Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

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We have reviewed the best wearable sleep tracker. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

The incidence of insomnia among the elderly is significantly higher as compared to young people. Approximately 50% of older adults experience problems in sleeping[1][2].

Insomnia is often further associated with an increased incidence of psychological disorders. Tracking your sleep and maintaining a regular schedule of bedtime and wake up time helps you to analyze and improve both the quantity and quality of your sleep[3]

Let us look at some of the best wearable sleep trackers available on Amazon.

Our Top Choice – Honor Band 5

The No products found. is our top choice for the “Best Wearable Sleep Tracker” because of the following reasons:

  • Proprietary AI-based sleep monitor for measuring six major categories of sleep problems
  • Automatic recording of REM sleep, light sleep, and wakeup time
  • Complete sleep analysis along with sleep score for measuring the quality of your sleep
  • Over 200 helpful tips on improving sleep quality based on the analysis done
  • You can upload the entire sleep data to the sister app of this tracker
  • It has 24 hours of real-time heart rate monitoring, night infrared heart rate monitoring, Heart rate warnings, and HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0 heart rate technology.
  • It can also monitor steps, sports mileage, and calories burned on a real-time basis
  • Ten days of battery life on a single full charge

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Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

#1 Fitness Tracker From WAFA

The Fitness tracker from WAFA is an automatic tracker  which tracks your real time blood pressure, heart rate sleep quality and time at night, continuously.

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For getting a much clearer idea about your health, you would need the H Band App and then connect it with the activity tracker. The tracker will upload all the data to the app automatically.

This  GPS Motion Trajectory, track your steps, reminder for call and messages, Sport Kilometres, sedentary reminder, Calories, Find your Phone, information, Sedentary Reminder, Alarm, Stopwatch, and several other functions

You will get an alert for an incoming Call. You can either mute or hang up using the fitness watch, but for using some of the features you would need to set them in the app.

It has a power low chip which will last for about 7 days when using on all time motion mode and when using on standby it will last for 15 days. Another way to increase the time of using the tracker is lowering down the screen brightness through the app.

This Fitness tracker has a waterproof rating of IP67. It is also resistant to dust and can do imperial unit to metric unit switching. With waterproofing, you have the option to wear it while taking a shower or while washing hands. You can stay inside water for a brief period at a depth of less than one meter.

This Fitness Tracker’s dimensions are 1.68 x 1.47 x 0.46 inches, and it weighs 0.22 lbs.


  • This Fitness Tracker from WAFA will track blood pressure and heart rate in real time.
  • It also tracks your sleep quality and time at night.
  • It’s a multifunctional fitness tracker that includes various functions.
  • Its Power Low Chip will last for 7 days in the mode- all-time motion.
  • On standby mode, it will last for upto 15 days.
  • This tracker is Waterproof.


  • The main screen does not have screen options to jump to, so you have to scroll through all options.

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#2  Smart Watch By Letsfit

Letsfit Smart Watch features a 1.3-inch large. It offers a better understanding of your health by allowing you a more distinctive sports data. You can easily understand the data provided by this smart watch about your health. 

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This smartwatch has a waterproof standard rating of IP68. You can easily go for a swim or workout while wearing this watch

The smart watch from Letsfit comes with several different features like stress training, music control, which makes it so much more than a fitness tracker.

This Smart Tracker from Letsfit will monitor sports mileage, steps, calories burned,  and your sleep quality for 24 hours by synchronising with VeryFitPro app. 

This fitness tracker offers a battery life of ten days on a single full charge. You can receive notifications and read messages, email and notifications for SNS directly on your device. It also offers Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can also use this tracker for rejecting phone calls. 

This fitness tracker is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS 8.0 or Android OS 4.0 and above. It is suitable for only smartphones. It weighs 1.38 ounces and has a dimension of 3.74 x10.83 x0.71 inches.


  • Letsfit Smart Watch features a 1.3-inch massive touch screen.
  • This smartwatch Meets the IP68 water Standard requirement.
  • The Letsfit Smart Tracker can monitor steps, sports mileage, calories burned,  and sleep quality status 24 hours a day while syncing with the VeryFitPro app.
  • This fitness tracker provides ten days of battery life per full charge. 
  • You can also hang-up incoming phone calls directly from your wrist.


  • The step counter is not on the main screen of the tracker.

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#3 Fitpolo Fitness Tracker

This Fitpolo fitness tracker watch has a 1.3-inch touch screen, making it easy to operate. Its design with adjustable screen brightness makes it quicker to clearly view time, date, and sports data even under strong sunlight. 

Fitpolo Fitness Tracker

This SmartWatch not only has nine sports modes for different workouts, but it can also keep track of your sleep pattern, heart rate, calories burned, daily steps,  distance walked, etc., helping you to live healthier. 

