster

Another optional feature of gait trainers is a swivel caster. Swivel casters enable you to turn your wheeled walker, without having to lift it up with your hands. This reduces the workload for you, while making the walker more easily maneuverable and mobile.

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Best Posterior Walker Or Gait Trainer

#1 Circle Speciality Klip Lightweight Medical Posterior Walker

Circle Speciality Klip Lightweight Posterior Walker is a four-wheel posterior walker or gait trainer.

Circle Speciality Klip Lightweight Medical Posterior Walker

It includes four 5-inch caster wheels, two bi-directional ones in the front, and 2 uni-directional ones in the back. The unidirectional back wheels make sure that the walker will not rollback.

To add further, there are foot-operated swivel wheel locks on the casters, that prevent the walker from rotating when not in need.

The gait trainer is designed for motion in both posterior and anterior positions. This assures better leg movements and improvement in postural alignment.

The latex-free grips aids reduce the possibility of your hand slipping. This walker also comes with optional accessories. It includes an adjustable forearm platform, adjustable stabilizer, support belt, and bumper guards. There is a 3-year limited warranty on the product as well.

Here we have a Youtube video on how to assemble Klip Gait Trainer.


  • The circle specialty posterior walker is an ideal choice for people with cerebral palsy and neurological conditions.
  • This medical walker is lightweight and durable to use.
  • Swivel wheel locks give the facility for an audible click, making it easier for your loved ones if they are hard of hearing
  • There are latex-free hand grips that reduce strain on the hands, while also giving them a good grip
  • The 5-inch caster wheels make the walker useful on any surface. They are anti-skid as well
  • There are many accessories available on an optional basis that make the walker great for daily use
  • There is a 3 years limited warranty on the product as well
  • The walker is available in 4 sizes and is height adjustable
  • It is easy to store the walker by folding it up
  • The walker comes with an aluminum frame which is durable and sturdy
  • A foldable padded chair is also available with your walker


  • This posterior walker does not come with assembly instructions.

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#2 Inspired by Drive Moxie Gait Trainer

The Inspired by Drive Moxie gait trainer is a versatile medical tool for children and the elderly alike. You can adjust the height of this walker in 1-inch increments so that it can be perfectly suited for your needs. Another feature is that it can be used in both posterior or anterior positions. 

Inspired by Drive Moxie Gait Trainer

This gait trainer comes in three different and adjustable sizes. This ensures that users of different heights and sizes can use the gait trainer as per their needs. 

The walker also features safe wheel locks on all the four casters. You can stop the walker wherever necessary and put it in a locked position for your work. Swivel caster locks can even be locked in non – swivel positions. 

This walker features a directional lever as well. This lever can be used for forward and reverse mobility as well as forward only mobility. 


  • The inspired by drive moxie has an adjustable height and can be used for users of any height with 1-inch increments for adjustment
  • It is available in 3 sizes to choose as per your need
  • The model is foldable and can be put away easily when not in need
  • Safe wheel locks on all casters
  • Swivel locks to prevent the walker from turning. Can be locked in a non-swivel position as well.
  • Available in stylish color choices


  • It is not budget-friendly.

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#3 Wenzelite Trekker Gait Trainer

Wenzelite Trekker Gait Trainer is made to support a natural gait pattern. It can be used in both the anterior or posterior position. 

Wenzelite Trekker Gait Trainer

The gait trainer features variable resistance on its wheels, which can be used to pace the rotation of the wheels as per the convenience of the user.

It also has a directional lever which assists in both forward and reverses mobility as well as forward only mobility. The height-adjustable feature is useful for users to change the height as per their needs. 

The Brake locks of the trainer act as a safety measure, as the locks prevent the unit from moving when on an incline or during transfer. 

Another feature includes locking of the swivel casters to non – swivel caster locks. Thus ensuring the full safety of kids and older adults. Users are also able to mount accessories as per their convenience. 


  • The trekker trainer is light in weight, easy to carry around
  • The locking system gives full support to the wheels and prevents them from slipping.
  • The gait trainer supports people in full-body posture.
  • Height adjustability feature allows users to customize it as per their need
  • Accessories can be mounted on separately on the walker
  • The walker can be folded easily


  • It is not a budget-friendly product.
  • The Handles do not have an anti-skid rubber coating

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#4 Everything Medical Posterior Nimbo Walker

Everything Medical Nimbo walker is a versatile four-wheeled posterior walker for adults as well as children. The rubber wheels are customized in a way to adhere to any surface, which can act as a preventive measure as it reduces the risk of sliding backward. 

Everything Medical Posterior Nimbo Walker

The walker has one-directional rear wheels which can be disengaged so that you can move both forward and reverse. The height-adjustable feature lets users customize the walker as per their needs

The wheels can move both forward and in reverse. The front swivel wheels of the walker turn easily and have a good turning radius. Additionally, the walker’s locking facility allows the user to switch front wheels from a swivel to non – swivel position. 

