Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

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We have reviewed the best air purifiers for large rooms. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5

Every once in a while, you fly off on vacation to a place where you can smell the pine’s scent, sniff the flowers, and feel the breeze in your hair. 

You do not go for a break only to get away from your mundane life. The truth is that you travel to a far-flung place to get some fresh and clean air. You would agree with the fact that the remotest hilltops have the cleanest air.   

Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

How would you like to bring the clean air of an apple orchard right into your wet, dingy room? Does that sound unbelievable? But it is true! Whether it is a small bedroom or an extra-large hall, you can breathe in fresh air if you install the best air purifier.

Whenever you want a breath of fresh air, you do not need to spend a bomb on airfare and hotels to go to exotic locations. You can enjoy nature’s most valuable gift of pure air right at your doorstep with the right air purifier.

A typical large room covers more than 300 sq ft, such as the living room and basement. Usually, basements have a terrible reputation for having stale air. However, the best air purifier acts as a magic wand to cleanse the poorest ventilated extra-large rooms.

Furthermore, not a single country has escaped from the clutches of air pollution. It is a pity to see how airborne diseases are making the healthiest person feel miserable. However, air purifiers with built-in activated carbons are equipped to absorb harmful airborne particles that could lead to several types of illnesses.  

An air purifier is a perfect medicinal treatment for people prone to falling sick from contagious airborne diseases. What’s more? It is an ideal therapy for those who are allergic to dust, household odors, cooking smoke, dander, and other allergens components.

The video below shows a general idea on how to clean air purifier.

Essential Features of Air Purifier For Large Rooms

Are you planning to buy an air purifier for your extra-large rooms? Then, look at our buyers’ guidelines, so that you know exactly what you need and what would meet your requirements the best.

Turbo Speed 

You might have heard of the phrase – ‘slow and steady wins the race.’  On the contrary, the current generation believes in ‘fast and furious’ terminology. It is an excellent idea to imbibe the habit of patience and perseverance. However, the question is – how long should you wait for fresh air?  

Where life is on the fast track, you need an air purifier that can clean the air of a large room whose area is more than 300 sq ft within thirty minutes.   Thus, you should prefer to buy an air purifier with turbo cleaning speed.


HEPA is a scientific term that means “high-efficiency particulate air.” HEPA filters remove 99.7% of dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and any other airborne particles that are at least 0.3 microns (µm) in size1.

Common ailments, such as coronavirus, influenza virus, measles, etc. are spread through the air. The danger is lurking around you with every gram of oxygen you inhale.  Why risk your family’s health when you can install a true H13 HEPA filter-based air purifier for your large room? 

Low Energy Consumption

You assume that you will receive an inflated electricity bill by switching on your turbo-speed air purifier for large rooms. 

However, this may come to you as a pleasant surprise that an efficient air purifier will consume only 50 Watts. While shopping, look for an air purifier that has low energy consumption.

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Best Air Purifiers For Large Rooms

#1 LEVOIT  Air Purifier with HEPA Filters  (LV-PUR131)

If you want purified air in your homes, you can bring home air purifiers by LEVOIT. With infrared sensors, it can detect 0.03-micron particles of dust. Its filters help to give clean and healthy oxygen to breathe. 

LEVOIT  Air Purifiers For Homes With H13, HEPA Filters

The centrifugal design of the fan filters air faster than other air filters. Furthermore, the filters are of the honeycomb design that works efficiently and removes cooking odors and smoke from the room. 

There is a choice of three fan speed levels in this air purifier. Set the timer as it automatically adjusts according to the environment of the room. 

The air purifier can cover the area up to 360ft in just 24 minutes that makes it suitable for the kitchen, living room as well as bedroom.


  • Removes almost 99.9 % dust and impurities from the air.
  • Panacea for dust allergy or asthma patients
  • Inbuilt night timer mode is its specialty.
  • Eliminates any kind of odor and smoke in the room.
  • It helps to improve the air quality of the house.
  • Works at very low noise to ensure a pleasant noise-free sleep


  • Not suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

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#2 Smart Air Purifiers By Coway Airmega

All those who have large rooms can go for air filters by Coway Airmega. It can easily cover rooms with size 1,560 sq ft and cleans air twice in 1 hour. 

Smart Air Purifiers By Coway Airmega

Carbon filters and true HEPA filters work together to make the room clear from impurities up to 99.97 %.  Inbuilt pollution sensors indicate the air quality of the room with the help of colorful rings that appear on the purifier. 

Moreover, it changes the settings according to the air quality of the environment in which it is placed. 


  • Smart auto mode to adjust to the air quality of the room.
  • Saves energy by shutting up the fan automatically as it senses the air quality of the room.
  • In the sleep mode, the fan works very quietly, making almost no sound to give sound free sleep.
  • Cleans air efficiently from both sides with the help of dual suction mode.
  • Advance filters capture microbes of size 0.03.
  • Powerful mesh filters remove gases, pollens, odors, food smells, and fungi from the room automatically.


