Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

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In this article we have reviewed the best wheelchairs for dogs. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6, by dog size.

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Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility, but did you know that your pet is taking care of you too? Yes, that’s right! According to a new study[1] on American dog owners, dogs may be better caretakers than humans ever realized.

There’s nothing that can compare to a dog’s love for his/her owner. While they take care of us their entire life, it’s equally important for us, humans, to be with them when they are unable to take care of themselves.

Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

We should help them enjoy their lives to the fullest even when they are injured or facing mobility issues. Thankfully, there are dog wheelchairs that are designed for just such a situation.

Let us take you through some of the best wheelchairs for dogs. We have categorized the wheelchairs by dog size, so you can dive right into the one you are interested in.

Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

#1 HiHydro Dog Wheelchair For Extra Small Dogs

Typical Breeds: Crested, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Pomeranian.

Talk of comfort and durability and surely HiHydro wheelchair will stand out. This wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind leg disability so that they can walk and run as easily as any other dog.

It is one of the best lightweight options. While it is available in eight different sizes, this wheelchair is the most popular choice for extra small dogs between 2 to 12 pounds. 

The light frame and adjustable height and width can fit in the small dogs comfortably. This wheelchair is user-friendly and is manufactured in a way that avoids friction while providing maximum support to increase the mobility of your pet.

It is fairly easy to install and its height/width is adjustable so that you can personalize it perfectly for your little friend.


  • Height/width adjustable for a precise fit.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ideal for extra small dogs.
  • Strong and durable.


  • As per some buyers, the wheelchair is a bit difficult to install

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#2 Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair For Small Dogs

Typical Breeds: Beagle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Yorkshire.

This dog wheelchair is an ideal choice for small dogs ranging from 11-25 pounds. The veterinarian-approved wheelchair is specifically designed for a perfect fit for small dogs such as beagles, pomeranians, cocker spaniels, chihuahuas, pugs, and more. 

It has a firm and lightweight aluminum frame, making it suitable for your injured/disabled pet or your old friend who is suffering from mobility issues.

The dog wheelchair is adjustable making it the only dog wheel cart that can be tailored to your dog’s size and it’s changing health. It can also be adjustable in length, width, and height ensuring your dog is comfortable and mobile wherever it goes.

These wheelchairs are easy to store, transport, and clean. They can fit in easily into cars, making it convenient for your dog to travel anywhere with you.

All the pet wheelchair parts are easily washable including foam/rubber wheels.

These wheelchairs are available in traditional pink and blue colors, and a dashing “camouflage” option as well.

The video below shows how to put a Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair on a dog.


  • Fully adjustable & washable.
  • Durable & lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ideal for small pets.
  • Dense foam wheels with rubber treads.
  • Veterinarian-approved.


  • Several buyers felt that this wheelchair is expensive compared to others in the category.

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#3 Cart Pet Wheelchair from HiHydro

If you wish to support your pet friend with a disability in every way possible, this Cart pet wheelchair from HiHydro is a great way to start. 

The hind leg wheelchair assist your pet and aids in its smooth movement. It comes with a sturdy hind leg suspension that provides good comfort to the disabled legs of your pet. It comes with a hind leg protector made of a soft material of the ultimate comfort. 

In the quest to provide wheelchair assistance to your pet friend, you must not overlook the disabled hind legs. Overlooking it might lead to a worsened condition, and the company considered that while designing.

It also has a height pole that you can adjust as per the standing posture of your pet. The wheels of the cart wheelchair are sturdy and made of durable material for long-lasting performance. 

There is an adjustable strap that comes with this pet wheelchair. You can put it around your pet to make sure they are comfortable moving around with their new aid. 

The mesh strap provides maximum breathability to the pet. The frame uses an aluminum alloy that stands for the strength and durability of the product.


  • It comes with an adjustable width frame to fit your pet friend perfectly.
  • The back leg support provides the ultimate comfort to the disabled hind legs of your pet while moving around.
  • The frame is durable and can handle the random movements of the animal.
  • The strong mesh strap holds the wheelchair in place, ensuring ease of movement for your pet.


  • The cart wheelchair is suitable for small dogs and puppies. It cannot carry the weight of big dogs. Read the manufacturer’s specifications to understand if it meets your requirements.

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#4 Best Friend Dog Wheelchair For Large Dogs

Typical Breeds: Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Boxer, and Golden Retriever.

What we like about this wheelchair is that it is designed from high-quality non-rust alloy aluminum which is light in weight and is long-lasting. The wheelchair is equipped with all-terrain wheels which are great for when you want to take your dog out on a hike or trail.

