Best Activity Tracker for Weight Training

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In this article, we have reviewed the best activity tracker for weight training. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

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Garmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit (Black)
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Training advice
Database of exercise routines
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Ultimate Fitness Exercise Tracker Watch That Monitors All Workout and Sports Activity - by GYMWATCH (Coal Black)
Automatic Rep Counting
Training advice
Database of exercise routines
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Best Value
Atlas Wearables Wristband
Activity Tracker
Automatic Rep Counting
Training advice
Database of exercise routines
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While there are hundreds of devices out there that claim to be activity trackers, hardly any of them are of any use when it comes to strength training. Most activity trackers are just pedometers with a few added features like a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker.

However, if you are big-time into weight training, you might have wondered whether there are devices out there that can actually help you systematically track the number of reps you are doing, or else track your muscle growth and flexibility, or maybe even give you areas of improvement on your strength training regimen.

Thankfully, the answer is yes. There are activity trackers that can support weight trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, and sportspeople to achieve their goal of greater muscle mass and body strength.

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the wish list items of weight trainers in an activity tracker, and then share with you devices that actually tick mark items from that wish list.

What does the best activity tracker for weight training look like?

Monitor performance

An activity tracker is very different from a fitness tracker. It not only counts your step, calories burnt, or sleep quality, but it also monitors your performance, training, and progress. The device must also identify the flaws in your exercising forms and correct them when necessary.

Motion tracking technology

One of the major features that these devices must have is motion-tracking technology. This technology identifies even the smallest motion of your body and adds it to your performance data. Also, this technology gives accurate results and leaves no room for error. Therefore look for a device that tracks your every movement.

Battery life

You will never want your device to die in the middle of a workout session. Hence, look for a device with long battery life, which does not take long to get fully charged.

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Today, everyone owns either an android phone or an IOS iPhone. Make sure that the device that you buy is fully compatible with your smartphone.

A wide database of exercises

Most of the activity trackers come with an internal database of workouts. This is an essential feature because the device identifies your routine from its database and sends an alarm if your body form does not match its database. This way, you can always correct your form and improve your performance.

Adding information

It is not possible for any device to maintain a database for all forms of exercise. Different people follow their particular set of exercises, which they want to do every day. Such people can add their routine or movements in the device through a smartphone or a laptop and later use it to track his or her performance.

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Storage space

You would want your activity tracker to store data on past performance so that you can track, compare, and analyze improvement. Therefore, the tracker must have an adequate storage capacity to enable users to keep their personal information and track their performance from history.


A display is imperative to monitor your daily activity. Viewing the data is also possible on your smartphone as you can connect the smart tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Even if an activity tracker costs a little more, go for it, but it has a beautiful broad display.

Health tracker

It’s essential to track the heart rate or pulse rate while doing an intense workout. A heart rate tracker is another integral part of an activity trainer, which you must look for.

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Best Activity Tracker For Weight Training

#1 Garmin Forerunner activity tracker

This is a comfortable tracker that offers advanced running and multisport features. It has a built-in electronic compass, barometer and altimeter that provides elevation changes and helps you keep your bearings. 

Garmin Forerunner activity tracker

The device conveniently evaluates your training status to indicate if you are undertraining or overdoing it and offers additional performance monitoring features. 

It can monitor your heart rate while doing exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, and many more. It can quickly train you for a marathon, evaluates your performance based on history, and has performance indicators that parameterize the quality of your training schedule.


  • All your health notifications are delivered on your wrist.
  • It gives you access to automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, audio prompts, music controls, etc.
  • You can connect it with your other friends and follow the trail.
  • It is ideal for automatic rep counting.
  • Excellent in identifying a wide range of strength training exercises.
  • It has an optical HR sensor and a waterproof body.
  • Tracks calories burnt.


  • The results might not always be accurate, and you will need to change the number after each set manually.
  • It does not always identify the exercise, and sometimes you need to enter the exercise name manually.

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#2 Gymwatch Fitness Exercise Tracker Watch

This device is an interesting weight lifting and activity tracker. It can measure your motion and form over various types of muscle building and weight lifting exercises. 

Gymwatch Fitness Exercise Tracker Watch

It can conveniently maintain a track of your movements when you are on a machine or using your body weight. In case you are doing an incorrect form of exercise, it will give you a warning. The device can give you verbal feedback, which is helpful to correct yourself in the middle of the exercise itself.

