Best Electric Hospital Beds for Home Use

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We have reviewed the best electric hospital beds for home use. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed reviews.

If you have a loved one who needs long term care and is confined to a bed due to old age, injury or disability, you would want them to be as comfortable on that bed as possible. You would have noticed that hospital beds are usually a lot more comfortable than home beds, and come with specialized features for taking care of a patient.

These days, it is possible to bring the same features and comfort to your home by purchasing a home hospital bed at a reasonable price.

However, before you go out to buy a hospital bed, do know that it is a fairly costly item and a big investment. It is best to be prepared before making the decision, and we are here to help you make the best decision with our buyer’s guide and top recommendations.

Best Electric Hospital Beds for Home Use

Types of Hospital Beds

Let us first quickly review the types of home hospital beds available in the market.


As the name suggests, there is nothing manual about a fully electric hospital bed. You can adjust everything – the elevation of the head and foot area and the overall bed can all be controlled by a simple remote control that can be placed in the hand of the patient or the caregiver.


A semi-electric bed has most adjustments covered by the remote control, except for the height of the bed, which is manually controlled by a crank on the side of the bed.

Manual Hospital Beds

Everything is adjusted manually, through cranks. Of course, these beds do have the cost advantage on their side, but the effort required on the part of the caregiver is usually a lot more. You may consider buying one in case the patient is mostly immobile and does not need to be lifted many times a day.

Low Hospital Beds

If the patient can get in and out of bed or is a fall risk, you should prefer a low bed which has a naturally low elevation (maybe around a foot above the floor). While every other feature is the same as a normal electric bed, the lower frame makes it useful for those two reasons mentioned in the beginning.

Bariatric Hospital Beds

Every bed has a standard weight capacity (Ideally you should always keep a buffer of about a 100-pounds between the advertised weight capacity and the weight of your loved one, but more on that later). For most beds that capacity would be between 250 to 450 pounds. If your loved one is of a heavier build and requires a stronger bed, consider buying one specially made for bariatric patients.

Trendelenburg Hospital Beds

These are specialized beds with options that allow for more extreme adjustability- such as head lower than feet or recliner like positions. They are normally used for patients in rehab or ageing patients. Due to the more extreme nature of movement flexibility, these beds are typically very expensive.

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Features That You Should Consider

Weight Capacity

As already mentioned, each bed has a maximum weight capacity. Ideally when buying a hospital bed, always consider the maximum weight capacity to be at least a 100 pounds lower than the advertised weight capacity. Thus if your loved one is 300 pounds, look for beds that can support up to 400 pounds of weight.

This is just a thumb rule to ensure that the bed is fully capable of supporting your loved one even if they were to start gaining weight over time (which happens as they recover their health). If the patient is very overweight, you can also look at bariatric beds and mattresses.


Standard hospital beds have options to control the elevation of the bed but are as tall as usual home beds.

If your loved one is a possible fall risk while sleeping or else they are well enough to be able to get themselves in and out of bed many times a day, a low hospital bed may be a good solution.

Side Rails

Side rails are an important safety feature in hospital beds, that protect the patient in case they are at risk of slipping out of the bed at night.

Side rails can be either half rails – which protect the torso of the patient from falling over, or full rails – which are needed to ensure that the patient can’t get out bed. If your loved one has a sleeping disorder or is prone to dementia wandering, full rails are a nice feature to have.

Construction and Design

You should make sure that the construction quality of the bed is good enough to support the loved one for a long time. In most cases, a steel or aluminium frame is indicative of high-quality construction.

Installation Services

Installing a home hospital bed can be a complicated task. Check with your supplier if they provide a complimentary service to install the bed as well.


Some premium beds come with free specialized mattresses, pillows and other accessories included which are needed for patient comfort. You might consider buying them since you don’t have to buy everything independently.


Last, but certainly not the least – the price of a specialized hospital bed may range anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the features you need, the type that you buy and the accessories and services that you are getting along with it.

