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We have reviewed the best Geri chair. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

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Geri Rehab Wheelchair Recliner
Weight Capacity
250 pounds
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Lumex 3-Position Medical Recliner, Reclining Geri Chair with Wheels, Doe Skin
Weight Capacity
250 pounds
Full standing?
Caster locks?
Self adjusting suspension?
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Drive Medical 3 Position Heavy Duty Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner, Blue Ridge
Weight Capacity
500 pounds
Full standing?
Caster locks?
Self adjusting suspension?
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McKesson Blue Ridge 3-Position Recliner
Weight Capacity
250 pounds
Full standing?
Caster locks?
Self adjusting suspension?
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Geri chairs or geriatric chairs are used in hospitals, rehab centers, senior facilities, and many other short and long-term medical care facilities. They are medical chairs, which are specially designed for geriatric patients, who are confined to bed. 

A geriatric chair is not just helpful for patients but is also convenient for caregivers. It comes with a safety belt, side rails, tray, and many other features making it extremely useful when dealing with elderly who are incapable of much movement.

The geriatric population in the US (above 65 years of age) was 49.2mn in the year 2016, about 15.2% of the overall population. With the baby boomer generation looking towards their golden years now, this is expected to double to 98mn by 2060[1]. 

With such a rapid rise in this segment of the population, specialty adaptive chairs such as Geri chairs have grown significantly in demand and therefore there are a lot of people manufacturing them today.

Therefore, if you are a medical facility or a caregiver looking for a comfortable and durable Geri chair, you need to do a lot of research! In order to aid your quest, we have put together this article where you can get all the information on Geri chairs, how they are used, and their types based on our research and learning from actual users. 

Along with this, we have also provided a small buyers’ guide, which would help you make the right buying decision. Lastly, we have even recommended some products based on our in-depth analysis.

Geri Chairs – Why are they used?

  • A Geri chair is mostly useful for elderly patients who have mobility issues. It is helpful for patients who are confined to bed due to old age or injury, and therefore cannot sit upright on a conventional chair or a wheelchair.
  • A Geri chair is designed to ensure that there are no pressure points on the patient’s skin, which can lead to pressure sores. Patients who use a Geri chair are often confined to them for extended periods of time, therefore it is important that pressure is distributed evenly and does not accumulate in particular areas, which can lead to skin damage. 
  • In the dialysis center, a Geri chair allows patients to stay at the resting position until the entire session is completed.
  • Lastly, Geri chairs can also be used as a temporary bed or couch for visiting families and friends in the hospital to assist their loved ones.

Next, let us understand the different types of Geri Chairs available so that you can select the right one suited for your needs.

Best Geriatric Chairs for Seniors

Different Types Of Geri Chairs And Their Benefits

High weight capacity Geri chairs

These chairs are specially built to withhold heavier weights. They have an in-built motorized recliner featured with an all-steel lift frame, which ensures durability and comfort. They are engineered with robust materials and provide worry-free quiet, and smooth operation. They are recommended for Bariatric patients.

Zero gravity position Geri chairs

Zero gravity environments have been shown to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, and enhance immunity in patients[2]. Zero-G Geri Chairs position the user’s thighs and legs higher than their torso, simulating a floating Zero-G environment, which distributes the patient’s body weight throughout the chair. 

Three position lift Geri chairs

These chairs help the patients achieve three positions: upright, elevated leg rest/footrest, and deep recline. They are useful if the patient is restricted in motion and needs to do most of his/her daily activities on the chair itself.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Geri Chair

Different types of Geri chairs provide different benefits. Below we have explained a few of the features, and we hope this guide will help you to select the features that are important for your particular case. 


Geri chairs come with a wheeled-base, which allows the caregivers to move the patients around quickly. Make sure that the casters attached to the chair are large enough for easy movement and sturdy enough to bear the patient’s weight.

Comfort Cushioning

Look for high-quality cushioning and pressure redistributing features in a Geri chair, since the patient will be spending a long time in it. The seat should have a moisture-protective feature to avoid the accumulation of sweat in the summers. 

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Arm, Back, and Headrests

The armrests should be padded for extra support and angled outwards so that they are in the right position even if the patient is reclining. 

An additional headrest that can act as a pillow when the patient is reclining, or as a neck and head support when they are sitting upright is another feature to look out for.

Backrests are especially useful if the patient is also suffering from lower back pain or spinal injuries.


The Geri chair should have fully retractable leg rests that can support the patient’s legs fully when open, but should also get out of the way completely so that the patient can be brought into a standing position when needed. 


