How to Relieve Hip Joint Pain

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Hip joint pain is not something that you want to play around with. The condition affects millions of people from around the world and oftentimes causes debilitating pain that causes a great amount of disturbance in life.

It is a condition that usually affects an individual as they age, although this is not always the case and people of any age may experience the condition and the pain.

Causes of Hip Joint Pain

There are several things that can cause the hip joint pain to occur. This includes overuse of the hip, a slip and fall accident and even age. There are also many ways that you can treat the condition, too.

It is a good idea that you go in and see the doctor if you have joint pain in your hope. You should also take a look at some of the at-home options for treatment that are available.

When combined with the treatments the doctor offers you can find yourself with relief in no time at all.

My Personal Battle

I have had hip joint pain since 1997. I have osteo arthritis and it is very painful. There are so many times when I did not feel like getting out of the bed during the morning.

It was just to painful for me to do. I had enough and went in to see the doctor. I am so glad that I did.

Treating hip Pain

I started taking a tablet called Cosamin D. It has no side effects and it really makes the pain that I feel minimal.

I take two in the morning and two in the evening. Also I ride a stationary bicycle to loosen my joints. I ride  the bike for 20 minutes every day.

I also walk outside for a mile and a quarter every day that the weather is good. The walking lubricates the joints and therefore less pain.

Several years ago they came out with an advanced formula of cosamin called cosaminasu.

It is even better than the D tablet. It lubricates the joints and helps to rebuild the cartilage. Eating the right foods helps also. Exercise relieves joint pain better than anything.

It hurts a lot when I begin walking but loosens up after a while. I have had 3 orthoscopic operations between the two knees.

They help a lot but you still have to exercise or they stiffen up. If you don’t exercise they actually lock up.

If this happens you have to go back in the hospital and have the joint broken. Not a pleasant procedure to go through.

How to Relieve Hip Joint Pain

I have also found that applying ice and heat to my hip area really helps a lot. I do this procedure two or three times per day, and I find that it works so well.

I always make sure that I do this at night before I go to bed. It helps me sleep and eliminates most of the pain.

Knee Replacement and Hip Pain

I ended up with a total knee replacement in 2008. I was riding my outside bike up until a week before the operation. I had a therapist come to the house for two weeks right after the operation.

I did the exercises she told me to and when she left I did them all again. I began using a walker but only used it for two weeks.

I went to a cane for a few weeks but was able to quit using it fairly soon. Exercise is the best thing for hip joint pain.

It will hurt like the devil when you first begin but will get better as the joint loosens up Instead of taking some of the medications that upset your stomach try exercising that joint.

The University of Maryland did a study on Cosamin ASU and found no side effects with it, It helps to build back up the old cartilage.

If you keep those joints moving you will be able to move! Exercise is not only is good for joint pain it’s good for a healthy body.

The Bottom Line

Treating hip pain can happen with several different methods, as you can see. If you are one of the millions of people affected by the joint hip pain then you should begin utilizing some of those treatment options.

It is also recommended that you make a visit to the doctor if the pain that you are feeling is severe and if nothing that you are trying seems to work and help you.

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