Best Air Quality Monitors for Mold

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We have reviewed the best air quality monitors for mold. If you are in a hurry, then the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within buildings and residential complexes. It is an important measure of the health and comfort level of the inhabitants. You might be surprised to know that indoor air quality can even reach levels over fifty to a hundred times worse than the outdoor air quality. 

The ill-effects of exposure to indoor air pollutants can sometimes be experienced immediately, but at other times, you might end up suffering with headaches, fatigue or irritation of nose, eyes, etc. Sometimes you might not realize them before years have passed by. It is also possible that multiple exposures over a short period of time can cause a severe reaction.

Most people never realize that they might be continuously breathing polluted indoor air, suffering from ill-effects of repeated exposure to health hazards. So how does one get to know about IAQ?

The determination of IAQ is done by collecting air samples, monitoring human exposure to pollutants, and computer modeling of airflow inside buildings. Real-time indoor air quality monitors are used for this purpose. 

These real-time monitors identify several factors like temperature, humidity, luminosity, carbon dioxide presence, carbon monoxide presence, etc. in real-time. This is then put together as easy to understand readings for consumers to analyze their indoor environment in detail. 

By having an IAQ machine, residents can be forewarned and can take action in real-time to secure a safe and healthy place to live. The most common indoor health hazards can be categorized into three categories:

  • Chemical (Radon, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, etc.)
  • Physical  (Second-hand tobacco smoke, particulate matter from fireplaces with size greater than 2.5 micrometers, etc.
  • Biological  (pollen, molds, bacteria, viruses, etc.)

best air quality monitor for mold

Here we have a video that shows health risk that may caused by inhaling molds.

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What Makes the Best Air Quality Monitor for Mold?

While considering which air quality monitor will be the best for detecting pollutants, choose a device that is accurate and easy to understand. Once you’re alerted of the presence of dangerous particulate matter, you can take action to tackle it initially by opening windows to allow ventilation.

Some air quality monitors can trigger other smart built-in appliances such as an air purifier, a fan, or a dehumidifier. Lastly, it should raise sufficient red flags for you so that you can eradicate the source of trouble.

Here are some of the features that are a must-have for determining the best air quality monitor for your living space!

Monitor Reading Coherency

Using an air quality monitor should help you better understand your environment. Look for a product with a simple, intuitive screen and controls that allow you to check the air quality instantly. These appliances are designed to help to make complicated issues simplistic. When shopping for the finest air quality monitors, look for devices that are easy to interpret.

Least Particle Size Detectable by Monitor

The fine particles having size 2.5 micrometers and less are considered to be hazardous to health. They lead to breathing problems, respiratory illnesses, lung diseases, Bronchitis, and even Cancer. Low-quality particulate matter sensors can only read particle sizes down to 1.0 micrometers. The best air quality monitors will not be able to detect much below the 0.5 um mark.

Smart and Innovative Framework

Most people do not want to keep checking their air monitors and note down the readings. Most air quality monitors have connectivity to your phones and laptops, and can record your data for your further analysis and study


Monitors should be able to report the accurate concentration of the gas or pollutant that is to be measured. The device should also not report inaccurate readings or false-positive and false-negative results. The device should respond quickly as quick response time is usually a characteristic of a higher-quality device.

The device needs to be sensitive enough to pick up low levels of pollutants. The results should be repeatable and not waver at separate time intervals. Finally, the device should already be calibrated, with no further calibration necessary.


Another feature of an ideal air quality monitor is its durability. 

For instance, while measuring gases, and ozone in particular, if the sensor is not good enough, the readings will not be accurate, especially when considering the long-term usage. Also, exposure to extreme heat, dust, temperature fluctuations, and being dropped or dented can all have an impact on how long a sensor lasts

Best Air Quality Monitor for Mold

#1 IQAir Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

This product is a professional-grade, highly accurate indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring system. It also comes with an industrial-grade carbon dioxide sensor.  

IQAir Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

If your AirVisual Pro has a high Carbon dioxide reading, then you get an alert. It works with a high precision laser technology for sensing particles of size 2.5 micrometers.

Take measurements anywhere you go by using the Pro’s internal battery and data storage. You can then download your data or access it through the AirVisual’s website dashboard for analysis. It features real-time readings as well as temperature & humidity of the room.