This walker is uniquely designed to adjust the wheels independently. The walker also features a support belt and comes with the latex-free hand grips for extra stability.


  • Customized rubber wheels which are anti-skid and prevent the walker from moving backward
  • The walker is easily foldable and can be put away as and when needed
  • The easy-rolling wheels make it a perfect walker for indoor and outdoor use.
  • An optional pelvic stabilizer with belt is available for people with balance issues 
  • Rear wheels can be disengaged to make the walker bi-directional
  • Recommended specifically for people with asymmetrical posture
  • Latex hand grips for better hold on the handles


  • It is not a budget-friendly posterior walker.

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#5 Klip Posterior Walker With 2 Wheels

The Klip Specialty posterior walker is the only two-wheeled posterior walker in our lineup. The walker is equipped with features that are durable, dependable and stylish. 

Klip Posterior Walker With 2 Wheels

The two-wheel walker comes with two rear crutch tips. The rear tips allow this walker to be a hybrid between a pickup walker and a rollator, moving at a comfortable pace while still not having to lift a heavy walker all by yourself. 

The Klip walker is designed for both posterior and anterior positions. The walker has a height adjustment feature, which makes it versatile and useful for a wide variety of users of different heights.

There are latex-free rubber grips on the handrails of the walker, which make it easy to hold, as well as reducing strain on the hand.

Another feature is the 5-inch caster wheels, which make it easy to use this walker on any surface and give it a lot of stability as well.

This walker comes with a wide variety of optional accessories for user comfort. Some of them are: forearm platforms with height and depth adjustment feature, Multi-adjustable hand grips, pelvic stabilizer with height and width adjustment feature, a cushioned sling seat, speed tension control on rear wheels, bumper guards

Other accessories such as padded trunk harness with adjustable straps, seat cushions with anti-tippers and height, adjustable headrest, swing-away elevating leg rests with padded calf pads are also available with this highly customizable gait walker


  • This a two-wheel walker, a hybrid between 4 wheels and pick up walkers, providing the best of both worlds
  • Latex-free rubber grips on armrests for a comfortable yet strong grip
  • Height adjustable, available in 3 different sizes
  • Rear crutch tips
  • Can be used for both anterior and posterior motion
  • 5-inch caster wheel which makes it comfortable for use on any surface
  • Loads of accessories that can be taken optionally
  • 3 years limited warranty


  • Balancing a two-wheel walker can be an issue for some users

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#6 Inspired By Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker

The Inspired by drive Nimbo walker is specially designed for better mobility. This walker comes with five different height settings, so as to be customizable as per every users requirement. 

Inspired By Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker

It also has a one-directional override bracket, which makes for bi-directional movement in a smooth and coordinated manner. 

This walker is easily foldable and can be put away in your wardrobe when it is not being used by anyone. Additionally, it comes in perfect handgrip design, which adds to your convenience.

The wheel settings allow switching from swivel to non-swivel front. The soft rubber wheels are  usable on any surface and prevent slipping while walking

The Nimbo posterior walker is compact and lightweight. Transporting this device is both comfortable and convenient. The walker is an ideal choice to improve your full body posture.


  • 5 different height settings for compatibility with your own height
  • The wheel locks are designed in a way to prevent tipping. 
  • Easily foldable when not in need
  • Lightweight and durable, easy to handle
  • Soft rubber wheels can be used on any surface and are non slip
  • One-directional override bracket for bi-directional movement


  • The plastic piece, which prevents wheels from going backward, breaks off easily.

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Posterior walkers are a comfortable and useful choice for people who want to move in longer strides while using a walker and are concerned about proper posture and gait. They have several advantages over anterior walkers and are considered a better option especially for children and the elderly.

Posterior walkers come in all sorts of design including four-wheeled, two-wheeled, and standard models for versatile support. Most are height and size adjustable and have several features and optional accessories to make you comfortable while using them.

In this article, we have selected the best posterior walker or gait trainer based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Klip- Lightweight Posterior Rollator Walker/Gait Trainer 4 Wheel - Lightweight Posterior Walker for Toddlers, Kids, Teens with Special Needs (Small, Red)  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered, because it is ideal for people with disorders, and serves the purpose

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Klip Lightweight Posterior Rollator Walker/Gait Trainer, 2 Wheel with Crutch Tips - Toddlers, Kids, Teens with Special Needs, Cerebral Palsy - Durable, Height Adjustable, Foldable Design- Red (Small), which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 

While we make every effort to provide updated and correct information, the advice given in this article and website should not be construed as “medical advice”. Please consult with your physician or medical practitioner before using any posterior walker. Each individual may have his or her unique issues and your medical practitioner is the best person to decide the best gait trainer or posterior walker  for your case.