Additionally, the app has the ability to pair two sensors at once. This feature is ideal when you want to put one sensor on the arm and the other on the leg for performing more complicated exercises. 

The device is a good activity tracker as it correctly tracks every workout you throw at it. You can use it for your muscle-building lifts, and it flawlessly recognizes partial reps.


  • The strap of the device is comfortable to put on.
  • The device runs on 4 AAA batteries; hence the charge remains for long.
  • It has a watch functionality to set up while doing exercises.
  • It is a very lightweight product.
  • The motion sensors track all your body movements and give accurate results.


  • The app does not have all the images of all the exercises in its database, and some cannot track them.
  • It is tricky to turn off the device.

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#3 Skulpt Activity and Fitness Tracker

This device is very different from other activity tracking devices. The device does not track your training session or counts your reps, but instead, it measures your muscle mass. 

Skulpt Activity and Fitness Tracker

The device accurately measures how much muscle you have and determines muscle imbalances; it’s quality and asymmetrical muscles. 

This feature is fantastic as you can easily adjust your training to rectify the issues. The device also gives you nutrition and fitness guidance based on your unique physiology. 

It also computes your fat percentage for 24 muscle groups. The best part of the device is that it is simple to use. You need to scan your body with this device simply, and after which, it gives you the desired results. 

The device provides detailed tracking of progress, has adjustments for guidance over time and nutrition and fitness notifications to keep you motivated.


  • The device is very convenient to use.
  • It can help you fix muscle imbalances and asymmetries.
  • It can help you gauge progress.
  • It accurately measures muscle mass.


  • If you compare the device with other high-tech equipment, you might notice some amount of accuracy.
  • The device might stop working for some time, for which you need to restart it.

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#4 Activbody handheld isometric strength training device

The device is nothing more than a tiny gym in your pocket. You can simply fit it in your pocket and take it anywhere you like. This tracker is ideal for all types of health freaks, such as runners, climbers, golfers, athletes, and many more. 

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This device helps strengthen specific muscle groups, including upper and lower body muscles, arms, and legs. Pair the device with the companion app, then it will help in effectively targeting muscles using 100+ low impact workouts

The exercises are isometric exercises, which are a proven way to increase strength, tone your body, and increase energy and metabolism to drive healthy weight loss. 

It also collects your data and tracks your everyday progress, improvements, and active time. All-in-all it is a fun and effective way to exercise anywhere. This activity tracker keeps you on top of your game, motivates you, and gets you closer to your fitness goals.


  • The device easily adapts to your body.
  • The exercises tones and increases the strength of your muscles.
  • It is a safe and efficient device.
  • It offers 100+ low impact training.


  • Filling in your strength level in the device can be a daunting task.
  • The company’s customer support is not prompt; in case you get stuck somewhere.

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#5 Atlas Wearables Wristband

The Atlas fitness tracker covers all your bases; most importantly, it records all your weightlifting metrics. It completely removes all the burden of manual tracking. 

Atlas Wearables Wristband

The device has an excellent database of exercises in its list, and it does a brilliant job of figuring out which exercise you are doing if it is on its list. 

Also, if your exercise is not on its list, you can teach it your new routine, which it will later identify. The device does a great job of identifying exercises and tracking weight and overall performance. 

The phone app is pretty intuitive, and it can review your performance, sync the device, look-up pre-defined routines, and put the device in learning mode. You can also edit your previous workouts.


  • The device can count on your reps of exercises.
  • It measures your calories burnt.
  • It tracks your heart rate during the entire workout session the whole time.
  • It calculates your exercising and resting time.


  • The device recognizes your exercise only if you maintain a perfect form.
  • The device is useless if you don’t have a strong internet connection.
  • You need to input every exercise you do on your phone and then sync it to the gadget.
  • It has concise battery life.

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Bodybuilders, weight trainers, and athletes who undergo strength training need specialized activity trackers that can help them understand their muscle buildup and impact of the training regimen that they are following. It helps to have an activity tracker that can automate at least part of that process. 

In this article, we have selected the best activity tracker for weight training based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide for weight trainers and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Garmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit (Black)  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because it is rich in features and serves the purpose.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Atlas Wearables Wristband, which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point.