It is possible to link your AirVisual Pro to all your connected home devices. Receive alerts about air quality changes on your smartphone, to take prompt action when air quality surpasses your standards. It also provides health recommendations according to the data gathered.


  •     Alerts & Smart home integration (IFTTT) features.
  •     Has professional-grade sensors with cutting-edge technology.
  •     Provides outdoor air quality as well as the weather forecast.
  •     Uses high precision laser technology for increased accuracy. 


  • The website user interface faces issues from time to time.
  • The device is known to be very fragile.
  • The sensors need maintenance over time (within one year).

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#2 IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Monitor

It has a multi-functional monitor, with which you can detect the air quality in the house. It can detect the presence of formaldehyde (HCHO), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), particulate matter ranging from 1-10 micrometers, temperature, and humidity. 

IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The smart air quality monitor displays all the digital results on the color LCD screen. It’s one of the best air quality monitors.

The Air pollution level icon will tell you the condition of air quality. The air quality monitor uses electrochemical technology along with dart and laser sensors, and high tech chips. The result is reliable with the correct method used. Size: 5.9”*2.6”*1.4”. 

It is portable and convenient to use anywhere, like a bedroom, office, kitchen, car, etc. Smart air quality testers can tell changes in the air quality as soon as possible. The tiny fan in the monitor accelerates the airflow into the device to get the results faster.


  •     The operation is easy and understandable.
  •     Utilizes electrochemical processes to detect changes in air quality.
  •     Portable and compact, can be handheld.
  •   Has an alarm function when changes in air quality are detected.
  •   Uses rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.


  •   Must be used regularly otherwise, the sensors will spoil.
  •   If not calibrated, the results are inaccurate.
  •   It cannot be connected to smartphones or Wi-fi.

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#3 EGVOC-80 Air Quality Monitor

This air quality monitor with a built-in stand can continuously monitor your air quality. You will see the levels of indoor total volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde drop when the windows are opened. 

EGVOC-80 Air Quality Monitor

You can learn where air quality is inadequate and where your allergies can worsen. It allows you to check multiple measures of your home’s air quality. It shows real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, and other particulate matter.

You’ll need to calibrate if 0.000 indoor readings are noted with a new device. If the device shows too many variations & 9.999 TVOC readings, do not take it as an error, because this instrument is a sensitive electronic nose. This situation may result from interference from harmless fragrances or odors.


  •   Easy to carry and able to check air quality anywhere at any time.
  •   A built-in fan helps to give out results faster.
  •   Highly sensitive to particulate matter.
  •   Monitors air quality continuously.


  •   High sensitivity leads to false-positive results.
  •     Requires proper calibration to function at it’s best.
  •   Needs 4 hours to recharge completely.

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#4 BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor 

This upgraded indoor air quality monitor has built-in electrochemical sensors that can detect Carbon dioxide, Formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds, and particulate Matter with great accuracy. 

BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor

It has a very unique design with LCD Color Screen Digital Display.Size about 5.83″ * 2.76″ * 1.18″.  It has a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for 8-12 hours. You can set a standard level of formaldehyde. If the density is higher than the standard value, the device will alarm.


  • It can detect a variety of indoor/outdoor air pollutants.
  • Portable and easy to use anywhere.
  • Has long battery life with a rechargeable feature.
  • Allows you to set standard levels of pollutants.
  • It has a 30-day free replacement as well as a refund policy.


  • This product delivers results much slower than others on this list.
  • It takes 60 minutes to detect the presence of formaldehyde.
  • It takes about 5-15 minutes to display results indoors.
  • It cannot work effectively if the doors and windows of the room are left open.

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#5 BREATHE|Smart 2 Personal Air Quality Monitor

It displays real-time air pollution levels for you to reduce your exposure to toxic air. It measures toxic PM 2.5 air pollution with an accurate laser sensor. It can be set up in seconds, with no smartphone app required. It has an accurate laser-based scattering technology that quickly detects fine dust and cigarette smoke particles. Has a unique and stylish design that fits in your living space. It also offers advice on reducing exposure when air pollution levels are measured high.

