Inspirational Women Over 60 – 18 Women Living It Up

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Read about these inspirational women over 60 who defied age, adversity, and naysayers to achieve the impossible in life at the fag end!

Whatever your age, you should not let it hinder your skills and talents and keep moving in life. But for some people, simply moving in life is not enough. They have used their strengths to inspire other women to be passionate and focus on what they do rather than thinking of what is left behind. 

Inspirational Women Over 60

This spirit often keeps such women active and young throughout the years. Here is a list of some of the most inspirational women over 60 from across the world who can inspire you to become a better version of yourself. 

Inspirational Women Over 60

Iris Apfel: Fashion Icon And Businesswoman

She is 97 years old and is known as a businesswoman and fashion icon, and she is even known for having a Barbie doll designed after her! She is one of the most inspirational women over 60 years and is famous in the USA. She has been a passionate interior designer and has spent much time renovating the White House.

She has also traveled the world and has designed a fantastic closet while being on such a busy schedule. She has even been honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and after this honor, she has derived a unique moniker: “the geriatric starlet.” 

In today’s time, she has a Barbie doll made in honor of her and often tops the lists featuring women 60 or plus. Even though she has achieved a lot, she is still quite down to earth and has an elegant style that motivates other women to do whatever they wish without considering their age. 

Tao Porchon-Lynch: The Oldest Yoga Instructor in the World

Whoever thinks yoga is challenging to do, you must watch Tao Porchan Lynch, a 100-year-old yoga master, in action:

She is fashion-forward even at the age of 100 years, and she can light up the street in colorful outfits and heeled boots. Her passion and dedication towards her work keep her motivated, and she can carry herself as nicely as younger girls. 

She personifies her ageless body concept gracefully. Some other known facts about her are that she is a pure vegetarian, does competitive dancing, and even drives her car by herself. The simple lesson that we learn from her is, “you can’t feel old if you don’t let yourself feel old.”

Wendy Ida

She is known as the Bodybuilding Gran globally and is 64 years old. If you ever get a chance to meet Wendy Ida, you will be surprised to see her. Most people presume her to be in her 30’s, whereas she is 64 years old. 

She has fabulously maintained her body, making her appear young and fit. She started doing bodybuilding during her 40’s and spends most of her day in the gym. She has even won around eight esteemed prizes, and her weight has come down from 14 to 9 stones. 

People who keep thinking that after 60, nothing can be done, or they cannot keep their body in the desired shape and opt for various surgeries can take inspiration from Wendy Ida that whatever your age be, you can keep your body fit and stylish at the same time. 

Sister Madonna

She is known as the ‘Iron Nun’ and Oldest Triathlete, and she is 88 years old. Sister Madonna or Marie Dorothy Buder is one of the most aged ladies who has completed an Ironman Triathlon. She is a catholic nun as well as a senior Olympian. 

She found triathlons interesting when she was nearly 52 years old, and she has taken part in more than 400 triathlons till now. She has also been seen in a Nike ad for the Rio Olympics in 2016. 

Besides going for triathlons, she also does cycling, swimming, and running. She even motivates people through her interviews and asks people to follow their passion as no one is too old to learn something new. 

Inspirational Women Over 60

Judi Dench

She is known for being nominated for an Oscar many times. She is 83 years old. Most of the actors who are 60 years or above usually prefer doing minor roles, but it is not the case with Judi Dench. 

Though she has been a victorious actress during her whole career, even after turning 60, she has been a famous face on the screen. Her Oscar nominations made her a renowned face and inspiring actress, especially for the elderly. 

“Age is a number,” she says, and “I’m tired of being told I’m too old to try something.” She is one of the great examples of understanding that you should not be demotivated or let others’ words affect you and your passion.

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Late In Life Success Stories

It’s never too late to begin something we are fond of. Most people do not find their jobs satisfying and wish to start with something new in their life so that it boosts them to be happy and derive mental peace from the work they do. 

Following your passion and dreams is not a big deal, and it’s just that you should get on the right track, whatever age it may be. Here are some people who’ve achieved success very late in their lives. You can read it out and take inspiration from them.


She is just 21 years old, and to get a break in the music industry, after her father’s death, she lived out of her car for almost a year. 

At the age of 44 years, she achieved her first big success by releasing her song Coconut Oil, which rose to 44th rank in the Hip-Hop or R&B chart of albums on the top of the Billboard.

Anna Wintour

She used to work at Harper’s Bazaar as the junior editor of fashion but was fired after nine months, and she was just 26 years old during that time. 

From the age of 39 years, she achieved great success in life by becoming the editor-in-chief of the famous magazine Vogue-US. She never feared doing work and was free to all the changes that made her a great influencer in the industry.

Meryl Streep

She did not start her professional career until the age of 26. During her initial days, she went to Dino De Laurentiis to audition for the movie King Kong. She was refused and was considered ugly material by the director. 

She still worked and got her first break at the age of 29, and she is today known for getting nominated maximum times in the nominations for Academy Awards. 

Inspirational Women Over 60

Sheryl Crow

She initially began her career by working as a music teacher after she graduated. She recorded her music at the age of 29 years, and it was supposed to be her debut album, but she threw it away as she didn’t find it to be upto the mark. 

Her debut album was released when she was 31 years old, but it did not help her get that much fame and attention. Later she even worked for actor Rod Stewart, and one of her songs turned out to be a huge hit in the industry. She has been awarded 9 Grammy awards. 

Tina Fey

She became the writer for Saturday Night Live, SNL. During the age of 29, she became the first head writer – female for SNL. At 34, she wrote one of the most unique and unforgettable works, Mean Girls. For her acting in the series 30 Rock, she achieved an Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, and she was just 38 years old during her all this achievement. 

Vivienne Westwood

She worked as a teacher until 30 years of age and is now a fabulous designer. She and her partner Malcolm McLaren’s first-ever catwalk show when she was 40 years old, known as the Pirate Collection. 

Joy Behar

She has been the ex-co-host of the show “The View”. She launched her business career on her show after 40 years old. And before this, she was a high school teacher. 

Vera Wang

In 1989, she was known as a figure glider, and she was also a fashion editor before she got married.  When she was 40 years old, she decided to become a fashion designer and designed her first bridal dress, which cost her about $ 10,000. The following year of her marriage, she launched her bridal store. 

Robin Chase

She is the creator and the erstwhile CEO of the brand Zipcar. It was the time when she went on the outskirts to celebrate her 40th birthday during the year 2000 with her kids and her friend that she and her friend, Antje Danielson got the idea of a car-sharing brand.

Julia Child

She is known for her initial cookbook, launched in her late 30’s. But she even appeared in the show The French Chef, and it was her first tv show at the age of 51. 

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Inspirational Grandmothers

Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses was an artist and a legend. She died in 1961 at the age of 101, but the legacy she left behind has inspired countless women to follow their dreams despite old age.

At the ripe age of 76 when most other women settled into their role as the doting grandmother of several grandchildren, Moses took up painting. While you might not think this to be a huge achievement, what would surprise you to know is that her hands were almost crippled due to Arthritis.  

With no formal training in art, Moses decided to try her hand at it and went on to paint more than a 1000 pieces in the next 25 years. When her paintings were displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), they became an instant hit. By the time she departed this abode, her paintings had seen the inside walls of most museums and galleries around the world.

Ida Keeling

After losing her husband at the age of 42, and two of her sons, just two years apart from each other, Idea Keeling fought the depression by throwing herself into physical activity.

Ida took up running and despite her small frame (she’s just 4’6″), she got so good at it that at the age of 95, she broke a record for sprinting!

Everyone feels the loss of their loved ones and thinks that they may not have the will to carry on after you lose your closest family. But Ida is an inspiration to each and every one of us that we need to always look forward to life and great things can be achieved at any age.

Inspirational Women Over 60

The Exercising Grandmother

This lady is 82 years old and performs exercises like squats, weight lifting, etc. Her son posted her video on social media, and from that day onwards, her story went viral. She suffered from ankle injuries, and once, she even fell off her bed. And now she is the one who is giving training to people to keep themselves fit.

She wants to keep herself strong, capable, and independent. Her life was changed by exercising on a grandmother’s regular basis. She slowly moved from the bed to the floor and then the water bottle. His feet became swollen, and his arms and legs gained strength. Over time, her joint pain healed, and her hypertension also went away.

Wrapping Up!

All these women have shown us that age doesn’t matter. Whatever your passion may be, whether you want to be a trainer, an athlete, a fashion designer, or even a model, you should keep trying your best and forget about things like age or appearance.

Inspirational Women Over 60

I hope the stories that I have shared in this piece will inspire you to achieve great success in your field, whatever be your age. If you have more such inspirational stories to share, please do not forget to put them in our comments section.

And for those of our readers who are in the golden years of their life: pick up a hobby, learn a new trick, reach out and touch the sky. Who knows, perhaps your best is yet to come!