What Are the Causes of Chronic Pain in the Toes and Feet?

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Toe pain can be caused from numerous things some of them include; narrow or ill-fitting shoes, corns calluses, blisters, frost bite and ingrown toenails.

Abnormalities of the skin, nerves, bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues of the foot can cause pain in your lower extremities as well. I will discuss these and the treatments in the paragraphs below.

 Painful triggers

Skin conditions can cause your feet to hurt. Some of them include; eczema, athlete’s foot, psoriasis and dry skin.There are numerous over the counter topical creams that will assist with these conditions.

The doctors suggest a person suffering with either eczema, or psoriasis should use a Corticosteroids cream. For athlete’s foot an antifungal cream is the treatment of choice.

If your legs and feet are extremely dry, doctors suggest you use a good moisturizing cream. One that contains Shea and cocoa butter.

Painful Diseases

Gout is another disease that can cause pain. This disease is the result of uric acid building up, in your joints. The pain is usually felt in your big toe, but you could have pain in your heel and ankle. Besides pain, it can cause redness, warmth stiffness and inflammation.

Treatment for this disease includes; non- steroid anti-inflammatory medicines and corticosteroidslike prednisone. These will help reduce pain and swelling. The doctor might also include colchicine in the regimen.

Neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis, various nerve disorder and Raymond phenomenon, are a few diseases that might cause foot and toe pain.

Generally the doctor will treat the disorder and will start you on a pain management program, to help reduce your symptoms.

Another nerve disorders that might cause foot and toe pain is Morton’s neuron. This disorder occurs when the nerves becomes inflamed. Sometimes a pinched sciatica will cause pain throughout your entire body, including your toes and feet.

Tarsal tunnel can also cause toe and foot pain. This is a rare disease and it’s hard to diagnose. It is similar to carpal tunnel, only it occurs in the ankle, not the wrist.

Although the cause is unknown, it’s believed that inflammation around the tarsal tunnel, the area around the ankle, causes the pain.

This inflammation puts pressure on the nerve, which pinches the nerve. The treatments for this disorder includes anti-inflammatory medicines and cortisone injections for the pain. The doctor might also suggest a shoe insert to help with foot positioning.

If this doesn’t work, he might insist you go in for surgery. This procedure’s done on an outpatient bases. It’s used to help relieve the pressure on your nerve.

What Are the Causes of Chronic Pain in the Toes and Feet?

Oh My Aching Bones

Certain bone disorders can cause pain for instance; bone spurs and heel spurs. This is where an extinction of bone grows in in an inflamed area. Tumors can cause pain in these areas and so cam bone cancer.

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection usually caused from an untreated broken or fractured bone. Fracture, sprains and strains of the lower extremity muscles can cause a person to experience a great deal of pain.

Structural Damages

Of course foot disorders like bunions, warts, and calluses can cause pain and discomfort. Bunion is an inflammation of the joint of the big toe. The exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought to be caused from poor fitting shoes.

Improper foot shape and genetics is also thought to contribute to the disorder. You can take anti-inflammatorymedicines for the pain. Wearing appropriate shoes will also assist in healing. Sometimes surgery is the only option.

Warts can be easily frozen off with some type of over the counter(OTC) medicine.  Corns and callus are thickening of the skin.

This is usually caused from excessive rubbing and continues pressure on that area. There are creams available to help soften the excess skin so it can be removed effortlessly.

There are also foot and toe deformities that can cause pain. Two of these are hammer toe and claw toe. Another one is hallux valgus, which is a deformity between the bones and joints of the big toe.

Then there isprespalnus, or flat foot this is where a person has little to no arch in their foot.These have to be repaired surgically. Inserts might help a person with flat feet, depending on the severity of the falling arc.

General Aches and Pains

Sometimes our feet cause us pain because we stood on them for a long time. If this is the cause your pain, there are things you can do.

First thing I want to suggest is to be sure to have appropriate footwear. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Not only to help alleviate pain in your toes and feet, but also your entire body.

See if you don’t have supportive foot wear, you can though your back out of alignment. This can make your entire body tired and achy. Sometimes a shoe inserts is all it takes, to make your favorite pair of shoes more comfortable.

Experts suggest the RICE Therapy. That is rest, ice, compression and elevation.  Let me explain;

First, you should stay off your feet as much as possible. If your symptoms are extremely bad a doctor may order a cast, or crutches.

Second suggestion is ice for the first 24 hours. This will reduce the swelling, which will reduce the pain. After the initial 24 hours, use warm, moist heat to soothe the tired muscles.

Remember, never apply ice directly to the skin. When you’re using heat, make sure it’s not so hot that it will burn you.

The third is compression. This can be done by applying a bandage to the hurt area. Be sure not to wrap it too tight and cut off circulation.

Lastly elevation. You should keep your extremity up at least six inches. This will improve blood flow, circulation which will reduce pain and swelling.

Lastly try taking an Over the Counter Pain medicines like Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain. 

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