Best Activity Tracker For Seniors

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We have reviewed the best activity tracker for seniors. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

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Laxcido GPS Smart Phone Watch, 4G Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch, Video Call Pedometer Geo-Fence SOS Voice Messages Waterproof GPS Fitness Tracker Watch
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Editor's Choice
Laxcido GPS Smart Phone Watch, 4G Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch, Video Call Pedometer Geo-Fence SOS Voice Messages Waterproof GPS Fitness Tracker Watch
Location Tracking
SOS Alarm
Two way comm.
Sleep Monitoring
High Volume
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Are you worried about your elder’s health and fitness? Are you concerned about their level of physical activity and therefore potential for chronic diseases? Are they suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s and are prone to dementia wandering? 

If you tick any of these boxes, you might want to consider giving them an activity tracker with GPS and a medical alarm system.

While fitness bands and activity trackers have been around for a long time, there are very few products that cater to the specific needs of the elderly. 

In this article, we intend to identify those needs and then list out some of the trackers that can help you fulfill those needs, while also performing the basic activity tracking functions that everyone uses such as exercise duration, step counting, heart rate monitoring, etc.

Best Activity Tracker For Seniors

What is an Activity Tracker for the Elderly?

As mentioned above, a basic activity tracker performs functions such as pedometer and heart rate monitoring. An activity tracker for the elderly typically has additional features from a safety and health perspective. 

For example, some of them might have an emergency medical alarm system. In case of an accident or fall, if your loved ones are hurt, they can press the alarm button on their tracker and summon help almost immediately.

Although, there are medical alert systems with fall detection wherein it does not require pushing the alarm button.

Another feature could be a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker is especially useful in the case of dementia wandering patients. You can quickly figure out where they are in case they get lost or wander away during the night. 

If your loved ones are into hiking or nature trails, and unfortunately get hurt in an accident somewhere, a medical alert device with a GPS tracker can help them not only alert you for help but also help you locate where they are exactly.

Many trackers have advanced health monitoring functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs. These can give an early indicator of an attack or seizure and are very useful even from a daily health monitoring perspective.

Best Activity Tracker For Seniors

#1 ELEOPTION Multifunctional Smartwatch

This anti-lost multifunctional smartwatch is uniquely designed for the elderly. The activity tracker is equipped with double position technology based on GPS, which can pinpoint your location to a cell tower station within 100 feet of your actual position. 

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The tracker supports a Micro sim card, GPS, LPS +WiFi positioning systems, two-way calling one press SOS emergency button, and remote monitoring services. In short, everything you need to give you peace of mind if you have a senior in the house who is suffering from dementia. 

The tracker is anti-lost and anti-throw, apart from regular features such as basic activity tracking, clock, flashlight, alarm clock, etc.

Moreover, the watch enables high definition calling and is compatible with both iPhones and androids. Its ergonomic convex design makes it comfortable on your loved one’s wrist. 

The watch is water-resistant and is built of anti-sweat material. It has a soft strap, which is perfect for seniors who are prone to pressure sores. The tracker supports several languages, so you can customize it as per your local language.


  • GPS position aids in an accurate position of information.
  • SOS button helps in case of emergency calls.
  • The watch supports two way calling using a micro SIM card, which can be a very useful feature in case your loved ones get lost
  • All basic features like activity tracking, flashlight, alarm clock, etc are also included
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • Water resistant and anti-sweat tracker with soft strap


  • The battery life of the watch is short.
  • Some people might not find it very comfortable to wear.

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#2 Laxcido Monitoring Smartwatch

Laxicdo Monitoring smartwatch is an ideal elderly health watch. The watch is tailored for the security and health benefits of old age people. 

Laxcido Monitoring Smartwatch

This GPS enabled smartwatch is designed in a way to track real-time location, which means that you can easily track your loved ones if they start wandering and get lost.

The tracker features 2-way calling, which can be a life-saver in a critical situation. It is like wearing your phone at your wrist. 

The watch features a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and step count – all-important statistics that tell you about the health of the loved one on a regular basis.

The SOS emergency call facility can help in a situation where your loved ones get hurt while in an unfamiliar area, it will immediately alert you that they need help and give you their location as well. 

This smartwatch also has geo-fencing. You can set up a safety perimeter for your loved one to move about, and if they wander outside that area, an alarm will be raised immediately.