  • Expensive than other air purifiers and is not suitable for those with low budget

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#3 True HEPA Air Purifiers For Extra Large Rooms By Honeywell

The True HEPA filters in this product from Honeywell help to purify large rooms and make the room smell free, odor-free, and even dust-free. It cleans 99.97 % of the germs, pollens, smokes from the room, and gives you refreshed air to breathe. 

True HEPA Air Purifiers For Extra Large Rooms By Honeywell

Doctors recommend this purifier due to HEPA-certified filters in it. A five-year warranty makes this is an ideal product for homes with extra-large rooms.


  • Air quality changes automatically in rooms with size 465 sq ft.
  • There are inbuilt filter change indicators that tell you when you must replace your filter.
  • One-touch buttons the purifier is convenient to operate.
  • Cleans the air of the room efficiently as it has three-layer filters that are Honeywell, pre, and heap filters.
  • The small-sized filters are perfect for any room in the house..


  • Several users complained about the after-sales service
  • Need the user manual for operating the purifier, if at all it stops working, fixing it up is tedious.

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#4 Alen Breathe Smart Classic Air Purifiers For Large Rooms

Rosewood air purifier not only looks smart but also works smartly.  Air purifiers the room of size 1100 sq ft in just 30 minutes. 

Alen Breathe Smart Classic Air Purifiers For Large Rooms

Easily captures minute pollen, bacteria, and smoke with dust particles up to 99%. Available in two different color shades, white and brown makes it suitable for any room in the house.


  • A lifetime warranty ensures pure and clean air for the rest of your life.
  • Smart 3 color sensors that are inbuilt show whether the air in the room is clean or not.
  • Gives perfect coverage in extra-large rooms too.
  • Starts with a one-touch button.
  • Whisper max technology makes it works quietly.
  • Stylish design


  • Not very budget-friendly as compared to other purifiers

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#5 75i Large Room Air Purifiers By Alen

People with large rooms in their house can use Alen’s air purifiers for rooms up to 1300 sq ft. The purifier promises to work without any sound as it is made with whisper max technology. 

75i Large Room Air Purifiers By Alen: Believes In Breath Smart Technology

Air filters work automatically and suck in all impurities in the air and make it better to breathe. One can choose from 5-7 wood panel designs and colors to match the machine with the room.


  • The intuitive control display panel works with the slightest touch.
  • Five fan speed that makes the purifier powerful.
  • Its uniqueness is the child lock system.
  • Works well even at 120 V outlet and with 45 watts that make it consume low energy.
  • A budget-friendly device that helps to save energy and money.


  • Low CADR rating as compared to other Alen purifiers

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#6 Alen Smart Air Purifier

The Alen Smart Air Purifier is the first air purifier that removes harmful gases in your home in the form of VOC’S. 

Alen Smart Air Purifier

These chemical compounds are present in the air you breathe that are harmful. Engineers have made this to eliminate dust, pollen, allergies from your home forever. You can choose from five color options.


  • Its uniqueness is the turbofan design that makes less sound than a whisper.
  • Genuine HEPA 2 stage filters help to trap 99.97% of germs and bacteria from the air.
  • The device is an energy saver as it requires only 45 watts.


  • Expensive than other air purifiers.

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#7 Okaysou AirMic4S Medical Grade Air Purifier

The Okaysou Air Purifier comes with medical-grade air filter. We used this product ourselves and liked it. The controls are easy to use. The filter runs fairly quietly with a hardly noticeable hum during operation.

Alen Smart Air Purifier

The filter comes packaged in plastic packaging and is very straightforward to set up. You have 4 filter options to choose from. The Pet Filter comes pre-installed. But you can also buy Odor, Germs and Toxin removing filters separately.

This Air Purifier and it has a nifty, dimmable night light – a feature that we feel is thoughtful to put in an air purifier.


  • 4 different filters to choose from depending on your usage
  • Silent operation
  • Night light feature is thoughtful


  • Ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet but you will need something more powerful for rooms bigger than that

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An air purifier has become an imperative aspect of modern-day life. Almost everyone wants to possess one to add comfort and luxury to their residential place.

However, to qualify as a great air purifier, it needs to be powerful enough to clean the air around, no matter how large the room is. Moreover, it needs to be within your budget, so that it does not pinch your pocket.

Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

Though there are many models available, few machines meet the set standard. Thus, you need to be cautious about searching for the perfect air purifier for your wants and requisites. 

Also, try considering a humidifier and/or portable air conditioner with dehumidifier to further improve the air quality of your home.

In this article, we have reviewed the best air purifier for large rooms available in the market. In our opinion, the purifier, Honeywell HPA304 HEPA Air Purifier for Extra Large Rooms - Microscopic Airborne Allergen+ Dust Reducer, Cleans Up To 2250 Sq Ft in 1 Hour - Wildfire/Smoke, Pollen, Pet Dander – White is the best.

It is one of the best when considering all the essential aspects that an air purifier should have. Also, the said model is not expensive and gives quality features to its users. A perfect purifier for your hard-earned money!

If you are looking for a value for money option, the LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with 3 Stage Filter, Captures Pet Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Odor, Mold and Pollen for Bedroom, Timer, Filter Indicator, Smart Sensor, LV-PUR131provides good features at a very reasonable price as well.