How Much Is A Pill Cutter

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A simple search in Amazon or Google reveals a wide variety of pill cutters ranging from $1 to $60. Most of the ones available in the market are within the range of $5 to 30$. Each of them has different functionalities. Safety, ease of use, efficacy, and precision are some of the features.

Features Determining Cost of Pill cutter

What is the reason you are searching for a pill cutter? Do you want to save money? Or are you finding it difficult to swallow some of the large pills? Irrespective of the reason, you will have to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. You might need their permission to split the tablets. 

A higher dosage pill might cost the same amount as a smaller dosage one. So, you plan to buy the higher dosage pill and split it according to your prescription. Using some household tools such as scissors or a knife might not be the best way to divide pills.

Shape And Size Of The Pill

Before you decide on the type of pill cutter you want to use, you have to know certain aspects of your pills. The pill cutter you want to buy will mainly depend on the type of prescribed pill. Certain pill cutters are efficient for particular sizes or shapes.

A large pill cutter might completely smash a small pill while using it. A small pill cutter might not be able to cut a large pill to the correct dosage.

You will also have to think about how you want to split the pill. Is it in half or one-third or one-fifth? If you are using many tablets, it is better to look out for efficient pill cutters for several sizes and shapes.


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Push Or Squeeze

This functionality depends on how you operate your pill cutter. In the market, there are two types of pill cutters in general. Some people might like a push type of pill cutter, while some might prefer the other.

It is a subjective matter, and it will do more with the comfortability of the user. For people who have dexterity issues, squeeze-type pill cutters will be challenging to handle.

Ease Of Use

The pill must be placed precisely at the center for any pill cutter if you plan to cut it in half. In the case of people with eyesight issues, it might be challenging to perform this. You might face this issue, especially with squeeze-type pill cutters.

Another feature that might be useful is if the pill cutter can hold the pill after you place it at the center. Do you have to use both of your hands while using the pill cutter? Can you use it with a single hand and still use it as well?


There are several-sized pill cutters in the market. You might not be able to carry all with the same ease. You might want to look for a pill cutter that you can take anywhere, preferably in your pocket.

Presciption Pill being cut


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Type Of Blade

The blades on a pill cutter will determine their durability and efficacy. Manufacturers might use strong plastic material, stainless steel, or aluminum coated blades. The ability to cut the pill without much wastage will depend on the blade’s material. 

Safety Features

Any pill cutter has a blade within it for splitting the pill. All pill cutters might not have the same safety features while covering the edges. Some of the pill cutters have a small plastic layer that will not hurt you while in use. There are pill cutters that have retractable blades. This feature adds extra safety to your pill cutter.


Some of the pill cutters have inbuilt storage space. It will enable you to catch hold of the split pills when you use the pill cutter. If there is no storage space within the unit, the split parts might get away while in use. 


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Multi-Use Pill Cutters

Few pill cutters offer to cut, crush, grind a pill depending on how you want to consume it. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Some of the manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty on some of the pill cutters. The security is useful when the pill cutter has many parts. You might not be able to secure them every single time. A warranty might not be applicable for pill cutters in the low range of $1 to $10.


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