The tracker features some amazing technologies for such a small size – it supports a camera feature, it can store your step and location history for the past 1 month, it can make and receive calls as well as messages, and even do video calls!

Features specifically made for seniors: The device has a large letter display so that the elderly can see it clearly. The volume has been kept higher than usual, again keeping seniors in mind. The watch is waterproof and the battery backup is also very good.


  • Your loved ones can reach you immediately in an emergency with an SOS button
  • Tracker GPS technology helps to identify a lost person.
  • Features video calling, two-way phone, and even messaging
  • Waterproof and comfortable to wear
  • Heart rate, step count and blood pressure monitor
  • Geo-fencing facility to set up a perimeter of movement for dementia patients
  • Special features for the elderly include large-sized text, a higher volume than regular smartwatches and a long-lasting battery


  • The watch shows a different frequency of location updates on both android or ios.
  • Sometimes, communication with tech support becomes difficult.

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#3 KK Bear Geo-Fence Watch

KK Bear tracking watch is an ideal activity tracker cum smartwatch for older adults. The watch is an ultimate safety device for the protection of your loved ones. 

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The watch functions on GPS+LBS+WiFi +AGPS technology. This facility helps you to locate your loved ones in real-time in case of any mishap or injury. There is a one-touch SOS alarm function for reaching out to your loved ones in case of an emergency.

This versatile watch features two-way call functions, voice chat, history tracking, SOS alarm, alarm clock, and step counter. 

The GPS mode on the watch gives a location accuracy of less than 5m, which is absolutely amazing. The tracker also supports a geofencing feature for setting up safe perimeters for your loved ones to move in. 

It also has a DND (do not disturb) mode. If your loved ones have trouble sleeping then a DND mode will ensure that they do not have any distractions during a certain time period which they can set. 

The watch is designed to support the taking and saving photos. Another great feature is the historical route tracking. You can see the historical data for 3 months about where your loved one is moving, which can sometimes be useful in the case of Alzheimer’s patients.


  • The GPS tracker can accurately locate the wearer
  • Geo-fencing can set up safe perimeters of movement for your loved ones
  • Historical tracking can be useful in case of dementia patients
  • There is a full two-way call facility in the tracker
  • There is heart rate, blood pressure and step monitoring feature in the watch
  • The tracker also features a DND mode
  • It also supports taking pictures and even video calling


  • The sound quality of the watch sometimes gets muffled.

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#4 Topchance Elderly Smart Watch

This smartwatch is an ideal health watch for senior people. The watch has the feature of GPS+LBS+WIFI for tracking and locating your loved one within a very close range. 

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There is an SOS alert feature for injury or fall-related mishaps. There is also a remote listening feature available in case your loved ones are in a bad neighborhood.

This device also features a two-way call and voice monitoring system on the device. There is a one-touch calling function also available. 

The device has good battery support and long standby time in case it is not in use for calling or other purposes. On a standby basis, it can last for 160 hours, which can be crucial in a life or death situation where your loved ones are lost somewhere.

The multifunctional watch also includes features like low power alarm, micro chat feature and do not disturb mode. 

The watchband material is made from senior comfortable silicone and the glass watch case is made from toughened organic glass. The tracker also supports the geo-fencing capability


  • GPS positioning system
  • Anytime two-way connectivity
  • Large standby battery time of 160 hours
  • Comfortable silicone-based watchband material and toughened organic glass
  • Lower power alarm, micro-chat, DND mode
  • SOS alert for emergencies


  • The watch is not waterproof.

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#5 Yepzone Personal Tracking Device

The Yepzone tracking device is well equipped for the safety of your loved ones. This device features one of the best GPS trackers in the market. The tracker comes with the feature of three tracking technologies – Wifi, GPS, and 3G. 

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There is an SOS alarm button included as well, which can alert you in the case of an unfortunate mishap. 

The Yepzone tracker can be easily connected with your smartphone. Their app gives easy and superfast accessibility to all the data of the tracker. This app has three user modes: locator, locator with an alarm button, or an alarm button. These features allow for locating your loved one quickly. 

The best part about the Yepzone app is that it does not collect any of your data. But you can share your tracking information with your family members or with your closed ones.

The device is convenient to carry, you can just attach it to a key ring or a walking stick or anything that always remains on the person of your loved one.

