Best Golf Clubs for Tall Seniors

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We have reviewed the best golf clubs for tall seniors. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

Golf is a favorite pastime for many seniors. It is perhaps the only sport where your height can actually be a disadvantage. Taller golf players often complain of backaches after playing a game. 

Surprised? It might not have occurred to you that the size of the golf club makes a substantial difference to the health of the player’s spine. Sometimes, golfers themselves don’t realize that if the golf clubs are not the right size, you could end up straining your lumbar and spinal area.

Often, tall seniors find themselves compromising with golf clubs. They either have to crouch to hit the ball or modify their swing to get the perfect shot, all because the golf clubs that they use are too short for them to make the right swing. This constant bending and odd postures have a bad effect on the lower back.

best golf clubs for tall seniors

If your loved one is an avid golfer, and also happens to be tall, it would be a good idea to suggest they buy one of the best golf clubs for tall seniors. It will help them avoid a lot of pain and prevent injuries. It will also improve their chances of making that hole-in-one and winning the game.

In this article, we will take a look at the best golf clubs for tall seniors, and what features they should have to make them perfect for this audience.

Best Golf Clubs For Tall Seniors

#1 Performance Custom Golf Set

To a golf player, this Performance Custom golf set assures high-grade performance. The golf set especially fits with the requirements of tall golfers. 

Performance Custom Golf Left Handed Tall Men Golf Set

All clubs in the set are 1” taller than the standard length. So playing golf is now easy for men of 6’ to 6’6” height, as this golf set is designed to fit your height. 

The set features oversized club heads to give an advantage of maximum forgiveness or mishit shots. It includes a 460 cc 10.5-degree driver, 3 wood, and 21-degree hybrid. 

The golf set is custom made to get better gaming experience. It is technologically equipped with great design in order to get good control and distance. 

Every club is built to meet the unique specifications of all golfers. It also features an automatic stand and dual strap golf bag. This premium quality set is an ideal choice for all golfers.


  • All clubs feature clubheads to give good control while playing the game.
  • Regular flex steel shafts add accuracy and touch in your game.
  • This left-handed golf club set ensures your shots fly directly to the target.
  • It aids in unbelievable game performance.


  • It may wear out easily.

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#2 Precision Performance Tall Men Golf Set

Precision Performance Tall Men Golf Set is an all-in-one graphite shafted golf set. The golf set redefines quality with effective performance. The golf clubs are tailored to suit your individual and personal set. 

Precision Performance Tall Men Golf Set

This golf set is extremely long hitting and forgiving. The clubs are designed with oversized club heads for maximum forgiveness. The material is constructed with titanium and stainless steel heads. All the clubs have graphite shafts. 

So for a tall golfer, it becomes easy to hit their target. The graphite shafts add to the distance and control. It also features face balanced, easy alignment putter. 

It also comes with automatic stand bags with matching headcovers. The oversized combo irons keep your bag light and easy to carry. Moreover, it assures you to score points you need to win the game. This precision performance set promises to deliver excellent performance.


  • The face-balanced putter ensures easy alignment and balancing.
  • This set is made of clubs that help you hit the course.
  • The bag comes with plenty of storage space.


  • Driver and hybrid often have too much flex.
  • Sometimes the putter feels clumsy and heavy to a golfer.

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#3 Aspire Men’s Complete Golf Set

This Aspire golf set features everything you need to play a good game. The set is designed with improved and high-performance clubs. These clubs are a good choice for any golfer who is looking for more distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. 

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

The best part about this set is that it is designed for both professional and amateur players. This set helps players to improve their playing abilities, which will automatically improve their game. This golf set comes with a 460 cc titanium driver. 

The design is made of stainless steel woods and iron. The clubheads assure high-quality performance and ease to reach your target. The set too features 100 % graphite shaft on woods and true temper steel shafts on iron. 

Additionally, this set comes with a matching deluxe golf bag and headcovers. A golfer can build more confidence and ability in his overall game.


  • This golf set is ideal for men with 6 feet and above height.
  • All golf clubs are longer than the standard length.
  • There are 5 irons that come with a set to improve your performance.


  • Heads may have the chance of breaking off after a handful of swings.

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#4 Precise Men’s Complete Golf Club Package

This golf club package by Precise is a high-performance golf club set. The set is designed for the golfers who prefer precision with improved performance. It includes clubs that aim at giving a combination of distance and forgiveness. 