One of the essential features of a Geri chair is its in-built safety features that include wheel locks, and safety belt. The chair is designed for elderly patients who are weak and have higher chances of falling. The wheel locks keep them securely at a place, and the safety belts prevent them from falling.

Low maintenance

Look for a Geri chair that is practical. Make sure it is adjustable and easy to clean, has a durable steel frame, and does not need too much assembly.

Overlap Tray

Geri chairs are usually equipped with an overlap tray for the purpose of carrying the patients’ belongings or for giving them food. Make sure that the table is easily removed when needed, and can be locked into place when in use. It should be durable so as to hold the food and other belongings.

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Best Geri Chair

#1 Geri Rehab Wheelchair Recliner

The Geri rehab wheelchair recliner is a three-position medical recliner chair. The chair is designed to combine medical care with modern style. 

Geri Rehab Wheelchair Recliner

It is designed to help patients recover quickly from their illness. Its unique features give it a top spot in terms of quality and convenience. 

The wheelchair offers three easy to attain positions – Sitting, Elevated leg, and Full recliner, so that the patient can be seated, laid down or stood up completely as and when needed, without having to move them at any time. 

Moreover, the chair has a removable overlapping tray. The tray is comfortable, easy to use, and locks into place. It is sturdy and can hold a large number of things 

The footrest folds under the chair, which gives support to patients to come to a standing position. There are push bars on the chair that allow smooth movement for the patient. The contoured seatback is convenient and ensures that the patient does not slip off the chair. The chair is designed to redistribute pressure so that the patient is in no danger of pressure sores even after long usage.


  • The three-position recliner can be used throughout the day, the patient does not need to be moved from bed to chair and back.
  • The chair’s footrest fold completely under the chair, thus allowing the patient to come to a full standing position as and when needed
  • There are 4 sturdy zinc-plated, rust-resistant rolling casters which give the chair mobility. The casters have locking mechanisms to hold them in place when the caregiver needs to stop the chair from moving.
  • There is a comfortable seat back and headrest to enhance the patient’s comfort.
  • There are blow-molded side-panels on the chair which come off easily using press pins and therefore make it convenient to clean the chair periodically.
  • There is cross-weave on the foam back and seat cushions, which is designed to offer traction so that the patient does not bottom out
  • The foam and glue used on the chair is fire retardant and meets California 117 standard and Boston Fire Department specifications
  • The chair can carry a weight of up to 250 pounds
  • There is a limited 3-year warranty on the chair


  • Seat width is 19 inches, and the overall chair width is 25 inches. If your door frames are narrower than this, then you may not be able to move the chair around the house
  • It is not very budget-friendly

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#2 Graham-Field Health Lumex Position Recliner

The Graham-Field Health Lumex Position Recliner caters to the health and medical needs of patients in extended-care facilities. The recliner easily adjusts with three positions: sitting, partial recline, or full recline. 

Graham-Field Health Lumex Position Recliner

The seat of the chair is ergonomically designed. The recliner offers numerous benefits such as positional changes to aid better circulation and help better respiration.

The chair uses a varied density foam construction, which is designed to keep in mind the patients’ need for the right support to avoid pressure points on the skin.

There is a molded activity table which can be locked and unlocked as per the patients’ need. It can be used for feeding the patient, playing games or any other activity the patient would like to indulge in. 

The steel frame of the chair is epoxy coated and is therefore easy to clean. The welded steel frame can support up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. 


  • This chair is designed for the comfort of patients in extended care facilities
  • Three-position recliner capabilities for sitting, semi-reclining, and full reclining position
  • The recliner gives therapeutic benefits such as improved circulation and respiration
  • Fully Retractable footrest provided for support during standing up
  • The chair has a molded activity table built-in, which can easily be fixed into position or unlocked as per the need of the user
  • The seat has an epoxy coated steel frame for strength, durability, rust resistance and long life
  • The seat is ergonomically designed with variable density foam for ensuring no pressure points are formed on the patients’ skin
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Lumex is an internationally recognized and reputed brand


  • The chair does not recline to a fully horizontal position.
  • This is a fairly expensive chair

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#3 Drive Medical 3 Position Heavy Duty Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner

This Bariatric Geri recliner is perfect for patients who are confined to bed. It can be positioned in 3 ways (upright, deep recline and footrest elevated). There is a retractable lock bar, which secures the chair as per your requirement.