Its functions include phone notification, stopwatch & timer, alarm reminders, sedentary reminders, phone finders, target setting, etc.

This makes it more than just a fitness tracker and greatly enriches your life and brings convenience to your life. 

It supports daily use, such as hand washing and bathing, etc. One full Charging of 2.5 hours can work ten days with a standby time of 30 to 45 days.  

It’s compatible with most iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 above smartphones; you need to have the VeryFitPro app installed in your mobile to read detailed exercise data and explore more functions.

This Fitness Tracker’s dimensions are 4.52 x 3.13 x 1.21 inches, and it weighs 1.38 ounces.


  • This Fitpolo fitness tracker watch has a 1.3-inch touch screen.
  • Its design with adjustable screen brightness makes it quicker to view time, date, and sports data even under strong sunlight.
  • It has nine sports modes for different workouts, and it can also keep track of your sleep pattern, heart rate, daily steps, and calories burned.
  • Its functions include phone notification, stopwatch & timer, alarm reminders, sedentary reminders, phone finders, target setting, etc.
  • One full Charging of 2.5 hours can work ten days with a standby time of 30 to 45 days.


  • The response time of the touchscreen is a little slow.
  • The pedometer is not very accurate as per some users.

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#4 Band-5 Fitness Tracker by Honor

The Band-5 Fitness Tracker from Honor automatically detects your swim speed, swimming tracking, calories and distance. It comes with a water-resistant feature and is resistant up to 50m while swimming, taking a bath, in rain or while washing hands. It also offers a SpO2 Oxygen Blood function which lets the user analyze and prepare their workout schedule according to their fitness. 

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The Band-5 tracker by Honor offers notifications for calls, messages, and email. SNS, alarm. Smart alarm, timer and several others. It helps simplify managing all your notifications on the fitness tracker itself, making your life much easier. 

This fitness tracker comes equipped with AI technology which tackles the main categories related to sleep problems. It can record unstable sleep, sound sleep, and your wakeup time automatically. The heart rate monitor Band-5 by Honor will give you more than 200 tips related to better sleeping.    

It offers real time monitoring of heart rate, 24 hours. It can give warnings for increased heart rate using TrueSeen 3.0 technology by HUAWEI for heart rate. 

It has several dozen optimization algorithms for training scenes by monitoring the training scene intelligently for measuring accurately. 

The speedometer watch Band-5 by Honor has a mode for Multi-sport which offers a much better experience for better training. It tracks heart rate in real time which lower down the risk of over-exercising by measuring your speed, running time and distance. 

It supports GPS device connectivity and offers accurate distance and other data. You can download the app Huawei Health and set these functions on your smartphone.


  • The technology of AI on this health tracker offers a better sleeping pattern by tackling six main sleep problems categories.
  • It can record sound or unstable sleep and your wakeup time by monitoring your heart rate.
  • This health tracker uses the analysis of your sleep that it does to offer more than 200 tips which help in improving your sleeping pattern.
  • This fitness tracker Band-5 by Honor automatically detects. Swim speed, swimming tracking, calories and distance swimmed.
  • It has a water-resistant upto 50m.
  • This activity tracker from Honor has several features like notifications for call, message, email, SNS, smart alarm, vibration alarm and timer.
  • It also offers real-time monitoring for heart rate 24 hours and night heart rate monitoring using infrared, and gives warning for increased Heart rate using heart-rate technology by 3.0 HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0.


  • The accuracy of the features hinders sometimes.

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#5 HalfSun Fitness Tracker

The HalfSun Fitness Tracker features a IPS HD color screen large display of 1.3 inch, high contrast and wide gamut, bringing a pleasant HD image experience. It is made of using lithe comfortable and skin-friendly material. 

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You can use it to Record your activities for the whole day like tracking distance, steps, calories burned, sleep quality and your active minutes. You can use the app to track the complete data and get a report.

You can use this health tracker to continuously and automatically track blood pressure and heart rate in real-time. This tracker will automatically track and analyze your sleep time and quality and will assist you in improving your customs and habits. 

This tracker has several different functions including sleep monitor, Sport Modes, Calorie counter, Step Counter, takes photos, message and call alert, alarm, senses your turns and twists and also sedentary alert. 

You can Connect your phone’s GPS with the tracker and see your stats like pace, distance and the route of your workout every time you go for a run. 

This fitness tracker’s dimensions are 5.51 x 3.35 x 1.77 inches, and it weighs 2.08 ounces.


