Best EMS Stair Chair

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We have reviewed the best EMS stair chair. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

Best Value
EMS Stair Chair Aluminum Light Weight Ambulance Medical Lift
Max weight capacity
400 pounds
21 pounds
Seat belts
Chest and Thigh Restraints, Lightweight
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Best Value
EMS Stair Chair Aluminum Light Weight Ambulance Medical Lift
Max weight capacity
400 pounds
21 pounds
Seat belts
Chest and Thigh Restraints, Lightweight
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Approximately 240 million calls are made to the national emergency helpline number 9-1-1 every year in the US[1]

Many of those emergency calls consist of life-threatening events such as fires, emergency medical aid, and other situations where it may be required to carry immobile (but alert) people to safety.

An EMS stair chair is a great support system for emergency healthcare service personnel and firefighters. It is used to carry patients who cannot move for themselves down a flight of stairs in an emergency. EMS stair chairs could be both manual and battery operated.

Seniors with a walking disability should also keep EMS stair chairs handy in their home if they have more than one floor. Let us have a look at the best ems stair chair

Our Top Choice – NEPPT Emergency Evacuation Chair

The Patient Lift Stair Slide Board Transfer Emergency Evacuation Chair Wheelchair Belt Safety Full Body Medical Lifting Sling Sliding Transferring Disc Use for Seniors,Handicap (Blue - 4 Handles) is our top choice for the best ems star chair because of the following reasons:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame, which can hold upto 400 pounds of weight
  • Nonslip grips on the rear as well as front handles for easily picking up and holding on to
  • Compact folding – the chair can be stowed away in an ambulance with ease.
  • Since this chair is made up of polyester fabric, it adds to its durability quotient.
  • 4 handles that can assist in the proper distribution of the patient evenly. 
  • Adjustable straps with quick-release functionality, which can be very handy in an emergency
  • 5-inch rear wheels for easy transportation when not taking down stairs
  • Made of vinyl. Easy to clean and comfortable for the patient

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Best EMS Stair Chair

#1 EMS Stair Chair With Line 2 Design

 EMS stair chair is a convenient stair chair designed to offer quick mobility in a crisis. The chair is a special firefighter evacuation medical lift stair chair with quick-release buckles. 

It is made of a sturdy aluminum frame and is strong enough to hold up to 350 pounds.

The stair chair features 3 adjustable straps with quick-release buckles that ensures full comfort and safety of the patients. 

The said non-slip grips present on the rear as well as front handles of the chair are built in a solid way. Therefore, it helps to maneuver this stair chair easily.

This chair will not take much of your space. The 5 rear wheels of the stair chair aids in its easy transportation. Moreover, its non-locking handles ensure the full safety of the patients. 

The two-wheel stair chair gives better mobility to people. 

Here we have a Youtube video below that showcases how to use EMS Stair Chair by Line2 Design.


  • It is ideal for people suffering from diverse mobility conditions.’
  • Folding offers convenient transportation and storage.
  • The sturdy aluminum frame is strong and reliable.
  • Compact folding allows you to stow this chair in an ambulance.
  • Time adjustable straps for better comfort of patients.


  • Loose screw parts, which make it hard to assemble this stair chair.


The LUCKYVYAN EMS chair is one of the best available EMS chairs. The positive aspects of the chair include features such as easy portability and low weight. You can easily fold it and save your space as well. 

This is a versatile product that works as a wheelchair or stair chair that comes with rear fold away wheels. Also, the wheels come equipped with brakes for an operation which makes it easy to transport the users.

As far as safety is concerned, the stretcher of the chair has two seat belts which would make sure that the users feel the utmost safety during the transportation.


  • Powered stairclimbers ensure better mobility solutions.
  • Prevent against seat depression and bedsores.
  • It has four rounds of structure that makes it highly strong.
  • Easy to drive the chair.
  • Front rear wheels make it more strong.
  • Easy to operate with strong battery power.


  • Some users mentioned that the nuts and bolts do come loose sometimes.

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#3 MS3C EMS Stair Chair

MS3C EMS Stair Chair is a battery-operated versatile stair assist chair. The chair is designed for fast and safe stair evacuation.

This stair chair is constructed with a light-weight aluminum powder coated frame. It is a professionally designed, folding stair chair to deliver comfort and safety. The dual extra traction treads of this chair withstand high volume use.

The rubberized tracks provide controlled descent on any kind of surface. This evacuation chair is designed with two folded handles that lock into positions allowing the users with multiple grip options for safe handling and easy steering. The sturdy construction of this chair gives it unrivaled durability and reliability.

The stair chair features a lightweight and compact design for enhancing portability. Its durable seat material is easy to sterilize and clean. Moreover, it features easy to read color coded navigational controls with night light. So this foldable chair is the best solution to all your mobility problems. 


  • Medical professional chair for your mobility and convenience.
  • It possesses a headrest strap and headrest cushion.
  • Also, contains a Neoprene seat top on a solid platform for extra comfort.
  • Four-point patient safety restraint.
  • Easy to fold and convenient storage at small places.


  • Some users complained that the chair did not follow the track sometimes.

