Best Electric Kettles for Elderly

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We have reviewed the best electric kettles for elderly. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

Selecting kitchen appliances as simple as an electric kettle can be a difficult job if the primary user of the kettle is going to be an elderly person. You have to look at aspects like safety, convenience and product weight. And then there are so many varieties and options available, brands, colors, sizes etc – it can get quite confusing!

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In this article, we have identified the best electric kettles with features that would make an elderly person smile! Some of the key parameters that we have evaluated our products on are listed below:

  • Weight & Size: lightweight, smaller size kettles have been preferred because they would be easier to use for the elderly, who might be frail or have lower strength in their arms.
  • Heating: the element should be hidden inside the body, it should not be exposed for accidental touch. Also, the handle of the kettle needs to be properly insulated.
  • Temperature measurement: So that user is aware of the exact temperature at which the water is inside, and avoid getting unnecessary scalding.
  • The mouth of the kettle should be drip resistant to avoid hot water scalding.
  • Cordless kettles are preferable so as to be easy to carry.
  • Auto shut off is important, in case someone leaves on the kettle by mistake or forgets about it.
  • The kettle should have a sturdy base for balance and stability.
  • Water level meter is important to check how much water the person is drinking in a day.
  • Plastic kettles should be BPA free (this is true for anyone, not just seniors).

Reviews of the Best Electric Kettles for Elderly

Without further ado, below are the reviews for the best electric kettles for elderly people.

#1 Cuisinart Cordless Programmable Electric Kettle

The Cuisinart perfect temp is the crème de la crème of senior-friendly kettles. It is the only kettle in our list that has pre-set temperature controls to decide how hot the water inside is going to be basis the users need.

Cuisinart Cordless Programmable Electric Kettle

It has a blue, back lit water window for better visibility of water, one-touch controls, a 30-minute keep warm option, fast heating – the list goes on.

But in this article, we have selected this kettle not for its ultra-modern features but rather for its focus on safety and senior-friendly features. It has the following great senior-friendly features:

A concealed element, cordless base, temperature and water level measures, auto shut off, drip free spout, BPA free body – it ticks every item on the checklist. The only kicker is the price – this item is on the expensive side.

Here we have Youtube video that shows quick demonstration about it.


  • Extremely good temperature control features
  • All necessary senior-friendly features
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Warranty replacement service is not great at times

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#2 Secura Double Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The Secura Stainless is our favorite entry on a budget in this list. This 1.5L capacity kettle has a 100% double walled stainless steel body which lets water boil at a lightening quick pace, and avoids any contact of the boiling water with plastic. The exterior does not get hot on cooling due to a special layer on top.

Secura Double Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The base is separable and contains the heating element, thus freeing up the kettle for carrying around once the water is boiled. All other important features from an elderly perspective such as auto shut off, drip free spout and a sturdy but wide base are also taken care of.

The kettle has a water meter inside the body. There is a convenient power indicator light on the button which makes it easy to avoid accidental usage. There is no temperature control option however. The company offer 2-year post sales service with a 24-hour response claim.


  • All elderly specific features included at a budget price
  • Stainless steel body and frame means minimal touch between boiling water and plastic
  • Good post sales service


  • There is a very small part of the kettle which is not steel, which connects the lid with the rest of the kettle
  • Some users have indicated a complained about a plastic smell after usage for a few days

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#3 Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle 40885

The Hamilton Beach 40885 is one of the best rated electric kettles in the market overall. It is faster than a microwave for boiling water and comes with a beautiful design in two appealing colors – red and silver. It has an overall capacity of 1.7L water

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle 40885

This kettle ticks off most of our boxes and would be even higher on this list but for the fact that the lid is made of plastic, thus increasing chances of the boiling water touching plastic.

Apart from this point all major features such as auto shut off, cordless design, water level meter (it has one water level window on each side, making it easier to see), concealed heating element, power indicator light and easy pour spout are included.


  • Great design, pleasing colors and nice exterior
  • All major senior friendly features included
  • Water level meter on both sides


  • Plastic lid, non BPA free

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#4 Dash Illusion Mirrored Electric Kettle

This is a beautiful mirror finish kettle that has a 1.7L water capacity. There are several high-end features in this kettle at a reasonable price, such as an LED lights function which activates when heating and shuts off when the water boils allowing for optimal heating, and dry boil protection, which shuts down the kettle when it is underfilled.

Dash Illusion Mirrored Electric Kettle

Senior friendly features included – concealed element, drip free spout, cordless, auto shut off (along with dry boil protection), water level meter on the exterior and BPA free plastic.

The kettle has one of the fastest boil time for water.


  • Beautiful mirrored exterior, with LED light indicators for heating.
  • All senior friendly features included except for temperature control
  • Dry boil protection is useful in case the kettle is left on inadvertently


  • It is slightly on the pricier side, though still good value for money

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#5 OXO Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

The Oxo cordless glass electric kettle has an amazing double borosilicate glass exterior to keep track of the water level as well as to illuminated LED lights for boiling indication.

OXO Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

The inside body is metal and the only plastic in the kettle is near the spout and on the handle.

The device has most elderly friendly features such as cordless base, auto shutoff, water level indicator, concealed element, insulated handle, drip free spout. The plastic is BPA free which is again a major health concern for most users.

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The borosilicate glass exterior ensures that the device has shock protection from overheating.


  • Borosilicate exterior with water-level visibility along with LED lights heating indicator
  • BPA free, all elderly friendly features except for temperature controls


  • Warranty does not work outside the US, and the device only works on 110 V outlets

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#6 Aicok Electric Kettle

The Aicok electric kettle holds 1.7L of water and has user friendly features such as auto cutoff and dry boil protection. It is an extremely price effective option which ticks off nearly all the items on our senior friendly check list, which makes it the last entry in this list.

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The kettle is BPA free, has a stainless steel inside body for faster heating, has a cordless functionality, insulated handle, drip free spout and a water level indicator. It has a concealed heating element for safety.

The device comes with a 2-year warranty, and Aicok claims a 24 hour response rate to issues.


  • Price effective
  • Ticks off most senior friendly features
  • Boiling is very fast due to stainless steel interior


  • The stainless-steel exterior can get hot, so the device needs to be handled only with the insulated plastic handle

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Buying a good kettle can be a very important, albeit small step in helping your elderly. Since it is a very frequently used item, it is important to choose the option which “covers the basics” so as to have a trouble-free experience

While there are several devices on the market available, we have tried to stay focused on our core features list which we believe are the necessary elements for a good elderly friendly product. We have a separate article if you want to know more info about senior-friendly appliances such as water filter, manual can opener, electric can opener, dishwasher, refrigerator, and toaster oven.

The list provided above gives a good mix of both pricier and budget friendly items, and almost all kettles mentioned tick off most of our checklist so the reader is free to go ahead and buy any of the products with the confidence that these products will satisfy the primary need of the person for whom the kettle is being bought.