Best Books on Alkaline Diet

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A healthy diet demands an understanding of what is healthy food. Let us look at the best books on alkaline diet to steer us towards a healthier diet

In this modern world, we can easily access tasty cuisines from around the globe. The food may look appetizing, but it is not always healthy. For example, acidifying food causes tons of health problems in your body. You also lose your immunity and can catch frequent infections if you consume too much acidic food.

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

If you want to ensure wellness in your body, a healthy diet is your starting point. It would help if you took an alkaline plant-based diet to maintain the pH of your blood. A balanced blood pH keeps your internal organs well and gives you tremendous energy. The alkaline food is also environmentally friendly.

Today, we will suggest the twelve best books on an alkaline diet. These books will help you form the right understanding of which diet to choose to remain healthy. Once you go through these books, you will have ample reasons to eat healthily. Let’s get started.

#1 Alkaline Plant-Based Diet Book

Author: Aqiyl Aniys.

Publication Year: 2017.

Number of Pages: 148.

Overview: This book is a new version of the author’s previous book, ‘The God-Awakening Diet.’ The latest edition is titled explicitly for the readers to identify with the content. An alkaline plant-based diet is essential for vitality, reversing diseases, and protecting the ecosystem.

This book provides deep insight into the importance of an alkaline diet. It highlights that inhumane treatment of animals and climate change is best dealt with by changing our diet. This book will give you ways to keep your organs healthy only by tweaking your diet.

The author is a health activist and holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition. In the book, he has also mentioned how his life changed drastically after adopting a plant-based diet. The author was determined to show the world the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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#2 Alkaline Diet: Dr. Sebi’s Approved Recipes and Cookbook for Reversing Diseases

Author: Dr. Nancy Leyminus.

Publication Year: 2021.

Number of Pages: 104.

Overview: This book is written after taking motivation from Dr. Sebi, a natural healer, Intracellular therapist, and herbalist. This book discusses the methodology of Dr. Sebi in curing diseases only by an honest and plant-based diet plan.

There are various methods for the treatment of diabetes and hypertension is given in the book. The recipes that are tried and tested by Dr. Sebi in his long career are stated in the book with minute details. This book is like a treasure in disguise for health enthusiasts. 

This book is written to give you a complete idea of the correct type of fruits, herbs, food, and juices to keep your organs healthy. If you seek encouragement to go vegan, this book can give you that extra motivation. The benefits of a plant-based diet are covered in this book in detail.

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

#3 Alkaline Diet Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Lose Weight and Detox Naturally

Author: Albert Rowland.

Publication Year: 2017.

Number of Pages: 80.

Overview: This book mainly has many healthy recipes to prepare a healthy alkaline diet. The book will also suggest fruits and vegetables that you need to include in your diet. The recipes given in this book are best-selling and have an appealing taste.

The book begins by teaching you about the benefits of the alkaline diet. After stating the benefits, you will be given the recipes for juices, soups, smoothies, side dishes, and main dishes. Now is your chance if you are looking to switch to a vegan diet.

The stated diets will cleanse your body of the harmful acidic food composites. You will learn how to counter the acidity and acidic environment of the body. After finishing this book, you will realize what wonders a healthy acid-free diet can do for you.

#4 Essential Alkaline Diet Cookbook

Author: Rockridge Press.

Publication Year: 2015.

Number of Pages: 361.

Overview: This book offers insight into why you need to have an alkaline diet plan. It explains the benefit of a balanced pH level in your blood. This book will first enlighten you about the importance and suggest tasty recipes.

There are 150 recipes given in this book for you. You can choose any of them to keep experimenting without getting bored. It has a 30-day meal plan which targets thyroids, the immune system, and the kidney. You will get a customized plan for your body.

The recipes include almond-quinoa muffins, vegetable potpie, quinoa-avocado salad, lovers’ lasagna, and championship chili. This book will also provide you with the necessary insight into the pH value of over 200 daily life dishes. 

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

#5 Alkaline Diet For Beginners

Author: Jennifer Koslo.

Publication Year: 2016.

Number of Pages: 184.

Overview: This book takes a straightforward approach to explaining an alkaline diet’s importance. It gives scientific explanations on why you need to include an alkaline diet in your daily life. This book will slowly take you to the point where you can prepare mentally.

There is a four-week sample diet plan in the book to give you a glimpse of the alkaline diet. Changing your diet is a terrifying task, but the insights provided in this book will make the job easy. This book also contains many tasty recipes for beginners.

Some of the recipes are cinnamon granola, vanilla beans, cheesy broccoli bites, Roasted artichoke salad, and French onion and kale soup. Keeping in mind the comfort of beginners, only delicious and flavorful dishes are there in this book.

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#6 The Alkaline Diet Plan

Author: Dr. Connie Jeon.

Publication Year: 2013.

Number of Pages: 258.

Overview: This book is the best selling in the alkaline food category. Dr. Connie Jeon has explained losing weight only by switching your diet. This book contains simple alkaline diet recipes that you can follow to revitalize your diet plan.

You can achieve a sound mind and body control to enhance your life. The key to good life starts with detoxing your diet. This book will give you a healthy way of eating, living, and juicing. If you want to create an alkaline diet plan, this book will be your start.

This book is highly rated on many book review websites. You will not get disappointed by this book regarding its high paperback price. The plan given in this book is the Mediterranean diet. You will lose weight with the pace of healthy and tasty recipes. 

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

#7 The Complete Alkaline Diet Guide Book For Beginners

Author: Paul Johnston.

Publication Year: 2018.

Number of Pages: 155.

Overview: This book is an easy guide for beginners who want to switch their diet. It offers simple to cook recipes that are tasty as well. Most people start with a complex diet that may taste weird. But, in the beginning, you should stick to simple, delicious food items.

This book has scientific explanations behind every step it suggests. The book’s author is a chef by profession, so he knows how to design delicious recipes. If you are beginning your journey in the alkaline diet, this book will be perfect for you.

This book will give you a decent starting point for your alkaline diet journey. You can finally conjure the motivation needed for the change. The book has impressive ratings on Amazon and Good Reads. The rating vows the quality of the writings you will get.

#8 The Healthy Alkaline Diet Guide: What to Know, Why it Works, and What to Eat?

Author: Lauren O’Conner.

Publication Year: 2020.

Number of Pages: 155.

Overview: This Book is made keeping in mind the needs of all food enthusiasts. There is a 3-week diet plan in the book for transitioning people. Author Lauren O’Conner is a registered dietician who has tremendous experience in an alkaline diet.

This book contains a comprehensive guide on a whole-food, plant-based diet. You will also know what supplements you need to include with your diet for good results. It has tasty recipes like blueberries, mango smoothies, and bean veggie tostada.

Lauren O’Conner also talks about the 80/20 rule in her book to keep things realistic for beginners. Most of the books take a strict path in suggesting the diet plan making it daunting for beginners. But, this book will simplify things for you; it is worth a read.

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

#9 Acid-Alkaline Diet For Dummies

Author: Julie Wilkinson.

Publication Year: 2012

Number of Pages: 610.

Overview: This book explains the importance of an alkaline diet in historical terms. It joins the parallel between ancient and modern humans to compare their diets. This book will make you understand the importance of an alkaline diet in evolutionary terms.

You will get a comprehensive list of the food items you need to avoid and include in your diet. You will also get guidance in losing weight by eating healthy food. It has more than 40 tasty recipes that you can follow to get a good start.

This book may look bulky, but you will not need anything else after finishing it. You will understand every caveat of an alkaline diet to implement efficiently in your life. This book is highly rated on all platforms, making it a ‘must read’ book on the topic.

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#10 The One-Pot Alkaline Diet Cookbook

Author: Sharisse Dalby.

Publication Year: 2020.

Number of Pages: 250.

Overview: In “The One-Pot Alkaline Diet Cookbook,” you will get a profound idea of how to manage blood pH. You will learn about various food items that can do pH maintenance for you. The scientific benefits of an alkaline diet are also mentioned in the book.

Author Sharisse Dalby is a known nutritionist and a certified plant-based cook. She is the perfect person to seek advice on your alkaline diet. To begin your healthy diet journey, you will get to know 100 tasty recipes and Ultimate Guide to Aging Well: Diet, Exercise and Health Tips for Seniors.

The recipes are of various qualities to match your eating standard. They are made in multiple cookware, including blender, sheet pan, skillet, and Dutch oven. In this compact book, you will get all an established nutritionist has to offer. If you want to change your diet for the better, this book is a must for you.

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

#11 The Alkaline Reset Cleanse

Author: Ross Bridgeford.

Publication Year: 2018.

Number of Pages: 248.

Overview: “The alkaline reset cleanse” will make you think differently about your diet. It will teach you to replenish and heal your body by opting for a healthy diet. The recipes will maintain the homeostasis and all other systems of your body.

Ross Bridgeford has guided thousands of people in 10 years through his alkaline diet programs. While writing this book, he took a straightforward approach in suggesting a doable 7-day diet plan. The recipes are favorable for someone who is beginning the alkaline diet.

The diets that the author suggests will make your body energetic, and your internal organs will thrive. This book will help you to lose weight by eating healthy. You will have an improved immune and digestive system.

#12 How to Lose Massive Weight By Alkaline Diet

Author: Marta Tuchowska.

Publication Year: 2015.

Number of Pages: 170.

Overview: If you are searching for a book to lose weight with a healthy diet, this book will be perfect. You will get many good recipes that will help you through your journey. This diet will not only assist in your weight loss, but this book will also help you manage your weight in the long term.

Marta Tuchowska is an experienced wellness coach who has guided many people. She has written this book keeping beginners in her mind. You will get a personalized diet plan from a veteran in this field.

This book has decent ratings on all platforms. It shows you a step-by-step journey to a healthy diet. Usually, switching to a diet different from your current one is a terrifying task. But, the author will tell you the scientific reasons behind her rationale so that everything will make sense to you.

Best Books On Alkaline Diet

Wrapping Up

The alkaline diet has tremendous benefits, and you should include it in your life. You can ensure the wellness of your organs with only natural supplements. We suggested the twelve best books on an alkaline diet to make an informed approach.

You should go through these books and understand the benefits of the alkaline diet. Most of the books that we suggested also have tasty recipes. You can prepare these recipes and start your journey. You will save a lot of money by hiring a professional dietician from these books.

We recommend that you prioritize your health and begin your journey to wellness. This is all we had to tell you; now it is your time to act for your healthy future!