Caregiver Statistics: 1 in 5 Americans is a Caregiver! 

Caregiver Statistics

Caregivers are the backbone of our country. One in Five Americans is caring for others. These caregiver statistics will help you understand who our caregivers are, and what they do for us According to a survey conducted by The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP in the year 2020, almost 53 million Americans are … Read more

How Much Care Will You Need At Different Stages Of Life?

How Much Care Will You Need At Different Stages Of Life

Human beings need care at every point in their lives. How much care will you need at different stages of life? let’s find out. Life is wonderful, and it is a blessing given by God. This life becomes more beautiful when it gets its share of happiness and care.  There are many stages of life, … Read more

Different Levels of Care for the Elderly

Different Levels of Care for the Elderly

As our loved ones age they may start to need just a little extra care or help with their daily tasks and errands they need to run. In some cases seniors may need full-time care due to an advanced illness or an accident that left them unable to care for themselves.  The amount or type … Read more

How To Choose The Right Care Option For The Elderly?

How To Choose The Right Care Option For The Elderly

As you age, your health and your ability to do tasks declines, and after a point, you need care. Let us look at how to choose the right care option for the elderly in this article. The older adults in your home might be active and independent today, but age takes its toll, and a … Read more

Must Haves for a First Aid Kit

Must Haves for a First Aid Kit

You can easily take care of cuts, bruises, and minor injuries if you have a good first aid kit. Let’s look at some must haves for a first aid kit at home. Every child’s ouchie can usually be made better with the application of a Band-Aid and a kiss from their mother, but being prepared … Read more

Home Care for Seniors – The Complete Guide

Home Care for Seniors - The Complete Guide

Which is better: assisted living, retirement homes, or home care for seniors? We delve deep into these questions in this guide. When a person retires, he retires with tons of memories that he created along the way. After working his whole life and taking care of his family, he can finally look back and cherish … Read more

8 Simple Ways of Reducing the Cost of Care

Eight Ways To Reduce Cost Of Care

Healthcare costs are rapidly rising, so team Respect Caregivers has put together top eight ways to reduce cost of care and get the most out of your benefits. The rate of healthcare costs rose to five percent in recent years and continues to grow. According to the NCSL or National Conference of State Legislatures, the … Read more

Interview Home Care Aides

Interview Home Care Aides

The right home care aide can help the physical, emotional, and mental health of your senior parents. Let’s find out how to interview home care aides in this article. Elder parents are the backbone of your family. So, it becomes your duty to care for them and ensure their good health in their old age. … Read more

How Much Does Senior Day Care Cost

Adult daycare is essentially a place that seniors can feel safe during the daytime while their primary caregivers go to work or take a small respite from their caregiving duties to avoid burnout.  Senior daycare, also known as adult day services, offers older adults customized therapeutic, social, and health services for part of the day. … Read more