It also consists of a padded seat, double rear leg and shoulder harness that ensures that your pet is comfortable and runs around on any surface. 

The product is an ideal choice for large dogs ranging between 50-100 pounds and is designed and tested by orthopedic surgeons.


  • Adjustable and lightweight.
  • Non-rust aluminum frame.
  • Padded seat and double rear leg and shoulder harness
  • All terrain wheels
  • Supports front and rear limbs.
  • Ideal for large dogs.
  • Great value.


  • Can be slightly tough to adjust at first.

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#5 Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair For Large Dogs

Typical Breeds: Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Boxer, and Golden Retriever.

This wheelchair has been carefully designed using an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight. The adjustable neoprene chest harness and rear leg stirrups make it easy for your dog to move comfortably. 

It also features a premium non-flat wheel with bearings for a smoother roll. They have the capacity to move smoothly even on hard and heavy-duty terrains.

The product is adjustable in height, width, and length allowing a perfect fit for large dogs.


  • Premium flat-proof wheel.
  • Adjustable neoprene chest harness.
  • Aluminum frame makes it lightweight.
  • Can accommodate large size dogs.


  • Some buyers felt that the design of this wheelchair was not very comfortable.

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#6 K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair for Extra Large Dogs

Typical Breeds: Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, and Newfoundland

K9 is a top-notch quality wheelchair with exceptional design. Dog owners have been using this wheelchair for over 53 years now. K9 Cart was designed, built, and tested by veterinarians producing the lightest dog wheelchair in the market.

This product is excellent for dogs who suffer from weakness or paralysis. It provides firm support for outside use, in tough terrain, and is very comfortable.

This wheelchair features an air grade aluminum frame which is lightweight and durable making it stable and convenient for your pet to move around from one place to another.

K9 carts wheelchair is available in 5 different sizes but is an ideal choice for large size dogs ranging from 100-180 pounds, and is available in white and pink colors.


  • Lightest wheelchair in the market.
  • Made up using air grade aluminum.
  • Contoured cable leg rings.
  • Adjustable & comfortable.
  • Ideal for large-sized dogs.


  • The back-side of the wheelchair can harm a carpet.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

The Size

Every wheelchair is different. It’s important to measure your pet’s weight and length/width before buying one. Typically, you will have to measure the length, height, and width of your dog to find the correct size.

Some companies even offer size calculators to get a custom fit. It’s always good to check the exact weight of your pet so that it doesn’t exceed the wheelchair capacity.

The Quality

Whenever you want to make a purchase it important to not compromise on the quality. The same applies to the best wheelchairs for dogs, too.

Ensure the wheelchair is made of high-quality materials such as non-rust aluminum frames that have a durable construction. You may have to check on the wheels too. Make sure they are made up of rubber treads with extra grip that can be used on any terrain.


The cost of the wheelchair depends upon the quality of the material. The best wheelchairs for dogs come under different prices. Stick to your budget and go for an option that has all the features your pet needs. Make sure it is easy to use and comfortable for your friend. 

Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

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Frequently asked questions 

Question 1: Can I get a dog wheelchair that rolls on rough terrains?

Yes, various dog wheelchairs are available that can work well on rough terrains. Go for a better wheel quality with a higher amount of grip, this will help you solve the problem!

Question 2: Can dogs lay down with a wheelchair?

Well, some wheelchairs can help the dog lay down and get up whenever he/she wants without using the rear legs at all. On the other hand, some wheelchairs don’t allow you to do so. You may have to remove the wheelchair every time before it needs rest.

Make sure that you check with your dealer beforehand.

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Question 3: Will a dog’s wheelchair helps with hip dysplasia?

Older dogs who gets tired easily on long walks or those who have joint’s ache from arthritis or hip dysplasia can benefit from a dog wheelchair. The wheelchair assist them from underneath, soften the stress on their joints which helps your dog to walk easily.

Question 4: Are dogs happy with a wheelchair?

The adjustment period may be a little tough, but once your pet is all set after the adjustment period, the dog wheelchair gives them the mobility they need to live active, healthy, and happy lives.

Best Wheelchairs For Dogs

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A dog is a human’s best friend. But when that friend needs a helping hand, it is up to the human to be the friend in need. 

If your dog is suffering from osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia or has suffered an injury or an accident, you should be very careful of its needs and fears. A comfortable and right-sized wheelchair is just the thing to get it back on its feet, and you will find your furry friend back to his running ways in no time at all!

In this article, we have hopefully been able to point you in the right direction, and if our writing will help even a single dog who is suffering, or in pain or just wants his legs back so that it can run around and play like it used to, then we would have made a worthwhile contribution!