Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

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Did you know that heart disease is the biggest cause of death for women in America? This article talks about heart disease and significance of Wear Red Day to spread awareness about this problem in women.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Older adults and the young generation are both affected by heart diseases. One in every five deaths in women is related to heart disease.

On Wear Red day, everyone is encouraged to wear red and spread awareness about different heart diseases and strokes in women. In this article, we will talk about heart diseases and the significance of Wear Red Day. So stay tuned to the information.

Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

What is Wear Red Day?

The first Friday of February is celebrated as National Wear Red Day. Heart disease is the primary cause of death in women in America, despite popular lore which believes that heart disease only impacts men.

It is essential to spread awareness about heart diseases in women. Making basic lifestyle changes and implementing healthy ideas can help prevent these problems. 

As per the American Heart Association, the awareness of heart diseases and how to prevent them remains low. By spreading education about it, we can help in reducing the occurrence of heart attacks. 

Heart disease doesn’t affect all women in the same manner as men. All of them possess different signs and symptoms.

How Are Heart Diseases And Wear Red Day Related? 

On the day of wear red, everybody wears red to show support, spread awareness about heart diseases, and help spread the message of how to treat them. Wearing red on this day encourages raising awareness about different heart diseases. 

Wear Red Day Shines The Significance Of Cardiovascular Health

Around 47 percent of the people in the United States have a risk of developing heart disease. Heart problems are the primary mortality concern among women. On the other hand, Experts say heart disease is entirely preventable by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. 

The American health associations organize Wear Red Day every year to spread ways to prevent heart diseases. You can actively participate in events and get precise information from healthcare professionals. You can help share information with others about these preventive measures.

Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

Why Is It Necessary To Educate Women About Heart Diseases?

For a long time, heart disease has been considered primarily a man’s disease. However, the statistics show that heart disease has even worse outcomes in women than in men. Samples the following stats to understand the horror story that is heart disease in women:

  • Around 1 in 3 women in America die due to heart disease. 
  • More than 60% of the women are overweight as per their BMI.
  • Around 50% of women suffer from the problem of high blood pressure and hypertension at the age of 45. 
  • Cholesterol is the primary cause of concern in women as they age and enter their fifties. 
  • Women are more likely to be engaged in a sedentary lifestyle and do not perform physical activity.
  • Many women smoke regularly and consume alcohol. This leads to poor heart health.

How Can Women Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease? 

Managing health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure:

Obesity is the prominent reason for developing various health conditions like cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These chronic disorders occur due to a bad lifestyle and poor eating habits.

Women are more likely to suffer from all these health conditions due to their negligence towards their health. By bringing diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels in the range, they can reduce the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise regularly:

Exercising is an essential component of our daily routine. Everybody should work out for at least 30 minutes a day. It is completely fine if you are not a fan of exercise and gym, walking could be a great way to start initially. 

You can slowly increase your intensity. You can even perform a cardio and strength training mixture to melt the fat and gain muscle mass. 

Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

Start eating nutritious food: 

You can start making some healthy heart food choices. You can include oatmeal in your diet as it reduces bad cholesterol. You can decrease the consumption of saturated fats and excessive sugar in your food. Try to Slowly eliminate all the junk food out of your diet. You can include more vegetables and fruits as they are a power pack of nutrients and fibers. 

You can quit smoking: 

If you are a chain smoker, then you can reduce smoking gradually. If you smoke once in a while, try to eliminate this habit. You can seek the help of a Healthcare provider. 

Stay hydrated: 

You need to stay hydrated and drink at least three liters of water every day. Lack of water in our body can affect the trillions of cells present in the body. So make sure you have hydrated adequately.

What Are The Common Heart Diseases?

Coronary heart disease (CAD):

Coronary heart disease is a common heart problem in seniors and the younger generation. When a person suffers from it, they are more likely to get a blockage in their coronary arteries. Coronary arteries supply blood to your heart. 

Resultantly, there can be a reduction in blood flow to the heart muscles. Initially, people suffer from atherosclerosis which later progresses into CAD. This disease may result in a heart attack or pain in the chest. 

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Heart failure: 

When a person suffers from heart failure, the heart doesn’t pump blood to all the body parts. Heart failure usually occurs by coronary artery disease, but it can also occur due to high blood pressure, thyroid disease, or cardiomyopathy.

Heart Arrhythmias: 

When a person suffers from Arrhythmias, they suffer from an irregular heart beating pattern. This disease may occur independently, but it progresses from other heart problems. 

Heart valve disease: 

The heart valve is responsible for the blood flow between the four chambers of the heart, blood vessels, and the lungs. When a person suffers from heart valve disease, it becomes difficult for a valve to function the right way. 

This can lead to blood leakage, or the blood flow can be blocked. There are various reasons for heart valve problems, such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and congenital heart disease. Certain infections like rheumatic heart fever can result in heart valve disease.

Rheumatic heart disease:

Heart muscles and valves get damaged for a person who suffers from Scarlet fever and strep throat due to rheumatic fever. You will notice the symptoms after a certain period of the infection.


Endocarditis occurs due to the infection by the bacteria. The bacteria can enter the blood and enter the heart after surgery or during an illness. Endocarditis may occur if you suffer from valve problems. 

Antibiotics can cure it, but it is essential to treat it at the right time. If the heart gets damaged due to endocarditis, you need to undergo valve replacement surgery to get rid of this problem. 

Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

Pericardial disease: 

Pericardium surrounds your heart. The disease which occurs in the pericardium is called a pericardial disease. Many people suffer from inflammation of the pericardium. Another widespread disease is pericarditis.

Cardiac disease is known to occur due to an infection of the virus; it may occur due to rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory diseases such as lupus. It may occur due to an injury due to the pericardium. You need to undergo open-heart surgery to treat pericarditis. 


Cardiomyopathy is also called heart muscle disease. This disease occurs in the muscle of your heart named the myocardium. When a person suffers from cardiomyopathy, their myocardium gets stiff and thickened. Sometimes it gets stretched off and becomes weak to pump blood to all the body parts.

Congenital heart disease: 

Congenital heart disease occurs when something goes wrong when the heart was forming in the baby while the baby was still in the womb. Sometimes it leads to problems immediately after the birth of the child. But many times, the symptoms of the disease are not visible till they become adults. One of the common congenital heart problems is a septal abnormality.

Heart Disease And Significance Of Wear Red Day

Wrap Up: 

Heart disease is a major concern for women in America and the world over. Heart health plays a significant role in our life. Healthy lifestyle habits and having a nutritious diet can prevent various diseases. 

It is essential to spread awareness about it. Wear red day is an excellent way of helping in overcoming this problem. Everybody is encouraged to wear red and spread awareness about it. 

We hope that the information shared in this article will help spread awareness about heart health in women and the Wear Red Day. 

Do feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions on how to improve the content of our article, and if you identify with the cause kindly share this information to those who need to hear it the most – the beautiful women of our country.