  • The HalfSun Fitness Tracker has a 1.3 inch large HD IPS color screen.
  • It is made of lithe comfortable and skin-friendly material.
  • It can Record activities for a whole day like counting steps, calories burned, distance, sleep quality and active minutes.
  • This Fitness tracker tracks real-time blood pressure and heart rate continuously and automatically.
  • It includes Sleep Monitor, Sport Modes, Sleep, Take photos by turning your wrist, calorie counter, Step Counter, Alarm, Call Alert(Hang up), Sedentary Alert, SNS & SMS Alert.


  • The brightness is less for sunny days.
  • The blood pressure accuracy can be a little off sometimes.

No products found.

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#6 Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad

While not a wearable sleep tracking device, we have included this sleep tracking pad in our lineup because of the level of detail that it captures and the fact that this is not only a tracker, but it also aids in improving your sleep.

Withings Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad

Apart from detecting sleep cycles, the Withings Sleep tracking pad can also monitor your snoring habits and tracks your breathing cycle as well as heart rate while you sleep.

Sleep apnea is a common and possibly dangerous disease that many people have. Its usual symptom is erratic breathing and loud snoring during sleep.

This tracker can monitor your breathing and detect if it is too erratic, thereby alerting you to the possibility of sleep apnea.

The device has a proprietary “Sleep Score”.

It rates the quality of your sleep, measures parameters that make for a good sleep, and then indicates how you can improve your sleep quality by highlighting the parameters you are not doing well.

The tracker is advanced enough to regulate your room lights, change the thermostat settings, and much more, to aid you in getting the most comfortable sleep possible.

As mentioned at the beginning, this is not a wearable sleep tracker per se. You have to install it under your mattress, but it is an easy one-time activity that can be done without much trouble.

Technology-wise this device works over WiFi for delivering your data to your smartphone using its sister app.

It can also be integrated with Alexa for voice-based commands, and is compatible with all popular health and fitness information aggregators such as apple health, IFTTT, and google fit.


  • Tracks your sleep cycle and sleep activity and delivers results on a real-time basis, the moment you wake up
  • Can track breathing patterns while sleeping, and can use this information to alert the user about the possibility of sleep apnea and other sleep-related diseases
  • Monitors your heart rate and snoring patterns as well
  • Uses a proprietary sleep score to assess the quality of your sleep and highlights parameters on which you are scoring low to improve the quality of your sleep
  • The device is intelligent enough to operate your room lights and thermostat to give you the perfect conditions for sleeping well
  • Easy, one-time installation under the mattress that does not require any tools
  • Integrates with Alexa for voice commands and most health and fitness aggregator apps like apple health, google fit and IFTTT


  • The service support for this device and its app leaves a lot to be desired
  • Some users felt that the device’s accuracy is dependant on the body type and weight/height of the person using it, since it was accurate for some but not that accurate for others

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

Quality of sleep

While most sleep trackers are efficient enough to monitor sleep duration, tracking sleep quality is also important – how much of the sleep is spent as REM sleep and how much of it is light sleep? Look for a monitor that can give you this kind of analysis.


If your partner is always complaining about your snoring habits, you should get a sleep tracker that can identify your snoring habits and let you know exactly what stage and when you start snoring during the night.

High Battery Life

A sleep tracker is supposed to monitor your sleep throughout the night and report your results.

It will be of no use if it shuts down in the night due to a low battery! When looking for a sleep tracker, always ask questions about the battery’s size and capacity and how many days of charge it can hold.

Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

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Frequently Asked Questions: Best Wearable Sleep Tracker

What are the things that a Wearable sleep tracker can track other than sleep?

A wearable sleep tracker is a device/watch for tracking and monitoring sleep-related metrics such as sleep timing, deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up time. Still, they can usually also track a lot of other things as well, such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heartbeat, call answering option, etc.

Can a wearable sleep tracker work without a mobile phone?

Yes, most of the sleep trackers can be used independently of a smartphone.

Although the apps and the smart devices generally provide useful features for tracking your workouts and configuring the devices, the software used to track steps, distance, heart rate, sleep quality, and blood pressure information is usually self-contained for most of the wearable sleep trackers/watches.

Is it safe for you to wear a sleep tracker?

Yes, you can definitely wear a fitness tracker while you are sleeping because most of the fitness tracker’s straps are made of very skin-friendly material, which will not cause any irritation to your skin.

Best Wearable Sleep Tracker


In this article, we have selected the best wearable sleep tracker based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the No products found.  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because of its AI-based proprietary sleep monitoring and analysis technology and its detection of 6 major sleep problems.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Fitpolo Smart Watch for Men Women Android Phones iPhone Compatible,Color Touchscreen Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Call IP68 Waterproof Step Counter Sleep Calorie Tracking, which offers excellent value and features at a very reasonable price point.

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