Best Light Therapy Lamps To Buy Online In Canada

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In this article, we have reviewed the best light therapy lamps to buy online in Canada. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top ones.

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Are you perpetually feeling tired despite drinking 3 cups of coffee and getting a good night’s sleep? That’s quite normal because from early fall to winter, days are usually shorter, which can cause your serotonin to hibernate in your neurons. 

Basically, your mood is taking a downcast due to this condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This usually occurs due to the transition in weather conditions. People suffering from winter blues often feel moody, cranky, sleep-deprived, demotivated, and exhausted, with zero interest in living life normally.

So what’s the solution? ‘Light therapy’ or ‘Phototherapy’ is the mainstay for Seasonal Affective Disorder. The objective behind light therapy is to synchronize the sleep-wake cycle and allow your body to function according to circadian rhythm, which may have gotten disrupted more than usual due to insufficient light.

Here we have a Youtube video that shows how and when to use light therapy.

We have reviewed some of the best therapy lamps that will help you beat the blues.

Our Top Choice – Lux LED Therapy Lamp by Miroco

The No products found. is our top choice for the best light therapy lamps for sleep because of the following reasons:

  • Three brightness modes
  • 6500K color temperature
  • Extra-large light surface
  • UV-free LED light
  • Memory function
  • Stable and non-slip

Reviews of the Best Light Therapy Lamps To Buy Online In Canada

#1 10000 Lux LED Therapy Lamp by Miroco

Are you looking for a therapy lamp that can make a difference to your mode? The Miroco Therapy Lamp can be a top choice on your list. Depending on its great features, I consider it one of the top choices for someone looking for a therapy lamp on budget. The best thing that I like about this therapy lamp is the touch control and adjustable brightness feature. The memory setting is another great thing about this lamp.

No products found.

Features and Benefits

The compact portable design with dimensions of 5.9X5.9X1.25 inches helps you store it conveniently in small places without worrying about any space crunch.

You can use the touch feature to set the lamp’s brightness at 40%, 60%, or 100%, depending on your requirement, distance from the lamp, and environmental condition.

You need not worry about the quality of the light. It comes with UV-free and safe 10000 Lux light that helps calm your senses and make you more relaxed in no time.

The sleek design and 6500K color temperature make sure that it adds a classy touch to your home decor in general. 

The memory feature is also great if you wish to turn on the light to the previously used brightness setting. 

However, this bulb might not be a great option if you plan to use it from a very close distance. The brightness might be a little harsh on your eyes from proximity. 

Why should you buy it?

The features of this therapy lamp are great. The touch features allow you to set the 3-brightness setting at ease. The best thing about this therapy lamp by Miroco is that it is a user-friendly product and you need not worry about complex functionality at any point.

No products found.

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#2 Carex Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Carex bright therapy is a clinical-grade therapy lamp that has been used in various scientific studies by the researchers conducted around the world to see the impact of bright light treatments in controlling SAD.

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Features and Benefits

Carex daylight lamp features a large 16″ x 13″ screen with glare-free white light to support therapeutic efforts enhancing your mood, promoting more restful sleep. 

The lightbox has been designed to produce 10,000 lux for a more robust, more efficient SAD treatment. It includes an adjustable head and legs to suit your requirements. The height can be adjusted anywhere from 25 inches high to 28 inches, measuring the height from the bottom to the top of the lightbox.

It can also be tilted up to a maximum of 15 degrees to direct the light onto your face.

With two power settings, you can use the lamp for general usage, and the highest setting is mainly meant for SAD treatment. 

The highest model in the lamp helps you enhance your mood with more restful sleep. It resyncs the body’s circadian clock allowing you to shift work adjustments and promote better concentration.

One main highlight of this lamp is that it produces an optimal dose of 99.3% white light which is UV filtered and throws the light from above for effective treatment without any harm to your skin.

Why should you buy it?

Carex is favored as a prescription for people suffering from SAD who are sleep-deprived, demotivated, exhausted, and lack concentration. The lightbox provides a clinical strength of 10,000 lux of glare-free with bright zone technology, LED white therapy light with two power settings, and a highly adjustable head for maximum effectiveness. It comes with a five-year warranty.

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#3 TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp 

SAD affects people who do not have exposure to natural sunlight. TaoTronics is another great therapy lamp that helps you beat the winter blues, helping you recover faster at an affordable price point.

No products found.

Features and Benefits

TaoTronics is a stylishly built lamp that is perfect for providing lighting at night, day, and in environments that don’t have sufficient light for the body’s well-being.

The light therapy through this lamp provides up to 10000 lux and has three different power levels helping you choose the perfect lighting depending upon your requirement. The light’s brightness can be easily controlled, so those with sensitive eyes can easily use it without any irritation.

It stands out more than other therapy lamps as it features touch control that allows you to adjust the settings easily. You can also set the timer by a long press on the power switch to start the half an hour timer. 

