Can People in a Wheelchair Scuba Dive?

Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is one of those activities that is on almost everyone’s bucket list, even for those people who may be in a wheelchair.  Just being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you don’t want to participate in the activities that other people can. So, can people who are in a wheelchair (either due to age … Read more

How Much Should You Tip Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport?

Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

Traveling can be stressful for anyone – even if you don’t have any disabilities or need any extra assistance.  When you’re in a wheelchair you need extra help in the airport getting to the right gate and making sure your luggage comes with you. Oftentimes you will be relying on assistance from airport agents to … Read more

How To Make Your Car Wheelchair Accessible?

How To Make Your Car Wheelchair Accessible

Stuck in a wheelchair but love to drive? Here’s how to make your car wheelchair accessible so that you can enjoy your drive comfortably. We use cars for traveling, shopping and for reaching important places. Many people who use wheelchairs are not comfortable driving because they are not designed so that the wheelchair-bound can be … Read more

How To Get A Wheelchair At The Airport

Are you a wheelchair user and are planning to travel by air? Do not plan your trip without reading this guide on how to get a wheelchair at the airport. People with disabilities or those injured may find flying an ordeal they cannot handle. If you’re unable to board a plane without assistance, you’ll need … Read more

Choosing The Right Mobility Aids For Seniors

Choosing The Right Mobility Aids For Seniors

As people age, mobility is a common issue. Choosing the right mobility aids for seniors can be complicated due to the wide range of such products. Can you live your life without moving around? Being inactive and not able to walk paints a very depressing picture. However, as people grow old, they may face a … Read more

How to Dispose of an Electric Wheelchair

When it comes to electric wheelchairs, we all do our best to take care of the equipment given to us. These assistive devices are expensive to purchase and they can be custom-made chairs, unique to the person who needs one. Eventually, though, no matter how well the electric wheelchairs are taken care of they will … Read more

Where Can I Donate an Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is a great tool to help give mobility and independence to those who may otherwise be stuck at home, or left relying on other people to help them run errands or do simple tasks. Many users will require the use of the electric wheelchair for the rest of their life once they … Read more

Can an Electric Wheelchair Get Wet?

Having an electric wheelchair can make it so much easier to get around when you have mobility issues – especially if you need to run errands or be in and out of stores. Since an electric wheelchair is motorized it makes it much easier for those with mobility issues to get around, especially when they … Read more

Things to Take Care Of When Flying With an Electric Wheelchair

Having an electric wheelchair can give you so much more mobility and the freedom to travel so you can enjoy the world like everyone else. While traveling locally may be easy to accommodate since you can travel in a van that’s easy to get in and out of, if you want to travel internationally or … Read more