Best Radon Test Kits

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We have reviewed the best radon test kits. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6.

Did you know radon is a hidden danger in tens of thousands of homes across the world? Most people don’t even know about its existence, let alone recognizing its dangers.

A home is a place where everyone feels safe, but radon is an invisible pollutant that can put your life at risk. Hence, it is imperative to check your house for its presence and eradicate it as soon as possible.

Best Radon Test Kits

Radon is a harmful gas that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless; hence its presence is entirely undetectable by humans. It naturally occurs in the soil and can be found everywhere in the world. In extreme cases, radon poisoning can lead to death, and people don’t realize it until it is too late. 

Hence, with something as potentially harmful as radon, people need to know if they are in danger or not. There are radon detection kits available in the market. You can find one for your home and check the level of radon in your house. 

In this article, we have gone through a whole host of these kits and have come out with what we hope to be a comprehensive list for choosing the best radon test kit for your home!

What Is Radon, and How Is It Harmful to Our Bodies?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It can cause lung cancer in humans. It is undetectable by humans, and in almost every breath, we breathe some amount of this gas.

The gas quickly disperses outdoors and is not harmful if left in the open. However, if it is trapped inside four walls, it can be fatal. 

If you have a home with a basement and the floor has a few cracks or holes, there are high radon presence chances. Fortunately, there are a few steps, which you can take to control and reduce its level. 

But before taking any step, you need to check its level for which you will need a test kit. This is why you should invest some time looking for the best radon test kit because it can be a life-saving tool for your loved ones.

Are Home Radon Test Kits Accurate?

If you go for an excellent radon test kit, you can rest assured that you will get accurate results. 

One thing you must always keep in mind is that radon has a volatile nature, and its level in your home can change drastically every day, which means that you should always buy a long-term test for detecting its presence and fluctuation in levels. 

Best Radon Test Kits

On the other hand, short-term tests can give excellent results provided, you are in a hurry, and if the last two-three days’ results are enough for you. Also, for a short test, you need to keep your doors and windows locked as much as possible. Avoid air conditioners or fans that bring in air from the outside.

Where Should You Place a Radon Detector?

Radon often enters from the soil underneath the basement, and the level of radon is generally high in the lower levels of buildings, such as the underground floors. Also, radon most likely enters through a crack or a hole. 

So if you have bedrooms, offices, etc. in the lowest levels of the building, place the radon detector in one of these rooms. You can also set the sensor in any of the frequently used rooms, even if these rooms are not in the lower levels of the building. 

Always place the detector in the breathing zone, at least two-six feet above the floor and away from sumps, exterior walls, drafts, doors, and windows.

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What Are the Symptoms of Radon in Your Home?

Since humans cannot detect radon by themselves; therefore, even if you are breathing at a high radon level, there are no apparent signs. 

However, radon exposure signs and symptoms of lung cancer can include shortness of breath, coughing up blood, wheezing, chest pain, hoarseness, persistent cough, fatigue, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Does Opening Windows Help in Getting Rid Of Radon?

Radon escapes and disperses quickly in the open air; hence, it is better to open the windows if radon’s presence is detected. When you open the windows, air circulation, and ventilation improve, which helps move radon out of the house. 

Opening windows is the first and the most crucial step in removing radon from home. However, opening windows is just a temporary solution.

Is It Ok to Live in a House With Radon?

It is never safe to live in a house with high levels of radon. It is a natural by-product of uranium, which is found in all types of soils. Therefore there is no way to avoid it. 

However, its levels are high in basements and floor levels closest to the land under your house. So, when you know there is no way to avoid it, it is better to get the home tested for its presence. Once its appearance it’s detected, you must take safety precautions immediately.

How to Get Rid Of Radon at Home?

There is no single method to get rid of radon, yet some conventional techniques include:

Removal of Radon Using Suction Pipes

In this technique, a suction pipe is inserted into the concrete slab below the home, which is emitting radon. Then a vent fan is used to draw away the gas and release it into the open air.

Encapsulating the Cracks and Holes

This method includes sealing the cracks and holes with a special plastic membrane and then using the suction pipe method to eradicate radon.


Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a machine that exchanges indoor air with outdoor air. You can also use this machine to reduce the levels of radon in the home.

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What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Radon Test Kit for Your House?

It is essential to select the right Radon detection kit for your home since you know that you are putting you and your family’s lives in the hands of that kit. Here are a few things to consider when looking to buy a good read on detection kit for your family:


Since there is already a lot riding on what these radon detection kits can find, we need to be very sure of the results that they are producing. Accuracy is not a standalone measure. It also depends on the period taken by the detection kit to record the observation and to come out with the result.

That is why radon tests that are claiming to detect radon within a short period are typically unreliable and susceptible to spikes in data that can skew the results.

Continuous testing over a long period generally produces much better results, which you can rely upon to be completely accurate. However, the catch is that these tests are typically a lot more expensive, and sometimes, even after all that effort, the result may come out to be wrong.

Ease of Use

Test kits are designed to be executed by the homeowner there are usually created so that even a layman can use them without any hiccups.

Passive test kits require a lot of effort during testing, but on the other hand, are usually relatively easy to setup. You just need to put them in a particular place and then mail them over to the lab.

Active test kits are easy to install and give you constant updates which you can see for yourself as and when needed. However, in case you are installing such a kit for an older person, make sure that they are comfortable using all the features of the test kit, such as smartphone connectivity and digital dashboards. 

Sometimes all of this technology can be very confusing, especially for an older person.

Technical Know-How Needed

As discussed earlier as well, passive radon test kits are usually a pretty simple job to put in place, however, with active radon test kits, it might take a bit of involvement to set up. 

Especially if they are not battery-run or else require a smartphone or digital connectivity, just be sure that you are comfortable with all the technical know-how that is needed for installing these kits.

The kits are meant for your convenience, so make sure that they don’t end up becoming your headache!

Next, we discuss a few test kits which we have selected for you. You can choose any one of these and get your house tested.

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Best Radon Test Kits Reviewed

#1 Charcoal Radon Gas Detector Kit By Health Metric

Radon is a dangerous gas that kills almost 21000 people every year. Radon is a gas that can be present at your place and can be very risky and can cause death. 

Charcoal Radon Gas Detector Kit By Health Metric

Buy this radon gas detector kit to check if Radon gas is there in your house or not. Radon gas can be present in homes with or without the basement too. 

This 48-hour testing kit can check the presence of Radon gas. Test the package according to the instructions given and send it for lab testing. For testing, one does not need to pay a penny.


  • This kit is certified, and NRPP approved.
  • Activated charcoal helps to capture Radon gas in a better and much faster way.
  • Budget-friendly device..


  • Shipping takes more than 7-8 days in some cases that lead to failure of the radon test and makes it invalid. 

The video below shows step-by-step guide on how to test radon in your home.

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#2 Radon Test Kit RD1, By First Alert

First alerts radon kit is very convenient and straightforward to use at home with or without basements. Its uniqueness is it is listed under the EPA radon gas measuring program. 

Radon Test Kit RD1, By First Alert

The kit comes with included lab fees and the material for the test kit. Within three days, the results are given by the lab. According to the environment, protective surveys radon can enter the house from anywhere. It can be water pipes, cracks, sink, drains, and more. 

Knowing the level of gas present at your place is very important. Radon gas kit gives accurate results in a short period.


  • One of the most trusted brand kit.
  • 100 % accurate results have shown so far.
  • The kit helps to know the level of radon present in or around the house.
  • Per kit is Applicable for 1000sq ft area.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • A few users complained about delay in test results
  • Shipping of the test needs to be expedited because results will not be shared after 10 days

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#3 Air Things: Corentium 233 Portable Radon Detector

After smoking, if something kills people due to lung cancer, it is the presence of radon gas in-home or office. This odorless gas is invisible and is naturally present anywhere and everywhere. It affects the air around us. 

Air Things : Corentium 233 Portable Radon Detector

This kit is suitable for both short terms as well as long term testing. The digital detector works with the help of a battery and helps to warn you about the radon gas levels present in your house.


