Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

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In this article, we discuss some of the benefits of roller skating for adults. The health benefits are vast and in fact you may find yourself surprised because people normally don’t expect them to be so high! So read on to get more information.

There are dozens of activities that you can do to increase body strength, body endurance, stamina, and improve mental health. 

Out of all such athletic activities, Roller Skating is quite a fun activity for any age group. And to add to that, there are numerous health benefits of roller skating for adults and children.

Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

It is a perfect activity for anyone looking to burn some calories while having fun and having a clear mind while working out the lower body muscles and core.

Skating is also one of the most popular sporting activities for weight loss. You can spend hours roller skating, and you would not notice the time flowing by as you approach higher fitness levels. 

Skating is an ideal habit to have because it consists of both mental and physical terms of health benefits. So, let’s look at a few interesting facts and benefits of Roller skating.

Suitable for the heart.

The American Heart Association has stated that roller skating is a cardiovascular activity to keep a healthy heart and a great choice for aerobic exercise as:

  • In just 30 minutes of skating, your heart rate can rise to up to 148 beats per minute.
  • When you skate at your highest speed, your pulse rate can increase upto 180 per minute.
  • This aerobic activity practiced regularly results in weight loss.
  • It also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and diabetes by reducing the Blood-Glucose and cholesterol levels

It Burns a ton of calories.

Even fitness experts suggest that burning calorie while doing an activity you enjoy is the most effective way to lose weight, and Roller Skating is just the exact fulfillment of that as you burn a literal ton of body fat in each session doesn’t matter if it’s a mild form of training. 

  • Yes, Roller Skating burns an average of 482 calories in an hour. 
  • You can burn up to a massive 600 calories per hour with inline skating, which adds with each session of roller skating.
  • Inline skating is proven to be the most advantageous form of skating.
  • Running a mile burns, and skipping for an hour burns an average of 200 calories.
  • Roller skating is a huge hit compared to these other intense cardio exercises such as running or skipping.
  • Skating is the perfect definition of “Fitness with fun”
  • Skating frees you of the burden of tracking calories while losing a few pounds making it the most valid form of cardio.
  • Hence, you will hit your target calories without even worrying about it.
Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

Less Rebound on the body.

Full-body exercises or body workouts that are fun and burn calories, such as dancing or running or any such activities you can name, have a significant rebound on the joints, especially in the knees. But Roller skating is different as:

Builds and strengthens muscles.

Roller skating activates almost every muscle of the body and loses calories. It has proven to keep the skater in shape as it uses up the entire body and builds stronger muscles. It can be considered the ultimate body workout for building muscles as:

  • It works on Glutens
  • It strengthens the calves extensively as it’s the primary muscle that works during skating and works on leg muscles.
  • Fine-tunes and builds a steady and robust core.
  • And also, grow the arms, core, and legs while it trains the body for balance.
  • Studies have shown that skating over some time has increased overall muscle endurance in the body.

And who doesn’t want a nice-looking fine-tuned abs muscle definition and calves along with a high strength abdominal and lower back muscles?

Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

Improves body balance, muscle coordination, and agility

The essential skill to learn while skating is learning how to balance the body. To learn any beginner or advanced skill in skating, one must have extensive balance muscles and control of their whole body for the continuous practice of Roller Skating regularly. 

  • Builds up core strength, core stability and results in a stable core
  • Increase of agility of the body even while walking or running.
  • Skating also provides the body with an impressive amount of muscle coordination. 
  • Maintaining a stable momentum in skating takes up a lot of stimulated contraction of muscles; rest aside any skill level required for any stunt.
  • The exercise also increases joint and muscle flexibility as it requires a variety of body movements.

It can be done anywhere and is Affordable.

Skating falls under both indoor and outdoor activities. There are plenty of options to choose from to select where you want to go skating too. 

  • Many people prefer the streets as they like to enjoy sightseeing. 
  • And many also like ice skating in the Rifts to enjoy burning the calories.
  • In addition to that, skating needs a pair of Roller skates and safety equipment.
  • And the roller skates are also available under any budget and preferences, as you get a wide variety of types to choose from, including Adult Women and Men, Outdoor & Indoor Roller Skates, and also adjustable inline roller skates.
  • This physical activity comes in different forms and requires a different kind of bearing of the wheel of skates, different blade of wheels, outdoor wheels, or indoor wheels.
Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

It’s a soft Injury Physical Activity.

Skating is the least risky form of exercise to practice. This form of exercise is safer than most of the sports out there. 

  • The correct use of safety equipment can easily prevent the only possible knee injury or minor bruises.
  • After all, the knee and elbow pads and the helmet exist for this cause.
  • Statistically speaking, skating is three times safer than Rugby, Football, and Tennis and about four times safer than baseball.
  • The overall injury rate recorded over the years is as low as it can get. 

Thus, roller skating is preferable for the few people who don’t try sporting in fear of an injury.

It’s fun and relaxing.

Several types of research conducted have proven that any regular sporting activity is an effective form of activity to fight off any overthinking habits, free the skater off of work fatigue, refocuses the mind, reduces stress levels, and improve your mood while maintaining a definite body comfort.

And Needless to say, this aerobic activity is the most fun way to do so, and I have never seen a person skating and frowning. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this.

  • You travel while relaxing.
  • It costs nothing other than roller skates and safety gear. 
  • Roller Skating isn’t as exhausting as Running or skipping.
  • There are lots of skills, stunts, and tricks that are fun to learn and perform.

After all, happiness is the thing that matters the most!

Benefits of Roller Skating for Adults

Why Grab A Pair Of Skates For Yourself?

With all these facts in mind, how can one resist oneself from grabbing their pair of skates and going for a skate ride? The enjoyment in the short travel in the streets and the fun of sporting in it is a cherry on the cake with the number of calories burnt in a matter of unfelt time.