12 Best Patient Lifts for Home Use

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Patient lifts are assistive medical devices used to assist caregivers to move person who have restricted movement from a bed, chairs, wheelchair, toilet, or shower. In this article, we bring you the best patient lifts for home use.

In this article, we have reviewed the best patient lifts below but if you are in a hurry, we present the curated list right here for you.

Top Rated
Lumex Stand Assist Patient Lift - Safely Sit, Stand, Transfer & Transport - LF1600
Weight Capacity
400 pounds
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Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lift, Beige, 450 lb. Weight Capacity, 9805P
Weight Capacity
450 pounds
Check Price
Drive Medical 13023SV Handicap Hydraulic Lift, Silver Vein 5 Inch (Pack of 1)
Weight Capacity
450 pounds
Check Price
Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Sit to Stand Patient Lift, 350 lb. Weight Capacity, GHS350
Weight Capacity
350 pounds
Check Price
Advance Portable Hoyer Patient Lift Electric
Weight Capacity
340 pounds
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Who Can Use Patient Lifts?

Patient lifts can help prevent back injury to those who are providing care to those with mobility challenges. They can help increase the ability of the patient to move from one location to another smoothly and safely.

Most patient lifts are available in either pneumatic or electric versions. The pneumatic or manual versions are generally less expensive and can be comfortably used as an option when there is no convenient power source available to operate them. Patient lifts mostly come with interchangeable sling options for users of varying ages and sizes.

What Are the Different Kinds of Patient Lifts Available?

The quality and ease of use in patient lifts have improved significantly over the years. In the past, patient lifts were too heavy or expensive to add as a piece of assistive equipment at home.

Patient lifts available today are compact enough to easily maneuver around tight spaces and furniture at home. They have become lighter, safer, much less expensive, and easier to operate for both the patient and the caregiver.

Using a patient lift, a single caregiver can lift a patient up out of bed and into a transport wheelchair if they are needed to be moved to another room. Patient lifts can be electric powered or manual (hydraulic).

There are three basic kinds of patient lift devices available – Floor-Based Full-Body Lifts, Sit-to-Stand Patient Lifts, and Ceiling Lifts.

 Best Patient Lifts for Home UseType
1Lumex Stand Assist Patient LiftSit-to-stand, manual
2Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lift 9805PFloor-based, manual
3Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient LiftFloor-based, manual
4Pro Basics Patient LiftFloor-based, manual
5Invacare Hydraulic Stand-Up Patient Lift GHS350Floor-based, manual
6Advanced Portable Hoyer Electric Patient LiftFloor-based, electric
7Invacare Reliant Patient Lift RPL450-1Floor-based, electric
8Hi-Fortune Electric Patient LiftFloor-based, electric
9Probasics Hydraulic Patient LiftFloor-based, manual
10Pro Heal Hydraulic Patient LiftFloor-based, manual
11Invacare Reliant Electric Patient LiftFloor-based, electric
12Lumex Battery Powered Patient LiftFloor-based, electric

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Floor-Based Full-Body Lifts

Floor-based full-body lifts are useful for people with more severe mobility issues. They are suited for patients who are unable to control their motor functions or patients in full-body casts.

Floor-based full-body lifts are useful in both home and professional settings. They are meant to move a person from one location to another without straining the caregiver.

Floor-based full-body lifts come in both pneumatic and electric styles. While electric lifts do operate much quicker than pneumatic lifts, they require charging.

With a pneumatic lift, the lifting motion is not as smooth as it is for the electric version. They are lighter in weight and obviously, they do not need to be charged.

A Floor Based Full Body Lift

Sit-to-Stand Patient Lifts

Sit-to-stand patient lifts are meant to help a person move from sitting to standing position. They come in a wide range of options. You can go for the more clinical versions which allow a patient to be scooped up and moved from their sitting position.

Or you can choose assisted lift recliners, which help an individual to be lifted from their seat in a localized area, without adding the additional knee and back strain needed to push themselves up from the position. Essentially the clinical versions provide a greater range of motion.

Here we have a video that shows how to use sit-to-stand lift.