  • Ideal for both long and short term tests.
  • This device is a self-inspection device that can record daily and weekly results too, which helps to compare the deadly gas levels in the house.
  • Works by AAA batteries.
  • The device is perfect for checking radon gas levels in and nearby homes. 
  • Results recorded by the device are trustworthy and authentic.


  • It is a one-time use kit
  • There were a few complaints of incorrect readings

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#4 Smart 2950 Wave Radon Detector By Air Things

The device has a wave sensor indicator. As soon as one wave to check the radon level, on the screen appears a colored circle. A green circle shows a healthy home, yellow gives you a warning about the presence of radon gas. 

Smart 2950 Wave Radon Detector By Air Things

A red ring indicates that the house and people living there are in danger as the air quality is worst. Therefore, before buying or selling a home, ensure that you go for a radon test. The smart generation wave radon detector shows results on your hone itself. 


  • No lab fees included, nor is it needed as the device does the monitoring of the dangerous gas itself.
  • This smart device measures humidity as well as room temperature also.
  • The owner gets a 12 months guarantee and customer service via email, and even a live chat is possible.
  • It has a unique humidity sensor not available in its competitors.
  • A battery-operated device that does not require any lab fees


  • The kit is expensive than other radon test kits.
  • Not suitable for those who do not have smartphones.
  • The Bluetooth connection does not work correctly.

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#5 RSSI Long Term Alpha Track Radon Detector Kit

A small compact radioactive gas test kit that is very handy and convenient to use. It is one of the best long term kits made by RSSI. This kit is certified by EPA, the Americans medical council, and the national safety council of America.

RSSI Long Term Alpha Track Radon Detector Kit 

The kit, however, can test and monitor the radon gas up to 91 days. With a complete instruction manual and step by step explanation, the equipment is best to know the level of the dangerous gas. 

The kit is designed to work according to the changing temperatures due to weather conditions. For best results, according to the set EPA guideline, place the detector 2 to 6 feet above the ground.


  • The kit works according to the changing temperatures.
  • It is approved by the medical as well as the national safety council.
  • One of the best kits that monitor data up to 91 days that makes it ideal for long term use. 
  • Alpha track detecting method is one of the best means of tracking radon gas.


  • The report sent back after test is not easy to understand
  • One user complained that their test result was never sent back to them

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#6 LABPRA Radon Testing Kit For Home Use

This radon detection kit is an all in one package that includes a gas detector, lab analysis, pre-paid return envelop that is easy to use. LAB PRO EPA KIT is best for home users as it helps to know to what extent radon is present in the house. 

LABPRA Radon Testing Kit For Home Use


  • Epa and NRPP approved kit help to check the quality of air in the house.
  • The instruction manual is easy to understand.
  • The lab testing fee is included in the package itself.
  • Best customer service if one does not understand anything written on the kit, LAB PRO is ready to help.
  • Trusted and reliable kit.
  • Accuracy in the readings.


  • Lab pro kit is expensive than others.

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Eradicating radon from your home should be a primary concern for you once you have detected its presence. Radon test kits can do an accurate and simple job of detecting radon for you.

That is why they are mandatorily required by law in some states and areas, and in others, it just makes good sense to have the testing done in your home.

Make sure that you go through all the detailed information that we have provided in the article to understand radon, its harmful effects, how to detect it, and lastly how to eliminate it from your home.

In this article, we have reviewed the best radon test kits available in the market. As per our opinion, the Smart 2950 Wave Radon Detector By Air Things is one of the best test kits available.

Its wave sensor option makes it a really attractive and easy to use device, especially if you are dealing with an older person who does not want too many confusing details.

A simple green, yellow, and red indicator is a perfect way to convey information. On the other hand, if you are looking for a value for money option, the Charcoal Radon Gas Detector Kit By Health Metric is also a good option at a fairly reasonable price.

Lastly, while we make every effort to include accurate information on our site, our article’s content should not be construed as medical/technical advice.

Please consult a trained technician or expert when making such an important decision, which can have serious health implications for you and your family’s health.