#4 SHKY Evacuation Chair

This is an ultra quality stair chair designed with better comfort and safety. The chair is basically an aluminum alloy stair stretcher that can be used effectively in multi-storey buildings.

The stair chair is basically recommended by experts to be used on hard surfaces and the chair is easy to carry around which makes it comfortable to use. The four wheels attached to the chair to ensure well-controlled transportation for the patients. 

It doesn’t take up much space at your home and is thus ideal for all homes. Also, the best aspect is that the stretcher comes with two safety belts.


  • Easy positioning transfer emergency evacuation chair.
  • Suitable for wheelchair users, bedridden patients, the disabled, and handicaps.
  • Tough handles to easily distribute the weight of patients.
  • Simple and easy to use transfer pads.


  • Some users complained about its sturdiness.

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#5 EMS Stair Aluminum Chair

Your search for a lightweight Ambulance medical lift ends with this product. The extremely affordable and lightweight product is good if you need to carry a patient who requires mobility assistance in an emergency.

 In a situation where an ambulance stretcher cannot enter and if the patient can sit up, this chair comes into action. Being of compact size, it can fit through doorways and narrow stairways. 

EMS Stair Aluminum Chair

The aluminum alloy body speaks volumes about the durability and strength of the medical lift. Even though the gross weight of the product is 20 pounds, it can carry a person weighing up to 400 pounds without trouble.

It also comes with three adjustable quick-release buckled straps for the safety and comfort of the patient. The front and rear handles use a non-slip material. You can fold this medical lift and fit it in any corner of the house. 

The compact design ensures that it does not take a lot of space for storage. The product dimensions are 91 cm in height, 51 cm in width, and 69 cm in depth.


  • It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 20 pounds. It makes it easy to carry around both with and without the load.
  • The durable aluminum-alloy body is capable of holding a weight of 400 pounds at a time. You can carry around even a heavy person at ease. 
  • The non-slip front and rear handles give the perfect grip that is important for the patient’s safety while you are carrying them in medical situations.
  • The quick-release buckles and three strap protection add a layer to the patient’s safety on the move.


  • It is a little high-priced compared to the features and the metal body with which it comes.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best EMS stair chair

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to go through the buyers’ guide before you hop on the first available EMS stair chair in the market?  


The inability to walk can lead to weight gain.  Thus, the best EMS stair chair should be designed in such a way that withstands the weight of the general users and obese patients.

Before buying, ensure that the chair can bear more than 400 pounds of weight. Moreover, the sturdy frame can endure demanding use for years. The lightweight of the chair will not add any further load to the rescuer.

Versatile Performance

The sleek design of the EMS stair chair should offer versatile performance.  It should be helpful for EMTs-Paramedics to carry the patients through narrow passages up and down the staircase.

Moreover, it can prove to be helpful to firefighters, the sick, and the disabled.  Firefighters find it handy to rescue people in case of fire.  

Prioritizing Safety

The non-slip handle on the front and rear offers an excellent grip to swiftly rescuing trapped people in case of unfortunate incidents.  The three-adjustable strap with a quick-release buckle guarantees safety of the sitter.

Moreover, the flexible strap provides comfort as it is not attached to the frame.  It allows you to place the strap where you need them the most.

Battery Powered

Choose a stairlift chair that works effortlessly without manual power. A battery-operated stairlift chair offers a smooth ride across the staircase.

The rotating seat allows soft landing.  It gives increased mobility and less dependency on others.

Best EMS Stair Chair

Frequently Asked Questions: Best ems stair chair

Question 1 Who should buy the EMS stair chair?

Emergency healthcare services and firefighters need to keep a provision for the best EMS stair chair to evacuate people in case of catastrophe.  Moreover, an EMS stair chair is also helpful for carrying patients to and fro by ambulance.

Firefighters also find an EMS stair chair very helpful to evacuate people from a burning building.  Seniors and patients can invest in the stair chair for higher mobility and less dependency.  People with fractures, paralysis, disabilities, etc. can make use of EMS stair chairs.

Question 2 Would the stair chair be comfortable and safe?

The light-weight, yet robust aluminum frame is constructed to endure the heavy-weight.  The improved quality guarantees the safe movement of large patients.  The 2-inches vinyl strap prevents accidents and falls.  The safety edge sensitivity system of Stairlift detects any malfunction in operation.

Question 3 Is there a stair chair that does not require manual lifting?

Yes. The chair can scroll up and down the staircase without manual lifting.   It offers independence to the person.

The technological-based stairlift chair fits in the narrowest straight staircase. The power swivel seat turns to allow easy transfer on and off the chair-lift.  It is safely attached to the nearest wall of the staircase to increase mobility.


An EMS stair chair should be able to handle large weights, should be easy to grip, durable, and narrow enough to pass through stairways and corridors. 

In this article, we have selected the best ems chairs based on the features mentioned above, our own research and analysis, and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the   is the best choice among the various options that we have considered, as it is designed with an ultra-comfort level and enjoys a reputation of offering maximum safety.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the EMS Stair Chair Aluminum Light Weight Ambulance Medical Lift, which holds a reputation of coming under budget. 

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