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Ceiling Lifts

As the name suggests, ceiling lifts are mounted on the ceiling. They can provide a wide range of full body motion. Ceiling-mounted lifts are similar to floor-based full-body lifts, as they use a sling system to lift an individual from either a sitting or lying position and raise them up for transport to another location.

However, ceiling-mounted lifts operate on a track that is installed in a location, and as such is more ideal for a medical situation, or a home situation where the patient is under constant monitoring by their caregiver. Most ceiling-mounted lifts are electric-powered and tend to be more expensive than their manual counterparts.

A ceiling mounted lift - Best patient lift for home use make sure that the patient is moved safely without effort from the caregiver
A ceiling mounted lift

The other form is electronic patient lifts that are more expensive but are comparatively convenient for caregivers. These electronic patient lifts involve virtually zero manual labor in transporting patients. In this case, power is provided through standard electrical outlets or rechargeable batteries.

Apart from these patient lifts, there are specialized lifts available for particular situations.

  • Bath Lifts – to raise and lower a patient in and out of a bathtub. Check out here how do bath lifts work.
  • Pillow Lifts – air-filled back support devices to help patients adjust their position in bed at the press of a button
  • Inflatable Lifts – that can be quickly inflated using a portable compressor for providing a lift for up to 700 pounds, see example below

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What Are the Features to Consider When Purchasing a Patient Lift?

The first thing that you need to consider before purchasing a patient lift is the types of positions that the patient would need assistance with. This depends on the individual needs of the patient or the facility where they are spending most of their time.

Does the patient need assistance in moving from a sitting to standing position and back again?

Do they need to move from a lying down position to sitting up, or moving from a bed, chair, toilet, and back again?

With portable lifts, caregivers and patients both get more flexibility in moving across locations, say from the bedroom to the bathroom or the living room, etc. After these considerations, there are three main parameters that you should consider-

  1. Weight Capacity: A patient lift’s weight capacity is the maximum patient weight that the lift can bear. You should ensure that the lift chosen by you can accommodate the patient’s weight comfortably with some room to spare.
  2. Range of lift height: A patient might need to be lifted and moved across different heights at different points of time. The patient lift should offer a wide range of lift heights so that the patient can be easily reached low enough to the floor in case they have fallen to the floor, and high enough to lift the patients to a high mattress height.
  3. Slings: There are many specialized slings available to suit the particular needs of a patient. Some examples of these specialized slings include padded slings, full-body slings, disposable slings, mesh bathing slings, and commode slings. Some patient lifts come with slings while in some cases, you might need to purchase the slings separately depending on your needs.

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Best Patient Lifts for Home Use – Detailed Reviews

To make your decision of purchasing a patient lift easier, we have reviewed some of the best options of patient lifts for you. We have considered both sit-to-stand and sling patient lifts in this article.

#1 Lumex Stand Assist Patient Lift

The Lumex Stand Assist Patient Lift is a sit-to-stand, also known as “Sarah Lift” patient lifting machine that is designed for all those adults and senior citizens who can manage the strength and stability to lift, transfer, and support their bodies from a seated to a standing position.

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Lift is a top rated product among the best patient lifts for home use

The unit features knee and seat pads that increase user comfort. The patient can feel confident about their physical safety while using this unit since it has a stable frame and base with locking rear casters.

With a maximum width of 25 inches and a maximum height of 42.5 inches, the Lumex Stand Assist Unit can easily fit through narrow doorways in your home. It uses caster wheels that allow good maneuverability and also works with most types of seatings. The wheels are locked via an easy-to-use foot mechanism making the unit safe for the user.

The unit also features a convenient and comfortable grab bar that helps users in pulling themselves up from a seated position, thereby providing stability, balance, and added strength. It also has a functional split seat design that can swing out for loading or unloading the users. It can then lock itself into place as a stable seat for transport.

The comfort factor of this unit increases with the padding in the seat, knees, and shins. It is pocket friendly than electric Hoyer lifts and is convenient than the normal wheelchairs. This patient lift hold back its users engaged in the whole process. It is thus a very convenient alternative to a wheelchair.

It can fit in people in the height range of 5 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 6 inches. The safe weight range support is up to 400 pounds, which is equal to that of many Hoyer and hydraulic lifts for home purpose. The unit in itself weighs up to 61 pounds.