Another benefit of this device is that you can connect several devices to the same app without increasing your cost, therefore if you want to track both your parents, you need only buy the device twice but don’t need to take the app plan again.


  • Small, portable device. Can be attached to any object that your loved ones keep with themselves at all times
  • 3 mechanisms available for location tracking – GPS, Wifi, and 3G. Best location tracking accuracy based on these three technologies
  • You can choose the right mode in which the device will work – SOS only, SOS with a locator, and locator only.
  • No personal data collected by the device. One push button gives the location to assess.
  • You can connect as many of these devices as you want with the same app, you don’t need to take a separate data plan for each device
  • The SIM is built into the device, you don’t have to worry about a separate plan for it


  • In the need to accurately locate the user, the device uses a lot of battery.
  • Sometimes, it suffers from signal issues.
  • It does not monitor the users’ health or has a display feature.

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Things to Consider Before You Buy an Activity Tracker Designed for Seniors

If you want to buy the best activity tracker for seniors, look for the following features in the device that you are selecting.

GPS+SOS and location tracking

As already mentioned, these features can be the difference between life and death. Look for a device that has these features. 

The GPS technology will provide you with up to the minute location of your elders. With the SOS button, your seniors can immediately inform you if they are in danger and need help. 

The location tracking technology helps you check your elder’s position anytime, anywhere, via SMS or the internet, which is very important in the case of dementia patients.

Two-way communication

Make sure that the activity tracker has a two-way high-definition call technology. This feature ensures communication over the tracker itself, and you can easily talk to your seniors anytime from anywhere to check on their status and well being. 


Geo-fencing is a technology that sets up a safety perimeter in an area for your loved one. For example, you may set it at 50 meters on all sides of your home. If your loved one goes out of the range of this perimeter, an immediate alarm is raised to the caretaker or emergency contact listed with the product.

Water resistance

This is an important feature because seniors can tend to be a bit forgetful, and most many a time, they may forget to take it off while bathing, swimming, or washing hands. 

With a waterproof tracker, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged.

Best Activity Tracker For Seniors


Make sure that the tracker you buy is compatible with your phone, whether it be android or iOS.

Health functions

Many modern-day activity trackers are able to monitor several important physical parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, steps are taken, exercise duration, speed, and even sleep quality and duration. You can store and track this data over a period to see how much exercise your elders are getting and whether their vital signs are in good condition.

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Additional features

It is always good to have extra features, which make the device fun and useful for your seniors such as a camera, a do not disturb mode, music player, alarm clock, etc.. 

Battery life and charging

These are minute features, but your entire buying decision can change because of them. Always buy a device with long battery life and long standby time. Seniors can often be very stubborn about wearing any new devices on them, and you don’t want to give them an excuse for taking it off.

Large display & higher volume

Loss of reading ability is a common affliction with old age. Hence it is better to buy a device that has a wide display, with clear, large, and bold letters showing only the most important information.

Similarly, hearing is another one of those senses that become weaker with age. A device with a slightly higher than usual volume can be a boon for your loved ones.


We sometimes forget that our elders are from a generation that never worked with computers and all this new-fangled technology. A complicated device with too many features and functions may just end up putting them off. 

Instead, be very clear on the specific features that you need and then buy a device that only focuses on those functions and does not have too many other features.

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If you are concerned about your elders’ safety and health, an activity tracker specifically designed based upon the requirements of the elderly can be a good solution to your worries.

It not only traces their whereabouts but also monitors their health, key health indicators like blood pressure and heart rate, sleep monitor. Some features like large text, higher volume, better battery life, and waterproof design make a device even more senior-oriented.

In this article, we have selected the best activity tracker for seniors based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Laxcido GPS Smart Phone Watch, 4G Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch, Video Call Pedometer Geo-Fence SOS Voice Messages Waterproof GPS Fitness Tracker Watch  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered. It is one of the most feature-rich activity tracker and smartwatch in this lineup. Apart from location tracking and SOS function, it also supports geofencing, a fully functional two-way communication including video, audio, and text. It also includes a camera to take pictures. As far as fitness is concerned, it can track heart rate, blood pressure, and step counting along with historical data for the same. It has a large text display, higher than usual volume, and a waterproof body, especially so that it can be used by seniors.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the No products found., which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. Apart from geo-fencing, almost every other feature seems to be available in this product at the lowest cost in this entire lineup.