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Best Electric Hospital Beds

#1 Invacare 5410IVC, 6630DS, 5185 Full-Electric Homecare Bed

The Invacare full-electric bed is our no. 1 choice for fully electric homecare beds. The positioning of the head, knee and overall bed height are all controllable through an easy to use remote. The bed includes an innerspring mattress and clamp-on half-length bed rails as well.

Invacare 5410IVC, 6630DS, 5185 Full-Electric Homecare Bed

The Invacare fully electric is made from reinforced steel and measures 88-inches long and  36-inches wide, with an adjustable height between 15 inches and 23 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The mattress provided along with the bed is a 312 coil innerspring mattress which has a vinyl cover for comfortable support to your loved ones.

The bed comes in two options – with full rails or half rails clamped on to the bed with a large knob. No tools are required to install them. They are made from welded steel for durability

The motor is quiet and water-proof. For added safety, all electrical components are double insulated including the hand pendant, which is also waterproof and ergonomically designed.


  • Sturdy reinforced steel construction
  • Comes with free innerspring coil mattress
  • Half rail/ full rails for added patient safety
  • Double insulated electric components


  • The bed comes unassembled in the box. Assembly instructions are difficult to understand. Be prepared along with help for assembly.
  • Some people do not find the mattress provided to be comfortable

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#2 LUCID L300 Bed Base

The Lucid L300 is our no. 2 choice for the best electric home adjustable bed. Its custom folding hinge design makes the bed assembly effortless. It takes merely 5 minutes from box to bed.

LUCID L300 Bed Base

The head of the bed is able to incline up to 60 degrees, and foot inclines up to 45 degrees. The bed has a durable, responsive and quiet motor.

The wireless remote has a flashlight and programmable memory which makes it easier to set specific positions as per your needs. There are dual USB charging stations on both sides of the bed base for charging your loved one’s mobile devices etc.

The bed has a 750-pound maximum weight capacity, which puts it squarely in the category of a bariatric bed. It also comes with a 10-year Warranty


  • Takes only 5 minutes to assemble
  • The remote control has a flashlight and programmable memory
  • USB ports on the sides of the bed
  • 750-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Available in various sizes


  • Several users claimed damages to the bed during shipping
  • The height of the bed may not be comfortable for some users.

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#3 LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Incline

The Linenspa is not a complete hospital bed in the sense that it does not have height adjustment. However, the head can be inclined up to 58 degrees and the foot can be inclined up to 40 degrees

LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Incline

The bed is quite easy to put together, simply unfold the base and attach the legs and it is ready to use. There is a wired remote with all the functions for adjusting head and foot incline and with a quiet motor and durable construction, this bed is extremely comfortable and good for long term use. The bed has a 5-year limited warranty as well.


  • Easy to put together
  • Quiet motor
  • Durable, all-metal construction


  • No height adjustment
  • No bed rails

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#4 iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

The iDealBed 4i has 70-degree head adjustment and 42-degree foot adjustment, with a full-featured ergonomic wireless remote which has 18 buttons and 3 pre-set positions. The pre-sets include zero-gravity, anti-snore, and flat button for easy use.

iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

The motor of the bed is very quiet and the bed has a maximum weight capacity of 850 pounds. The zero-clearance design of the bed makes it easy to fit inside an existing bed frame.

The bed even has a full body massage option. The height of the bed can be adjusted by using detachable legs of heights 4 inch, 7 inch and 11 inches.


  • Ergonomic remote with 18 presets including Zero-gravity and anti-snore
  • Maximum weight capacity of 850 pounds
  • Detachable legs to adjust the height of the bed.


  • Some users complained of having received a damaged bed
  • No bed rails or included mattress

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Buying an adjustable hospital bed for home is a fairly expensive proposition, and the buyer must carefully consider their choices and needs before going ahead with a purchase.

In this article, we have tried to inform the buyer of the factors that they need to consider before buying. We believe the 4 choices that we have laid out are amongst the best choices for most users. However, as always, refer to your doctor or medical practitioner to discuss your loved one’s particular needs and which features are essential to meet those needs in an adjustable bed.