  • The unit is portable and good for home-usage.
  • The locking caster wheels provide better security and mobility.


  • The unit is a bit expensive.
  • Not suitable for very short patients (below 5 feet 1 inch).
  • The usage is limited to patients with some standing ability.

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#2 Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lifts 9805P

The Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lifts is a slim design lift that makes transfer situations easier, safer, and more affordable to handle, thereby assisting caregivers in avoiding back injuries. It comes with a six-point axel bar attachment that easily modify to all kinds of sling styles and positions.

Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lifts 9805P is another top choice among patient lifts for home use

The lift has a range of 20-inches to 64-inches and allows users to be taken up from the lying position on the floor. It is versatile and easy to use. Its lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow for quick and easy setup. Due to these reasons, it is easier to transport as well.

It has a durable chrome-plated construction or painted finish and 360˚ patient rotation without side-to-side sway. For the convenience of the caregiver, the pump handle can be rotated from side to side.

The lift offers improved rollability due to the presence of low friction casters that contribute to caregiver safety. While the lift itself weighs 68 pounds, it can accommodate an ample weight capacity of 450 pounds.

This lift caters to a wide range of slings available in the market. The variety ranges from full-body slings to commode toileting slings.


  • Easy disassembly.
  • Quick and easy to transport and set up.
  • Easy to lift a patient from the floor.


  • The lift does not come with slings and they would need to be purchased separately.

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#3 Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift

The Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift is built of silver vein steel with a 6-point cradle design. It is designed for use with a six-point patient hoist sling. The users can be lowered or raised gradually and safely from any stationary position using high-performance hydraulics. The width base is adjustable and comes standard with 5-inch casters in rear and 5-inch casters in the front. It opens legs from 22 to 42-1/4 inches. The unit caters to a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. The product in itself weighs 72 pounds.

Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift delivers the best value among the best patient lifts for home use

The unit comes in three pieces- the boom, the legs, and the handle which are held together by screws. It is easy to assemble and flexible enough for lifting the patients from a reclining or seated position. It is thus a suitable home health care tool for weak and bedridden or injured and disabled patients.


  • Strong and steady movements.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • The sling is sold separately.
  • The small caster wheels can be troublesome while moving on the carpet.
  • It is difficult for one person to operate.

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#4 Pro Basics Patient Lift

The Pro Basics patient lift is a hydraulic lift that features 5-inch front and rear casters. The patient lift can be moved and rotated easily using these low friction casters. The caster wheels can lock in place easily by stepping on the lift plunger.

Pro Basics Patient Lift for home use

The unit is of heavy-duty quality with a durable round tube steel construction, a push handle, a padded swivel bar, and the two locking rear casters. The offset mast and boom style enable a better lift path and thus maximize the full travel range for this patient lift. The screw-in pin at the mast base provided high stability and helps in avoiding the accidental removal of the mast.

The lift is quite lightweight, assembles and disassembles easily. It can rotate the patients easily without a side-to-side swaying motion. It can lift patients to 450 pounds.

The frame for this body lift is chip resistant. Its adjustable width base ensures that the patient lift can be easily maneuvered under most narrow spaces like beds or adjust itself around locations where a patient might like to sit. To lift the patient, one would simply be required to attach the patient lift sling to the hydraulic lift and use the pump. The pump is quite simple to operate with its handle being able to rotate from side to side for convenience.

The sit to stand lift offers a lifting range of 26 inches to 70.5 inches (at the pin) to adult patients. The six-point axel bar attachment can modify to all sling styles quite conveniently and can be used with a 4 or 6 point lift sling. The unit is simple to operate and requires you to secure the patient in their patient lift sling. After this, you would need to attach the sling to the body lift and lift the patient using the simple-to-operate pump.

The smooth operation of this patient lift is also facilitated by the elongated handle design that can serve a broad range of operator heights. Its completely enclosed cam moves the legs of the adjustable base. The lift’s slim design makes it versatile enough to use with patient transfers.


  • Patient transfer is a smooth process with this patient lift.
  • The 5-inch wheels facilitate convenient mobility.
  • The adjustable width and offset boom make maneuverability easy in tight spaces.


