Will My BBL Get Bigger?

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Are you concerned about how your body will look after a BBL? Are you curious and wondering: will my BBL get bigger with time? Don’t worry; this article will help you understand the effects of BBL. 

If you’ve recently had BBL surgery, you might be wondering, will my BBL get bigger?” Well, if you want it to get bigger, you can try a few exercises and take precautions during recovery. To know more about this process, please keep reading. 

Will My BBL get bigger

Can the Size of Your Buttocks Increase After BBL? 

Are you not happy with BBL results? Do you wish for a bigger BBL? It would be best if you waited for the recovery period to be over. Your doctor will take unwanted fat cells from various body parts during the surgery and transfer them to your buttocks. 

But, right after the surgery, you may not notice the effects. However, there is no need to worry, as the size of your BBL will increase. 

How long to wait for round 2 BBL, and is it recommended? 

If you want to enhance your butt a bit more, you can go in for a second round. Your doctor will ask you to wait for at least three to six months. 

What To Expect After Recovering from BBL Surgery?

If you’ve had successful surgery after recovery, you will find that your BBL is how you wanted it to be. During recovery, your butt will either appear too swollen and large or small and oddly shaped. 

However, if you eat well, stay hydrated and take precautions not to suffocate or squash the fat cells, they will thrive and give you a curvy butt. 

So, how long does it take for BBL to soften, and does it happen immediately after recovery? 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for three months after surgery to have soft and natural buttocks. After three months, if you follow all the recovery rules, your BBL will soften and have a round, curvy shape. Since your fat cells have been used, the BBL will look natural. 

Will My BBL Get Bigger

How To Get a Bigger BBL?

Once you get the surgery done, you need to understand how to maintain BBL results. To maintain the size of your butt after surgery and to get the best BBL, do the following things. 

Wear Proper Clothing

After the BBL surgery, do not wear any tight-fitted or restrictive clothing. These usually squeeze fat cells that have been transferred. Tight clothes will destroy those new fat cells, and your BBL will not get bigger. 

Ensure Adequate Intake of Nutrients

To recover and ensure blood supply to the additional fat cells, you need to eat well. Your diet needs to be rich in vitamins and minerals. If you eat fish, incorporate salmon in your meals. If you want to munch on some snacks, choose healthy alternatives like walnuts and almonds. 

Sleep the Right Way

After you get a BBL, you need to sleep on your stomach. For at least two months after the surgery, you cannot sleep on your butt, as that will squeeze the new fat cells. You can sleep on your side, as well, but the chances of you rolling onto your back are more.  

Avoid Driving

When you are driving, you are not only sitting on your buttocks, but you are also constantly moving to push the brakes, pedals, and even while steering. To keep the fat cells safe and get the most out of your BBL, you need to avoid driving for at least two weeks. It would be best if you could avoid it for about six to eight weeks. 

Will My BBL get bigger

Avoid Smoking

Your BBL will only become more prominent if you can ensure blood flow to the new fat cells so that they can survive. If you smoke, it will affect blood circulation. It will also prolong the recovery. 

Keep the Weight off Your Buttocks

To stop getting BBL one cheek bigger than the other, you need to be careful about how much weight you put on your buttocks. While sitting, roll up a towel and place it under your thighs instead of sitting on your butt.  

While recovery tips for a big BBL are essential, you may still be wondering “how to save for a BBL?” The surgery is not very cheap, and so you will need to do some budgeting. Get an estimate from your doctor and check how much you need to save. You can keep funds aside every month till the date of the surgery. Now, while saving for a BBL, make sure that you include the costs of the recovery process as well. 

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Will Exercise Help You Get a Bigger BBL? 

Exercising can help in fluid and blood circulation. It will not only flush out toxins but also ensure fresh blood flow to your buttocks. However, don’t start exercising before eight weeks from the surgery. 

You might burn some of the additional fat during workouts. Once you start exercising, avoid leg sleds and stationary bikes. These put too much pressure on your butt.

To get a big BBL, you can do the following exercises. 

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Weighted bridges
  • Lower bodyweight training
  • Donkey kicks
  • Pilates

Now some people don’t want big buttocks after surgery and may be wondering how to make BBL smaller. If this is the case, then you should immediately contact your doctor. You can opt for a weight loss program to burn the fat. 

You can also opt for further surgery. However, you should wait for at least eight weeks before making any decision. 

Will My BBL get bigger

If you are looking at your buttocks just a few days after the surgery and thinking, “my BBL is too big,” the chances are that they are just swollen and will go back to a smaller size soon. 

But if this doesn’t happen, and you get big, curvy buttocks, you can change the exercises that you are doing. No matter what kind of a butt you want after BBL, please ask your doctor for help every step of the way.

Should I get a BBL or work out? 

You might be wondering this, especially if you are not sure about the surgery. A BBL is for those who desire a curvy body with lifted buttocks. To get that through exercise, you will need to maintain a rigorous fitness routine. 

Even then, you may not be able to get the same results as a BBL. So, if you just want toned buttocks, you can try exercising. But for an overall and more permanent change, choose a BBL.  

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Wrap Up

That’s all you need to know about getting a bigger and better BBL! If you recover completely, you will have your desired buttocks. Don’t forget to encourage others to read this article and share your recovery journey in the comments below. 

If you have any further queries and questions for us, please do let us know in the comments section and we would be happy to include them in the article.