17 Worst Things to Eat before Bed

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17 Worst Things to Eat before Bed

Most people lose sleep due to so many things, and the last thing we want is our late-night eating decisions to work against us.

Everybody loves a little night nosh, but what one decides to nibble on can significantly affect how well we sleep. While a number of foods help your slumber, others can cause havoc on your rest.

If you are looking for a quiet night, here are 17 foods to avoid before bed.

1. Chocolates

Chocolate do make the best list since they are romantic and yummy and the worst since they are an unfortunate color when a piece melts on your sheets.

Chocolate is full of caffeine and sugar as well, so chewing it down before bed will not lull you into sleeping.

2. Crackers or chips

Cracker crumbs are sharp edges. They are worst things to take before you sleep and the same goes for chips. Who wants pillows that smell similar to Cool Ranch Doritos?

3. Ice cream

The sugar contained in ice cream will race through one’s brain all night, wondering where all went wrong. You can have something like yogurt with cereal and fruit, instead.

4. Pizza

Pizza doesn’t work in bed, in any given situation. If you want to fall asleep fatty, greasy, salty pizza will not help you. Exception: cold pizza that is served as breakfast in bed is okay.

5. Spicy meal in any form

once you get in bed, whatever you hope to happen, whatever is about to happen, isn’t going to be improved by any hot and spicy food that causes havoc on your digestive tract. This will simply causes sleep-interruption.

6. Giant meals

Your body isn’t prepared to absorb heavy meals right before bedtime. Staying up late, just noshing on goodies, might disrupt the normal circadian functioning.

7. Celery

Celery is simply but a natural diuretic. Therefore, it will just make you pee quite more than usual. Vegetables are among the most nutrient-rich foods one can give to their body, but avoid such as celery to prevent interrupted sleep.

8. Pasta

Pasta is an easy and fast fix for ones craving a quick bite just before bed, but it is not your best night snack. Pastas are carbohydrates, and if you are going to bed immediately after eating, that is all going to be converted into fat.

In addition, most pasta have high glycemic index, thus it is likely to play with blood-sugar levels, interrupt sleep and keep you awake at night.

9. Cereal

Cereals are full of carbohydrates and normally contain high levels of refined. That might crash in the level of your blood sugar, which isn’t the best way to put your body at rest before bedtime.

Instead, you can go for at least healthier cereals. These are those that are whole-grain and contain low sugar will reduce craving but will not keep you up.

10. Garlic

Garlic is recognized as “hot herb,” and, together with spicy food, it appears to contain some properties that can lead to heartburn. It’s sometimes known to cause stomach upsets, thus if you are vulnerable to acid reflux, you should avoid garlic.

11. Red Meat

Red meat is full of fats and proteins which keeps the body hard at work during the night. To have a deeper sleep, you should avoid this since they take longer to digest compared to any other foods.

Do not avoid red meats all in all, since they have high levels of tryptophan and iron, which improves sleep. Just do not eat it precise before bed.

12. Drinking Liquids

Anything cold such as water before bed is a culprit. Make sure you do not take any liquids before you go to bed and ensure you visit the washroom, before hitting your bed.

13. Protein

While proteins are important part of our everyday diets, having too much of it will lead to less sleep. High-protein diets seem to give you a lot of energy and not make you calm you down. Instead, you can munch on high-carb, low-protein meal that’s less than 200 calories prior to bedtime.

14. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter will cause quick weight gain if you make it a night snack. Just Do not reach for peanut butter at night!

15. Fatty Foods

The fattier the dinner is, the lesser you sleep. Eating high-fat foods will probably cause stomach problems or uncomfortable heartburn when you sleep. Stick to the low-fat meal and ensure that you eat at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

16. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and foods with high acid content are most likely to cause reflux, which is a major hindrance to sleep. Eating such kinds of reflux causing foods is better during early evening in order to allow enough time for digestion before going to bed.

17. Coffee Flavored Food

Anything containing coffee before bed will most probably keep you awake. In case you fall asleep, you are likely to wake up at the middle of the night due to caffeine fluctuations in the body.

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  1. Is there anything you can eat at bedtime? Seems like this list covers pretty much everything that anyone might want to eat. I’m lactose intolerant so that rules out the rest. Maybe eating at bedtime is not such a good idea.

  2. Is there anything you can eat at bedtime? Seems like this list covers pretty much everything that anyone might want to eat. I’m lactose intolerant so that rules out the rest. Maybe eating at bedtime is not such a good idea.


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