  • The wheels can get stuck on the carpet.
  • For efficient use, the lift may require some caregiver expertise.
  • Only the rear two wheels lock on this patient lift.

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#5 Invacare Hydraulic Stand-Up Patient Lift GHS350

The Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Patient Lift is quite a versatile patient lift. It offers safety and comfort for both caregivers and users. It is ideal for the handling of users who are in the requirement of rehabilitation support or can bear partial weight. The lift has a 4.5 inches clearance that makes most homecare beds quite accessible.

Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Patient Lift GHS350

Its adjustment features are innovative and easy to use, allowing the lift to adapt to different kinds of body shapes and sizes. The pump handle is convenient for the caregivers as it can go from side to side. The fast and easy sling attachment save against any form of accidental disengagement.

The patient lift also has leg support that features a soft and laterally contoured pad that is used to secure the patient’s legs in multiple positions comfortably and at any height. This model also has a retractable nonslip footplate that assists with transfers by providing a stable base.

It also enables multi-functional slings that are helpful for stand-assistance, quick toileting, or fully supported seated transfers. The slings are made in a way that they can adapt to multiple kinds of body sizes depending on the individual’s needs. The slings need to be purchased separately. The fast and easy sling attachment save against any sort of accidental disengagement.

The low friction casters enable smooth rolling and make the process of rolling the lift across indoor surfaces quite easier, thereby contributing to the safety of the caregiver.

This patient lift must always be free to move to enable it to find a new center of gravity with the shifting of the patient’s weight. The use of anti-locking caster helps reduce this risk, especially in the home environment.

Safety-wise, this lift has non-locking casters. the locked rear casters can save the lift from finding a different center of gravity especially when the patient’s weight is shifted. In case, the caregiver is well trained or the situation requires locking casters, a separate service kit is available to deal with the situation.

The lift weighs 88 pounds and can support patients up to a weight range of 350 pounds.


  • Low-friction casters make rolling the lift indoors quite easy.
  • Non-locking casters reduce the risk of the lift not being able to find a new center of gravity especially due to the patient’s weight shifts.


  • Slings are to be purchased separately.

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#6 Advanced Portable Hoyer Electric Patient Lift

This patient lift is portable and very compact. You would not require any tools to fold this Hoyer lift, to transport or for storage. It is very easy to pull and push with an oversized handle and specially designed wheels.

Advanced Portable Hoyer Electric Patient Lift for home use

It has multiple transfer options that include transferring and lifting patients with considerable ease from the floor to the bed, from the bed to the chair, commodes, shower seats, and lift chairs. It can also transfer from vehicles like cars. etc. However, this may require a different sling, that is not included and would need to be purchased separately.

The Hoyer lift is quite easy to use with its uniquely styled swan legs enabling you to get it closer to the patient thereby increasing your comfort. The width of legs can be controlled using an adjuster pedal which also helps in accessing around wheelchairs and furniture. It is easier for the lift to move nearer to obstacles because of the advance’s unique tapered leg design. This is especially useful when you have big chairs, wheelchairs, or bulky commodes in your living space.

When the stationary lift is being maneuvered in a forward direction, you do not have to apply a lot of force to initiate the movement because of the design of the push footpad.

This lift is electrically powered, also has a built-in battery, and comes with a separate charger. It features a unique Smart Monitor control box that is programmable. This control box can accurately record and display important vital data about lift utilization and service data. There is also an easy to read LCD display that gives valuable information at the touch of a button.

The lift has a light aluminum body weighing only 69 pounds and has a turning radius of 55.9 inches. It is designed for compatibility with several slings and can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 340 pounds. This portable unit is great for senior and elderly care, medical facilities, and for home use.


  • The No-tools folding design allows for compact storage of the lift.
  • The tapered leg design assists in getting closer to obstacles like large chairs, wheelchairs, or commodes.


  • For transfers from cars and vehicles, you may require a different sling, which is not included with the purchase of this lift.

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#7 Invacare Reliant Patient Lift RPL450-1

This model of the Invacare Patient Lift is a high-quality unit powered by the battery. Its base legs adjust manually and lock safely into an open position with the padded handle. This lift caters to a height range of 24 inches to 74 inches allowing the lifting from the floor and high surfaces. It is controlled by the ergonomic hand pendant.

