Best Hearing Aids for Watching TV

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If you are fond of watching the TV but find it difficult to hear the conversation, you may need one or a pair of hearing aids. Below we review the best hearing aids for watching TV.

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Technically, in this article, we talk about hearing amplifiers as compared to aids. Hearing amplifiers amplify all sounds so that you can hear things better. A hearing aid is specifically tailored to a person and more often than not, recommended by a medical practitioner.

For many people, hearing amplifiers serve nearly the same purpose as a hearing aid. Hearing aids can cost anywhere between $3000 to $6000. A good hearing amplifier will cost between $50 and $150.

So please indulge us when we use hearing aids and hearing amplifiers interchangeably here. We are referring to hearing amplifiers.

best hearing aids for watching TV - reviews

Hearing loss is a big deal in North America. According to CDC about 15% of American adults (more than 35 million) have some form of hearing trouble. This ordeal affects people of all ages but is more common in the aging population.  While there are various causes of hearing loss, prolonged exposure to loud noise is a significant contributing factor.

In some cases, hearing loss is related to aging or medical reasons such as a birth defect, fluid buildup or a punctured eardrum and can oftentimes be corrected surgically. For many, the use of a hearing aid is the best option.

Below, we have reviewed some of the better hearing aids available on the market today. Before we get into the details, have a quick look at what hearing aids can and can not do.

How Hearing Aids Help

The hearing aids of today are electronic battery-operated devices that uses a very small microphone to pick up sound waves and deliver them to the ear through an equally small speaker. The technology is such that weak sounds are transformed into louder sounds so they may be heard by the device users.

Hearing devices are basically sound amplifiers. But with modern technology, sounds are not only amplified, but made clearer through the reduction of background noise.

The video below shows how to put hearing aids in your ears.

How to Choose A Hearing Aid That’s Right for You

When choosing the hearing aid right for you, understand that the device does not restore lost hearing. Hearing aids are designed to improve hearing loss by amplifying sounds and making them clearer and understandable.

On this premise, it is important to choose a hearing aid based on your hearing challenges, the features needed to combat those challenges, a comfort fit and your budget. For example, devices can be very small and barely visible when inserted in the inner ear canal but may be uncomfortable or too costly.

Those that can be fitted and worn behind the ear may be more comfortable and budget-friendly. When in the market for a hearing aid, it is a good idea to consult with a medical professional.

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The Best Hearing Aids for Watching TV

1. Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Ziv-201A

When it comes to hearing amplifiers, our top choice for watching TV is the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Ziv-201A. This is a hearing aid designed by audiologists.

This hearing amplifier is a fairly easy to use piece of equipment. After charging it fully (USB cable charger), the battery lasts up to 24 hours. It provides full digital quality sound and comes with noise reduction features.

This hearing aid from Banglijian comes with a 3-month return policy and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Do check its availability because as of this writing, the product was available in very limited quantities.

Like with any other hearing amplifier, if you are using it for the first time, it might take you some getting used to listening to all the newly amplified sounds all around you that you were not noticing so far!

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2. Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Bha-220

One of the top-selling products on Amazon in its category, this hearing aid comes with more than 500 hours of battery life per battery. Replacement batteries can be easily found in most convenience and big box stores. It can be adjusted to be worn in either ear. It is a very well priced product.

This hearing aid also offers tone control which can be set to high or low depending upon the user’s need. Its 4 modes of operation are as follows:

  • Low frequency – 0.3 to 2 Kilo Hertz
  • Medium frequency – 0.5 to 3 Kilo Hertz
  • High frequency – 0.8 to 4 Kilo Hertz
  • Wide frequency – 1 to 6 Kilo Hertz

All these make the Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier Bha-220 our favorite when it comes to the best hearing aids for watching TV. Do be mindful, though, that this simply amplifies all sounds. So a loud sound can be much louder.

3. Digital Hearing Amplifier by MEDca

This set of two hearing aids comes with a long lasting battery that lasts all day on a single charge. Its digital smart chip means that you do not have to program it before using.

It has a simple to use touch volume control allowing you to use 6 different volume settings. As of the writing, this product comes with a money back guarantee too. These value for money pair of hearing aids are great for watching TV, listening to music or for normal day to day conversations.

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4. Rechargeable Personal Sound Enhancer by Blomed

This set of fourth-generation hearing aids from Blomed provides 50% more noise reduction than its third generation counterpart. It can be operated on 2 different modes and provides 4 channel choices. This hearing aid’s design makes it fairly discreet to use.

It takes 8 hours to fully charge its battery. So with one overnight charge, you get 40 hours of operation! This product comes with 2 months of after sales service within which it can be exchanged or returned. You will need to set it up to the proper channel for watching TV. But once set, these hearing aids work like a charm!

5. Coniler Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors

This easy to use hearing aid comes with layered noise reduction to reduce background, low-frequency noise. This device comes with 3 signal processing channels, offering the user a good experience in quiet, noisy, and super noisy environments.

About 4 hours of charging this hearing aid’s battery can give up to 2 days of usage. This product can be used in either ear.

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#6 Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier from R & L Store

The rechargeable hearing amplifier comes with a magnetic charging station which can get you 24-hour usage every complete recharge. The lightweight and easily concealable device ensure that you do not feel that you have an additional aid in your body. It’s time to get rid of all muffled hearing aids and get on with the crisp sound and high-quality hearing amplifier from the R & L Store.

There are no buttons to confuse you. All you need to do is turn on the device, set your volume preference, and you are good to go. If you face some issues related to the device, you can contact their 24/7 customer support, ready to answer your queries. For ease of access, the device comes with a volume control adjustment tool that you can use to press the small volume control button to adjust it. The innovative design ensures that you have the maximum ease of access and provides less ear congestion. You can now talk over the phone, watch TV, have conversations and even hear the sounds of nature without trouble with this hearing amplifier.


  • A small and invisible device allows you to carry it around in your ears with ease.
  • Crisp sound quality ensures that you have the best hearing experience.
  • The user-friendly device makes sure that there are no unnecessary buttons to confuse you.
  • It comes with a wax guard to keep the aid clean always.
  • It comes with unlimited customer support for ease of use.


  • If you do not put them in your ears the right way, they might end up falling out of your ears.
  • You will take some time to get accustomed to charging the device right for the best use.
  • When charged fully, the device can last you for only 24 hours at a stretch. 

7. Noise Reduce Sound Amplifier BHA-203

This high-performance hearing aid is universal for both ears. It comes with a USB chargeable battery. Its volume is adjusted by rotating a dial. With digital signal processing, it does a good job at noise reduction.

It has two listening modes – one for quiet surroundings and other for more noisy areas. A fully charged battery can last up to 5 days with 8 hours of daily use.

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Various Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are worn in or around a person’s ear to improve hearing difficulties. There are many types of hearing aids available to those who have hearing loss. Choosing the right hearing aid can improve quality of life.

Here are descriptions of the various types of hearing devices:

  • Behind the ear devices (BTE) are designed to fit securely behind the ear. A typical size is about one inch in length.
  • An over the ear (OTE) style is similar to the BTE but is sits on top of the outer ear. The device is typically very small for comfort and minimized visibility.
  • An in the ear (ITE) fits in the confines of the outer ear. These devices are custom-fitted.
  • The in the canal (ITC) hearing aid is inserted deeper in the inner ear canal where they are barely visible.
  • Then there are the completely in the canal (CIC) devices that are even smaller than the ITC devices. These tiny devices are barely visible, if at all.

The type that works for you depends on your personal needs and whether or not you mind the aesthetics of the larger models. Small devices may be more appealing, but they can also be difficult to handle.

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