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Club Package

The set is made uniquely with aerodynamic design on the wood. It is made of ultra forgiving irons, which helps you to hit straighter shots easily. 

The clubs are made especially for tall golfers. They are, therefore, longer than their standard length. This golf set allows golfers to add more consistency in their game. The set includes a matching deluxe dual strap golf bag to keep your things effectively. 

The bag is stylish, and you can also carry it like a backpack. Moreover, it also comes with high-performance headcovers. A rain hood is included as an addition to this golf set.


  • The grab handle is included to move your clubs smoothly.
  • Tall clubs are also available for tall people.
  • The irons are equipped with steel shafts.
  • This set is a good golf set choice for the beginners or amateur golfers.


  • Head of the putter often separates from the shaft.

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#5 Palms Spring Golf VISA Club Set

This Palm Springs Golfs club set is an ideal choice for beginners and starters. The clubs in this set are made with ergonomic and latest design.

Palms Spring Golf VISA Mens Club Set

It helps a beginner player to build a high-grade performance in his game. The best thing about clubs is that they are forgiving and easy to use. For tall gentlemen, the clubs are 1 inch taller than their standard length. Its oversize 460 cc drive is a huge sweet spot than the club with a smaller sweet spot. The wood has an enlarged sweet spot which gives great forgiveness in the game. It also features a low profile sole that is good for hitting the grass. 

The set comes with a 100 % pure graphite shaft which gives regular flex. The set further includes 2 hybrid, a putter, and a matching headcover, It also includes a stand bag with a dual strap and rainhood.


  • Set’s unique head shape helps to put more mass behind the point of impact in order to get a more solid roll.
  • The stand bag provides ample storage for holding clubs.
  • The clubs are more forgiving and consistent and help golfers to easily hit their target.


  • Heads have a chance of easily breaking off.

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What Should You Look For before Buying Golf Clubs for Tall Seniors?

If you truly enjoy a game of golf, it is worth your while to invest in the right set of golf clubs based on your height and age. Here is a buyers’ guide that suggests what to look for in an ideal golf set if you are taller than average.

Custom-Made Clubs for Tall Men

If you are tall and find it challenging to play with a normal sized golf set, you should opt for bespoke golf clubs for tall men. These golf clubs are suitable for men, whose height is 6 feet and above. The set includes clubs that are one inch longer than the standard size. 

Some of these sets may even be available for left-handers. 

best golf clubs for tall seniors

Furthermore, having a taller set reduces stress to your muscle and joints while swinging the golf club. An improvised golf club also helps in maintaining good posture.

Reduced Mishits

If you are a beginner or even a pro, you should look for clubs with optimum forgiveness, because as your hands lose their strength, there is a higher probability of a mishit, and therefore it is better to have a forgiving clubhead. 

Forgiveness elements include things like perimeter weighing, larger clubheads and clubfaces, cavity backs, more weight lower and deeper in the clubhead, offset, thicker toplines and wider soles, and (in woods) slightly closed faces. Having a more forgiving club as a senior can reduce the impact of a mishit for you.

Dual-Strap Golf Bag With Automatic Stand

Scientifically, dual-straps even out the weight load. Seniors may develop recurrent backaches if they continue to carry a heavy golf bag with an uneven load. Dual-strap golf bag aids in distributing the weight of the golf clubs over both the shoulders. 

Secondly, tall seniors do not need to bend over each time to fetch out a club from the bag. The automatic stand opens up the moment it touches the ground.

best golf clubs for tall seniors

Graphite Shaft

You would be much happier if you go for a graphite shaft. Though they are expensive in comparison to steel shafts, they are ideal for seniors. The graphite shafts weigh only 50 gm, which makes them lighter than the steel shafts. 

Tall seniors can maneuver the swing swiftly with a lightweight graphite shaft improving their chances of handling the clubs better.

Here we have a Youtube video that shows the correct swing for your body type.

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In this article, we have selected the best golf clubs for tall seniors based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Left Handed Tall Mens Golf Set - Custom Made Clubs Complete Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, Irons, Putter, Stand Bag Taylor Fit Regular Flex  is the best choice among the different available options that we have considered as they are technologically designed to give utmost comfort for tall seniors and offer high grade performance during the game

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens +1" TALL GRAPHITE & STEEL Club Set & Stand Bag, as it is considered to be perfect when you are looking for some value for money option.

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