Invacare Reliant Patient Lift RPL450-1

It also features a padded swivel bar that has 360-degree rotation and 6 point hook-up allowing the use of chain-free and older slings with chains or straps. It has at least 4.5 inches under-bed clearance. The total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts.

It also has low friction casters that significantly improve safety and rollability. There is a locking feature for the 5 inch rear casters as well.  The multi-grip push handle is angled to minimize the wrist strain. The covered base provides protection against any form of wear, dirt, or moisture.

It has a hand pendant with a heavy-duty cord. the pendant hook allows attachment and storage on multiple areas of lift.

The lift includes two 24 volt batteries- one for the lift and another for the battery charging station. The battery pack is removable and thus eliminates the downtime. This also simplifies the charging process for the user. It is conveniently located on the mast and has an emergency off button. It beeps when the battery needs to be recharged. The battery can be immediately replaced with the second battery in the wall-mounted charger.

It has a manual emergency lowering device helpful in case of power loss and an anti-entrapment feature that is useful if boom meets any resistance while lowering.

This series of lifts have a wide range of slings available, like full-body slings or commode toileting slings. The Invacare Reliant lifts support a weight of up to 450 pounds.


  • The high lift range allows easy access to chairs, floors, beds, and commodes.
  • The multi-grip push handle is angled and minimizes wrist strain.


  • The sling is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

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#8 Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift

With sturdy steel construction, the Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift includes components that are easy to assemble and disassemble for storage and transportation. It has a swan neck leg design with adjustable width and accommodates around large furniture, thereby making patient transfer safe and easy for the caregiver. The ergonomic hand grips are stable and comfortable.

Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift

It also features easy push-button hand controls through a remote controller. The lifting arm can be easily controlled by just using the up and down buttons. This makes it easy to operate for elderly patients. The back pedal adjustable legs can be useed by foot. For this, you can simply step on the left pedal to broaden the base or step on the right pedal for a narrower base. The rear wheels can also be locked for stability and no movement using your feet. The brakes on the casters are easy-to-operate and provide additional security.

The lift has a four-point spreader bar that allows a comfortable transfer from bed to a wheelchair, or from sofa to bed. The large size of the sling can accommodate all size patients. It is made of solid nylon and is standard width making it suitable for most users and lifting situations. It can be used in dry or wet situations.

This lift is highly maneuverable, easy to operate, and can be made to work in confined spaces. An emergency lowering device is built into the actuator and its lower base fits under most of the beds.

It is suitable for bedridden patients, wheelchair users, lower limb fracture patients, and elderly people with poor ability to walk.

It uses high-performance hydraulics to safely raise or lower individuals up to 400 pounds from any stationary position.

The lift comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and a 6-month replacement warranty on the Actuator Control box and Hand Controls. The manufacturers advise you to confirm the power status after receiving the product and charge it before using it in case the battery is low.


  • Includes full mesh sling with the purchase.
  • It comes with an easy-to-operate remote controller.


  • The lift cannot be used while charging.
  • The lift is a bit expensive compared to other options.

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#9 Probasics Hydraulic Patient Lift

The Probasics Hydraulic Patient Body Lift is a hydraulic lift that has 5-inch front and rear casters that facilitate easy movement and rotation of the patient lift. The caster wheels lock in place easily by stepping on the lift plunger. It is lightweight and will rotate patients without side-to-side sway.

Probasics Hydraulic Patient Lift for home use

The lift has a heavy-duty round tube steel construction with a chip-resistant brown hammer tone finish. It weighs 68 pounds and can lift persons up to 450 pounds. It has an adjustable width base that allows the patient lift to be easily maneuvered under most beds and can be easily adjusted around most places where a patient is most likely to sit. The offset mast and boom style offer a better lift path and are thus able to maximize the full travel range for the patient. The elongated handle design of the lift caters to a broad range of operator heights and offers better handling ability.

The process to lift the patient is quite simple. You just need to simply attach the patient lift sling to the hydraulic lift and the pump to lift the patient. The pump handle can rotate from side-to-side making it convenient for the caregiver.

