Top Books On Healthy Aging

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Go through our list of top books on healthy aging and get the best advice you can about fitness, the right food and other tips that you need for an active old age.

You must be aware of the importance of books in our life. If books tell us how to enhance life and longevity gracefully, they become even more special. 

Today, we will share with you some books that will help you age, which is best-selling and liked by people worldwide. When one turns 70/ 80 years old, he has many questions in his mind. 

Top Books On Healthy Aging

Many solutions and answers have been given properly in these books, which are very necessary to lead a good and long life. Let’s check these out.

Books On Healthy Aging: Our Top 8 Picks

#1 The Longevity Book,” by famous Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz

About the author: Cameron Diaz is an American producer, writer, and retired model.

Launch date: March 2016

About the book: This book is a perfect choice for those looking for the best practical guide about having a healthy lifestyle and aging well. “The Longevity Book” is a practical and personal guide by Cameron Diaz. 

Most people love this book; it is considered as a breath of fresh air. Cameron interviewed scientists, doctors, and nutritionists and shared many essential tips to help young women know more about their body’s function. 

She included the latest and new methods based on recent research to empower them to make highly informed best choices about their health. This book covers the topics related to aging, such as why and how we age. She synthesized her own experiences and thoughts with insights from top experts. The book offers a holistic look at aging. 

Top Books On Healthy Aging

#2 “Aging with grace,” by David A. Snowdon 

About the author: The author of this popular book is David A. Snowdon, a professor of neurology on aging at the University of Kentucky and an epidemiologist. 

Launch date: 2001

About the book: This book is very inspiring. It tells about women of 74 years to 102 years who show their full dedication in serving others. They consider it their duty to serve people day and night, which helps us to know the other aspect of aging. 

For living a healthier, happier, and longer life, it is a must to know these remarkable women’s stories. In this book, the author has praised the nuns very much by using beautiful words and presenting the truth to the world. Along with this, many important points have also been included by him. 

He has told in this book that aging does not only mean being surrounded by diseases and weaknesses, but it’s time for productivity and intellectual spirituality. David A. Snowdon has shared the importance of linguistic ability in children and considered it essential to avoid Alzheimer’s. 

#3 “Being Mortal,” by Atul Gawande

About the author: Atul Gawande is an American writer, surgeon, and public health researcher.

Launch date: 7 October 2014

About the book: The book has 280 pages and has been divided into eight chapters. This book is a medication and helps people live better and stress-free lives. 

Being Mortal was even featured on the Guardian’s Top ten books about growing old. Sir Atul Gawande said in this book that living a good and healthy life should be the true goal of life. 

This popular book is a precious contribution to the literature on aging, death, and dying, and the author has described aging nicely and how it often surprises us.

Top Books On Healthy Aging

#4 “The Telomere effect,” by Drs. Blackburn and Epel

About the author: Drs. Blackburn is an Australian-born American molecular biologist.

Launch date: 2017

About the book: This book by Drs. Blackburn and Epel is equipped with beautiful explanations and studies on aging, like why some people age more gracefully and the reasons behind it. 

There are many such people in this world who, despite being 60 years old, look 40 years old and behave as if they are 40 years old. All these things have been studied thoroughly by the authors and presented to the public. 

Authors say that when you guess something, you telomere it. This book represents how telomeres are responsible for changing the way we age.

#5 Ikigai by  Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

About authors: Hector Gracia is a former software engineer. Francesc Miralles Contijoch has a nationality of Spanish and is an essayist, translator, writer, and musician. 

Launch date: 2016

About the book: Ikigai means the happiness one gets from being busy. The authors have told the importance of a busy life in this book. 

At the same time, it is also said that we should take care of all those things which help us to be happy. All those things should be done regularly. The author said that our life does not end after retirement, but there is a huge life ahead of it.

Top Books On Healthy Aging

#6 Healthy Aging,” by Andrew Weil

About the author: Andrew Thomas Weil is a 79 years old doctor of America.

Launch date: 2005

About the book: The book tells about healthy diets, and contains many useful topics that explain the biology of nutrition, aging, and healthy attitudes. If you want to know all the secrets of healthy longevity, you must buy this book written by renowned Dr. Andrew Weil.

#7 “The Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner

About the author: Dan Buetttner is a New-York Times-bestselling author.

Launch date: 2008

About the book: The author has shared his tips to help people live longer and happier. This popular book is especially for people of 50 plus age. The author has discussed lifestyle, stress handling practices, and nutrition.

#8 “How to Live Forever” by Marc freedman 

About the author: Marc Freedman is a 63 years old CEO and founder of Civic Ventures.

Launch date: 2018

About the book: The writer has tried to raise many good aspects of aging and questioned it. He discussed the social effects of adult orders’ longer lifespans and how society should deal with people who live 35 to 39 years beyond retirement. Readers loved his tips and essential research.

Top Books On Healthy Aging

Wrap Up

You can see how all the authors have included nuanced ideas in their books. From the book by David A. Snowdon, we learn that we should remove things like depression from life to avoid Alzheimer’s. 

He has also mentioned some ordinary foods and drinks, which prove to be very helpful in increasing longevity. Similarly, the book by Cameron Diaz tells the importance of Biology, History and the women’s health movement. These books are a blessing to elders.