9 Ways To Relieve Muscle Stiffness

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Muscle stiffness can leave you feeling like you can’t make it through the day. There are many causes for muscle stiffness and you need to understand how you can relieve it so that you can move forward with your day. Below are 9 ways to relieve stiffness.

Stretching Is The Key

If you want a body that is healthy and balanced then it is necessary for you to stretch. Stretching aids in relieving stiffness and also helps to cut back the chance of an injury.

You will want to give attention to the whole body when stretching but you should put extra focus in the areas where your muscles are really bothering you.

Consider A New Bed

Your bed needs to be in good condition in order for you to get the best rest and your joints to get the most relief.

If your mattress is more than 7 to 10 years old you might want to consider a replacement unless you find it still to be in a condition that is good.

Your mattress can really play a role on whether or not you wake up with a back that is stiff. Check your purchase date as well as the condition your mattress is in and then make a decision on whether or not this can help you.

Sleeping Position Matters

The position you choose to sleep in is often a preference. Everyone finds a way that suits them best so that they can fall asleep easily.

However, if you have pains and aches you will want to lay on your left side because it helps with increased blood circulation.

You can also use a pillow between the legs to help with avoiding stress on the lower back and hips.

Exercising Can Help

You can increase your joint lubrication and circulation when you exercise. You will feel much better once you exercise and your muscle stiffness will be relieved.

So start moving but at a level that is comfortable to you. You may want to do something as simple as walking and then advance to a run or biking. Swimming works wonders on joint and muscle pain.

warm showers for muscles stiffness

Nightly Baths

A warm bath will really help in soothing your muscles. If you do this at night you will have a more peaceful rest.

However, in the morning you could so this as well if you wake up feeling stiff. There are some bath salts that work great for stiff muscles you can try these in your bath if you would like.

Ice Or Heat

To help alleviate stiffness you can use ice or heat. You can use the ice for around 30 minutes each time and 3 or 4 times each day. After three days of ice if you are still sore you can then try the heat.

Apply the heat for 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a day for best results. When you do this there will be dilation of the blood vessels which will increase the flow of the blood and therefore relax your muscle.

massage with oil for muscles stiffness

Get A Massage

A massage is another great option for relieving stiffness. You can use baby oil or even lotion to help cut back on the friction.

The massage should be firm but not cause any pain. Also make sure this is done in a motion that circular along the muscle that is stiff.

Avoid Stress It Can Make It Worse

When you are stressed you tend to tense up. This can cause muscle stiffness and if you already have it can make it worse.

When you feel stressed you should breathe deeply, stay positive, and relax. You might also try other methods of relieving stress and relaxing such as Yoga or meditation.

Medical Intervention

If your muscle stiffness persist you may have to consider medical intervention. There may be a case where you need to get medication or a test to make sure nothing more is wrong.

Sometimes muscles stiffness that last for a long period of time has a more serious  cause that needs to be addressed.

As you can see there are many options to help you with relieving muscle stiffness naturally but there are some rare cases where it is necessary to get medical help.

Make sure that you try all natural remedies first and if you are not getting the relief you need it is important to get it checked out.

Muscle stiffness that is not a result of an injury can be easily relieved with use of the methods above and you will start noticing a difference right away.

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