The sit-to-stand machine lift has a range of 26 inches to 70.5 inches (at the pin). The six-point axel bar attachment can easily modify to all different types of sling styles and positions. It can be used with 4 or 6 point lift slings.

The base of the lift is adjustable, provides obstruction free operation, and is ideal for cleaning.

The patient lift comes with a moderate four-point mesh sling that has a commode opening. This sling is constructed from a very strong mesh to gives maximum aid and breathability at the time of extended use. The sling is washer safe and can be used in wet or dry environments. The nylon hook up straps are reinforced to provide extra durability.


  • Inclusion of sling with commode opening.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Fits under most beds.


  • The lift can disassemble but is not designed for constant disassembly and reassembly, especially for transportation in a vehicle. You might want to look for a specific portable lift for that requirement.

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#10 Pro Heal Hydraulic Patient Lift

The Pro Heal Hydraulic Patient Lift uses high-performance hydraulics and gradual movement to provide a comfortable and safe patient transfer. Its premium-grade hydraulic pump can raise, lift, and transfer patients gradually from any position. This sit-to-stand lift moves patients from bed to chairs, toilets, and more. It is compact and portable with an ample weight capacity of 450 pounds. The base can be closed to around 22 inches and can be easily stored in small spaces.

Pro Heal Hydraulic Patient Lift

The lift is quite simple to use and perfect for the home care environment. You can open and lock the base, adjust the position, and maneuver the lift with considerable ease. The 6 point spreader bar and cradle allow you to use slings of almost any brand offering multiple positioning options. The two rear casters (wheels) lock, and the sturdy welding ensures long-lasting use. This lift includes chain connections and has a lifting height range of 17 inches to 61 inches. It is protected with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a limited warranty of 1 year on the hydraulic pump.

This premium-grade manual lift is easy to use, portable, and affordable.



  • The lift does not come with chains or sling. They need to be purchased separately.

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#11 Invacare Reliant Electric Patient Lift

The Invacare battery operated patient lift is a durable device which helps in patient transfer. The height of the lift can range from 2 ft to 6 ft which will enable you to lift patient from the floor or from high surfaces.

Invacare Reliant Electric Patient Lift


  • Suitable for heavier users – Maximum weight carrying capacity of 450 lbs
  • Removable battery pack lets you extend use time if you can invest in a back-up battery
  • Convenient to use wheel locks on real casters for easy locking of wheels during patient lifting
  • The legs of the lift can open up to 74 inches to enable the lift to move as close as possible to wheelchairs and other bulky furniture
  • Comes with manual emergency lowering feature when electric hydraulic system is not working


  • Slightly heavier compared to similar products – at just over 100 lbs
  • Lowest lifting height is 24 inches which may be too high if you are looking to lift patient from the floor

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#12 Lumex Battery Powered Patient Lift

This powered patient lift by Graham Field comes in two models: one with normal capacity of 400 lbs and one with extra heavy weight-lifting capacity of 600 lbs. The legs of the device are rubber coated to save your furniture from damage.

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Lift is a top rated product among the best patient lifts for home use


  • Durable and easy to maneuver
  • Comes in two versions of maximum carrying weight: 400 lbs and the heavy-duty version at 600 lbs
  • Compatible with most 2, 4 and 6 hook slings
  • Comparatively lighter on the budget among powered Hoyer lifts
  • Breaks on rear wheels to stop lift from moving in the middle of lifting or lowering operation


  • Device is heavier compared to similar products at 115 lbs
  • Legs of the Hoyer lift do not open up sufficiently for comfortable transfer to and from wide furniture

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While buying a patient lift, you should consider factors like the lift type like hydraulic or sit-to-stand or battery-powered lifts. Which type of lift would be suitable depends on your situation. For frequent use with more immobile patients, a hydraulic lift is most useful, since it can be operated by a single caregiver. The stand assist is ideal for patients who are using a walker or those who have some form of upper-body mobility.

Another factor is weight capacity since it decides the safe limit as per the patient’s weight. Depending on your individual needs, you can decide on the patient lift that would be most helpful for you.

If you are looking for other products for bed ridden patients, you might want to read our articles on best mattresses for bed ridden patients and heavy duty washable and disposable bed pads.

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to transfer a patient from bed to wheelchair using a ceiling lift: