Gardening Made Easy: The 21 Best Lightweight Supplies for Active Seniors

Introduction:Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a wonderful way for seniors to stay active, connect with nature, and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. However, as we age, it’s important to consider the physical demands of gardening and find lightweight supplies that make the experience enjoyable and effortless. In this blog post, we’ve handpicked … Read more

Do You Need Crutches With a Walking Boot?

In medical science, geriatric or elderly people are treated as a separate category in themselves for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The reason for this remains that not only are they physically but also biologically different from the younger age groups. The book Hutchinson’s clinical methods define a set of signs and symptoms known as ‘Geriatric … Read more

How Much Do Crutches Cost?

The WHO World Report on Disability states that 15% of the total world population faces some or the other form of disability. Out of these, 2-4% have severely deranged functions. These are significantly larger from the last report data not only because of better data collection methods but also due to an increase in chronic … Read more

What Are the Different Walking Assistance Devices for the Elderly?

The ability to walk and move about is a significant part of independence. However, as a person grows older, mobility becomes more challenging. Both aging and other health conditions (e.g., hip surgery, stroke) place seniors at a greater risk for falls. There’s no wonder why there are a lot of walking assistance devices developed to … Read more

Best Walking Aids for Elderly

We have reviewed the Best Walking Aids For Elderly. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6. As per a research study done in 2011, 24% of adults above the age of 65 used at least one mobility device, and 9.3% were indeed using more than … Read more

How to Prevent Stooping in Old Age?

It is common to see elderly people stooped or hunched over. But if we take precautions early, it is possible to prevent stooping as we age. In this article, we examine what are the causes of and how to prevent stooping in old age. What Causes Stooping in Old Age? There are many different causes … Read more

Best Crutches for Long Term Use

According to the US census, about 5% of the American population (about 16.5 million people) uses a cane, crutch or a walker1. A number of reasons may lead one to use crutches. One may have suffered a bone fracture in one of their legs, pulled a hamstring, or sprained an ankle. In a more severe … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Walking Canes? is reader-supported. At no extra cost to you, if you buy through any of our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Starting to walk with a walking cane can mean a big change in lifestyle for some people. Using a cane to walk can … Read more