The LED indicator shines white upon successful start, long press a second time to stop the timer.

The lamp is highly adjustable and flexible. You can fold and collapse the lightbox easily on any surface, and it is compact enough to pack and carry with you in a laptop bag or your luggage bag.

The lamp exactly mimics natural sunlight with 6500K color temperature for maximum effectiveness. The light’s maintenance uses an LED bulb made to last for thousands of hours, so you don’t have to worry about the lamp maintenance. 

Why should you buy it?

The therapy lamp measures 6.9 x 6.5 x 4.2 inches which makes it super slim and sleek in design. It can be installed anywhere and easily stored to be taken with you anywhere when travelling. It is quite user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and is an excellent choice for people suffering from SAD and need effective therapy treatment at an affordable price point. 

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#4 Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock 

Waking up every morning can be challenging, especially when you have SAD. When one’s going through winter blues, waking up becomes a chore that can only be prompted with the help of an alarm. This is when Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clocks come as a clear solution.

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Features and Benefits

Philips is a stylish wake-up alarm clock that comes with plenty of features to help you get up and beat the blues. 

Light affects your day-to-day sleep cycle, and it plays a vital role. We’re attuned to respond to natural light by being awake while it is present and becoming tired when it is dark. This is known as the circadian rhythm.

Philips wake up light serves as a light source and keeps you up when programmed as necessary, helping you heal from insomnia, fatigue, depression, and SAD.

Sunset simulation features are clinically proven to have a tremendous impact on SAD treatment. It is a light therapy to be used before sleeping. Sunset, like light, prepares your body to fall asleep by gradually dimming the light and sound to your set duration.

The lamp boasts some great features such as dimming sunset colors with sunrise simulation with five natural wakes up sounds such as chirping birds to remind you to wake up gently. 

It also offers a smart tap snooze feature, all you need to do is tap anywhere around the light, and it will go on snooze mode. After 9 minutes, the sound will gently start playing again. 

The lamp also highlights automatic display dimming, 20 brightness light settings, touch snooze controls, and FM Radio.

Why should you buy it?

If your mornings aren’t so pleasant than Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm will help you wake up gently with significant colour graduation from red to yellow like how the sun does. It highlights some great features such as 10,000 lux light intensity with LED diffusion technology, and five natural wakes up sound, sunrise simulation, smart tap snooze, inbuilt battery, and FM Radio.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Light Therapy Lamps To Buy Online In Canada

Light Intensity

Most of the best therapy lamps will have a different light type and intensity modes for various purposes. The lamp should generate 10,000 lux of cool-white fluorescent light as it is best recommended to treat headache, sleeplessness, nausea, hyperactivity, and SAD.  

Size and Portability

Measure the dimensions of the light before you choose the best one. It’s essential to consider a therapy lamp that is larger and effective in terms of producing natural light. A larger lightbox is always better and more efficient as they offer you the option of moving around without compromising the lamp’s effectiveness.

Best Therapy Lamps To Buy Online In Canada


Consistency is vital when you want to treat SAD effectively. Use the light box every day to help you boost energy and motivation. Most of the therapy lamps offer an in-built timer that allows you to track how long you have been using the light per day.

Find a comfortable spot and distance. Set the lightbox over 10 minutes and then gradually increase your usage to 30 minutes to 1 hour daily, depending upon your requirement.


If you are trying to find a solution to treat depression, SAD, or insomnia, avoid ultraviolet lights. These can damage your eyes and skin. Go for a lamp that is labeled UV-free as they are best for treating sleep disorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Best Light Therapy Lamps

How does light therapy work?

Light therapy is the best way to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a type of treatment in which you’re exposed to an artificial light source, i.e., a lightbox. The therapy primarily treats major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns. During light therapy, you sit or work near a lamp that mimics natural outdoor light. The standard output of a lightbox is between 2,500 and 10,000 lux.

Best Therapy Lamps To Buy Online In Canada

Can therapy lamps damage your eyes?

No, most of the therapy laps are UV-free. All the above-recommended lightboxes have filters that separate harmful ultraviolet UV rays, so there’s no harm to the skin or eye damage.

Can I use the therapy lamp all day?

It is best recommended to use the therapy lamp for 20-30 minutes every day to get the best results. Using too much light can make you feel wired.

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The No products found. is our top choice for the best light therapy lamps for sleep because of the following reasons: it has 6500K color white light, along with three brightness modes and a memory function which makes it perfect for those with mood disorders and sleep related problems.

The No products found. is our second-best choice because it is one of the best selling therapy lamps on Amazon as it features a clinical strength of 10,000 lux of glare-free with bright zone technology, LED white therapy light with two power settings, and a highly adjustable head is making it an ideal choice for the users.

Suppose you are looking for a value for money option. In that case, you can also consider the No products found., which offers excellent value and features all the functions at a very affordable price point.