Drive Medical 3 Position Heavy Duty Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner

The chair is very durable and can support weights of up to 500 pounds. There is a suspension on the chair which adjusts itself and therefore ensures that the patient does not bottom out. 

With five-inch caster wheels of which two also have position locks, the recliner is mobile and safe to use. 

The seat is available with a moisture barrier that makes it comfortable and prevents the accumulation of seat as well as incontinence. 

The foam padding on the seat is wide, and the armrests are also padded making them comfortable for the patient. 

The chair’s steel framework is very sturdy, making it convenient to use for many years. It is covered with side panels that easily pop off, thus making it simple to clean the chair.

This Geri chair is available in 3 different colors for one to choose from blue, jade, and rosewood.


  • Self-adjusting suspension solves the bottoming out problem that exists in many chairs
  • The removable tray can be used for eating food or other activities
  • The bariatric model can resist weight up to 500 pounds, making it very suitable for heavyweight patients.
  • The chair has a solid steel frame covered by side panels that pop off so that you can clean the chair easily
  • Can be positioned upright, semi recline or deep recline
  • Both chair and armest are padded for extra comfort to the user
  • The foam and vinyl of the chairs’ seat and armrest meets all fire standards


  • The position of the seat can be too high for patients who are short in height.
  • For some patients, it is hard to reach the headrest as it is in-built and very stiff.

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#4 Invacare Medical Three Position Reclining Geri Chair

This three-position reclining chair is an ideal multi-usage chair. The chair is designed, keeping in mind the need and comfort of all the patients. 

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The three positions are designed for sitting, semi-reclining, and full reclining. The chair uses comfortable padding and vinyl coating which makes it easy to sit on for a longer duration.

The footrest and headrest on the chair add additional support for the user.  There is a retractable footrest that can be used for putting the patient in a standing position.

There is a detachable tray included with the chair. The chair is made from molded steel and has side panels covering it which can easily be removed to clean the chair.

The entire upholstery and foam is flame retardant and meets all fire standards.


  • The three adjustable positions fit for patient needs.
  • Footrest and headrest facilitate consistent support to the body.
  • The front wheels and wheels locks add to the safety and care.
  • The headrest is articulating, which adjusts according to the comfort.
  • Molded steel body with covering panels that are removed easily, to clean the chair
  • Attached tray table
  • Flame retardant foam and upholstery


  • Sometimes, it is hard to turn the wheels.
  • Maneuvering of the chair is a complex task.

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#5 McKesson Blue Ridge 3 Position Recliner

Last, but not the least, the Mckesson blue ridged recliner is a three-position recliner, like most others on this list. The recliner is constructed using molded steel and is sturdy and durable. 

McKesson Blue Ridge 3 Position Recliner

This recliner can be positioned in three different ways: upright, a deep recline, or leg rest/footrest. 

One of the distinct features of this recliner is its self – adjusting suspension. This feature prevents the user from bottoming out of the chair. Moreover, it makes the recliner’s seat more relaxing for the patients. 

The blue ridged foam is comfortable and fire-resistant. It is covered in the vinyl coating to give a smooth feeling to the user and is resistant to the buildup of moisture as well as incontinence.

There are four 5-inch casters, out of which 2 come with locks to halt the reclining chair into position as per your need. 

There is a large molded tray table included in the chair.


  • Mckesson 3 position recliner can be easily positioned in upright, deep recline, or leg rest/ footrest.
  • The chair has four 5-inch casters out of which 2 have locks for securing the seat in place
  • The large blow-molded tray can be locked in five convenient positions.
  • The headrest and footrest of the chair are comfortable, moisture and fire-resistant
  • The armrests are also padded for user comfort and are inclined outward for better support during reclining position


  • The recliner is not made of natural rubber latex. 
  • It does not support more than 250-pound weight

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The growing geriatric population has meant that specially adapted chairs meant for senior citizens have become quite popular these days. The Geri chair is a chair meant for seniors who are confined to bed or chair for almost the entire day. 

These chairs are designed for comfort and have many features such as foam cushions, vinyl covers, padded armrests, headrests, footrests, reclining features, etc meant primarily for the comfort of the patient.

In this article, we have selected the best Geri chairs based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Geri Rehab Wheelchair Recliner  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because it is rich in features and ideal for its purpose.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the No products found., which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 

While we make every effort to provide updated and correct information, the advice given in this article and website should not be construed as “medical advice”. Please consult with your physician or medical practitioner before using any Geri chair. Each individual may have his or her unique issues and your medical practitioner is the best person to decide the best Geri chair for your case.