BREATHE|Smart 2 Personal Air Quality Monitor

The history function stores data for up to 30 days so you can identify pollution hotspots. It can display in five languages which are English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. The sidelights indicate air quality at a glance when the display is off. Warning alarms can be set at any level to alert when air pollution rises. Night Mode dims lights and screen so that you are not disturbed when sleeping.


  •     Laser-based scattering technology that effectively detects micro-particles.
  •     Stylish and sleek product design fits in the background.
  •     Offers advice on reducing exposure to pollutants.
  •     Sidelights indicate air quality at a glance when the display is off.


  •     This product cannot be connected to smartphones or computers.
  •     Cannot send you alerts from home, if you have left it back there.

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#6 HEI LIANG AIR Quality Monitor

This highly sensitive air quality monitor can detect Carbon dioxide, Formaldehyde as well as  TVOC. It has built-in DART electrochemical sensors. It can also detect toluene and other pollutants & harmful chemicals in the air.

HEI LIANG AIR Quality Monitor

It has a 5.5 inch LED display (almost the size of your phone), with which you can easily monitor the air quality in your home through an easy to use and understand interface.

At a size of 4.9X3.1X1.3 inches, this device is really small and portable. It can sit in the palm of your hand and can be carried along with you to anywhere you go – be it your home, school, hotel, or car. 

The Hei Liang air quality monitor comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which has a standby time of close to 8 hours.

The device is quite easy to operate and gives you a quick snapshot of your room’s air composition, including an average value of each gas.

There are a 30-day free replacement and full refund policy on the device that is useful if you want to try before you buy.


  • DART electrochemical sensors for detecting CO2, Formaldehyde, and TVOC
  • Sleek design, ~5 inches LED display.
  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery with 8 hours of battery backup
  • Easy to operate, shows the contents of the air around you in a single snapshot
  • 30-day full replacement or refund warranty


  • The AQI displayed is for PM 2.5. If you are in an environment with a bigger particulate matter like PM10.0, you might be surprised to see the device showing a good AQI
  • Some of the monitored pollutants take a bit longer to display than others which might be confusing to some users

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#7 Airthings Wave 1st Generation

The Airthings wave 1st Gen is largely a radon gas detector, though it also monitors humidity and temperature, and therefore it comes highly recommended as an air monitor specifically for molds.

Airthings Wave 1st Generation

This is a really interesting smart device that has possibly the simplest interface ever – just wave in front of the machine and it will show you a color-coded air quality meter – green/yellow/red.

But that’s not all it can do. You can connect it via Bluetooth to your phone/laptop and use the compatible app to get a complete dashboard with detailed insights into your air quality.

In addition to this, it can be connected to most smart home devices – Alexa, Google assistant, and “If this then that”.

The device is battery powered, so it doesn’t need an AC outlet (one less EMF radiation to worry about). 



  • The Bluetooth connection is not consistent and therefore you cannot have constant monitoring of the air if that is what you are looking for
  • There are sync issues with other smart home devices, especially IFTTT.
  • Does not have wi-fi connectivity, only Bluetooth. Sometimes it is difficult to connect devices with only Bluetooth, especially if there is a wall or object in between

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The real-time monitoring by an Air Quality Monitor is a significant method to detect the presence of indoor air pollutants. These pollutants are present in our homes without our knowledge, leading to health-issues either instantly or over long periods, depending upon factors such as age and duration of exposure. 

These monitors also provide support for the clinical analysis by medical specialists to analyze the history of IAQ conditions of the environment and link these data with their health issues. By controlling IAQ, it is conceivable to identify the hazardous air quality conditions appropriately and plan interventions for enhanced living environments.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best air quality monitors for molds. In our opinion, the Air Quality Monitor, Breathe|Smart 2.Air Quality Tester, Instantly Measures Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Levels. Monitors Dust, Smoke, PM 2.5 Air Pollution - Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic Air is the best choice among the various options that we have considered. It has everything you need in an air quality monitor and all at a great price. It is suitable for your home, basement, office, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. 

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can consider the Air Quality Monitor BIAOLING Accurate Tester for CO2 Formaldehyde(HCHO) TVOC PM2.5/PM10 Multifunctional Air Gas Detector Real Time Data&Mean Value Recording for Home Office and Various Occasion, which offers great value at a very reasonable price point.

By the way, we also have a separate article on the best mold test kit for home.