How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

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If you want to know how long does it take to learn how to inline skate as an older adult, the answer is not that frightening. Read on to know everything about how to learn inline skating.

People often learn skills to keep active in their brains and help maintain their health. Inline skating is famous in most parts of the country. You can learn a new skill and try new sports at any age. 

But learning new things always takes patience and some time. You have to give your all to them until you are sure that your skill becomes sharp. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

Skating is one such sport where people from age 1.5 to 75 can learn skating at any time, but the time they take will depend on practicing and varies from person to person.

You may learn inline skating in one day to weeks, and if you practice 1 to 2 hours daily. After six months, you will be able to join the skating team and league that holds competitions.

What Are Inline Skates?

In an inline skate, the four wheels are put into a single line. This boosts the momentum and speed of the skater as compared to the traditional method of the four wheels on the four corners of the skate, just like an automobile.

This also means that the skates are more difficult to balance, which is why many people wonder how long it takes to learn them! 

However, first-hand skaters confirm that typically 5-10 tries where you spend a couple of hours each time are sufficient to get the basics of balance, and stopping the skates is enough for most adults.

This of course depends on several factors, which we will briefly mention below.

What Factors Decide How Long It Takes To Learn Inline Skating?

Some people have an athletic body, such as excellent strength in limbs and joints, perfect for skating. Hence the time it will take to learn inline skating depends on a person’s body, health, and support from friends and family. More factors that determine the time a person may take to learn inline skating include:

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult


Older adults have more weight than children. So they need extra precautions while riding a skate. People with more body weight will take more time to learn skating as they get tired more easily. Skating can be a good exercise as it helps burn around 250 calories if you practice it for 30 minutes.

Quality of skates 

There are many good skates that you can use as an adult skater. Good quality inline skates offer high speed and significant momentum that are easier to handle by the skater. You can learn basic skating faster with the help of good inline skates.

A person’s nature

Most people who like sports and have athletic abilities usually find skating easier to learn. A person with less confidence faces more difficulties while learning it. Most older adults believe that skating at an early age helps you learn faster. However, their beliefs are wrong as it is never too late to start skating.

When Should You Start Learning Inline Skating?

You can take Skating Lessons from experienced skaters for any age group of a kid to an older adult when you start learning how to skate. It is vital to make goals and finish your goals one by one to learn faster. 

Early age is suitable for learning inline skating because children from age 3 to 5 years have an excellent ability to learn new things quickly.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

You may fall several times when learning basic skating, but you can learn the basics in an hour if you have proper guidance from your coach. However, it would be best to keep learning to skate for months to improve your skating skills.

After learning to stop the skate, you can learn more advanced skating, but skaters recommend adults follow their coach’s guide while learning it. Do not try any dangerous poses on your own. However, you can learn how to skate backward if you want. If you want to get better at inline skating, then you should keep practicing.

Precautions To Follow When Learning How To Skate as an Older Adult

When learning how to skate, you should consider safety precautions as skating can be dangerous for most people, especially older skaters. An older skater may lose their balance more often, leading to severe falls and causing fractures in bones and skulls.

Wear helmet and safety pads

You should always wear the helmet and knee pads, and joint glides to prevent any injury. In most places skating with any safety helmets and pads are illegal, so you should be 

If you have a weak knee, you should wear knee pads and skate slowly to avoid pressure on your knee joints.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

Learn how to brake

Learning how to stop is very important. You can use different techniques to stop, such as stopping using brake pads and using T-stop. It is better and easy to use brake pads than T-stop.

Usually, most brakes are at the back of the right skate.

Check the quality of equipment and skates. 

Check your pair of skates before practicing as if they are broken or get damaged. They can cause you to lose balance or make you fall hard on the ground, which can be fatal.

Different Types of Skates

There are many varieties of skates available in the local sports shops at the market that will help you learn how to skate at a more manageable level. 

Freestyles skates

Most skaters use freestyle skates for city-skating as slalom as you can ride it on any surface and perform tricks without being uncomfortable.

Hockey skates

Skaters use these skates for sports performed in the ice rink, such as figure skating, ice hockey, ringette, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

Recreational skates

Manufacturers specially design these skates that have adjustable straps for sizing. These skates are very comfortable for riding and gliding on the lake or in a skating rink.

Quad roller skates

You should first use quad roller skates when you decide to skate as they are less complicated than rollerblades. The factory designed the arrangement of wheels of this skate in a two-by-two configuration.

Answer to Most Common Questions About Inline Skating Learning

Are skates sized the same as shoes?

Generally, inline skates are the same size as your shoe. You may not need to think much about the skate size as you can buy it the same size as your shoes. 

When is the best time to come for beginners skaters?

Early age is the best time to learn skating, the age from 3 to 5 years is best to learn new sports as the developing body learns and heals itself more quickly than an older one. You can also learn inline skating as it is easier to learn for both children and adults.

How to start roller skating (inline skating) without breaking anything?

Starting to learn new things is easy, but breaking anything can be challenging. You should always be aware of your surroundings while learning roller skating. You can use a park or skate rink to develop your skating abilities without breaking anything such as bones.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Inline Skate As An Older Adult

What to expect when you are learning to roller skate as an older skater?

Most older people start skating to keep their brains and body active. Most skaters can learn basic skating by practicing 60 minutes a day. Once you learn how to balance and run on skates, it is necessary to learn how to stop because you may crash into anything without being able to stop. 

Age Should Not Be a Boundary for You To Learn Inline Skating.

Learning inline skating is easier than rollerblading, as most people and children describe. But learning it takes some time as well as a passion for skating. Your learning rate can be determined by the practice you did in a day. 

A shy person takes more time to go out and skate than most people. It would help if you had more faith and confidence in yourself. You can ask your friends to encourage you because feelings of encouragement help you learn quickly. 

That said, for most adults 5-10 attempts for a couple of hours each are enough to master the basics of inline skating.