Using Nature to Heal Your Nervous System

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The human nervous system

The human nervous system is one of the most amazing and complex creations of nature.  It is a system that has evolved over millions of years to the perfection that we see today.

The human nervous system is a vast and complex system that consists of the brain, the nerves and spinal cord.  The nervous system is divided into two components.

The first is the central nervous system which consists of the brain and spinal cord.  The second is the peripheral nervous system which consists of all the nerves and nervous structures that do not lie in the central nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system consists of all the sensory and motor nerves. The extent of the involvement of the human nervous system in the functioning of the body is immense.  Even the eyes are a component of the nervous system.

This is because the most important functional element of the eye which is the retina consists of photoreceptor cells that are actually modified neurons that are connected directly to the ocular lobe of the brain.

How does the nervous system work?

All the functions of the central nervous system are carried out by the neurons that process the signals that they receive from other neurons and then generate their own signals and transmit them to other neurons.

A neuron consists of a cell body that contains the nucleus and other internal cellular structures, the dendrites that branch out from it to other neurons and can number in hundreds or even thousands and the axon which carries impulses from the cell body to other neurons.

The processing of the signals in a neuron is accomplished by the internal structures of the neuron whereas the transmission of the signals to other neurons is handled by chemicals known as neurotransmitters.  These neurotransmitters are contained in vesicles or sacs that are located at the end of every axon of a neuron.

When an impulse travels to the end of the axon, the corresponding neurotransmitter is released into the synapse which is then picked up by the dendrites of other neurons and process continues similarly.

Problems that afflict the nervous system

The most important functional unit of any nervous system is the neuron. There are several different kinds of neurons that differ in shape, size, structure, location and function. Neurons are among the only cells that cannot be repaired or replaced by the body in the event of an injury or other event that causes damage to them. This is the reason that the proper functioning of the nervous system depends entirely on the healthy maintenance of every single neuron.

There are a number of problems that affect the nervous system. These problems can be caused by reasons ranging from benign to terminal. Some problems are so small that they escape detection for an entire lifetime. Other problems are more apparent. Irrespective of the causes, problems arising in the nervous system need to be dealt with as fast as possible in order to stop the damage from spreading.

Some of the most common problems caused by malfunctions of the nervous system include insomnia, nervousness, agitation, tremors and paranoia. There are also other problems like chronic pain, loss of balance, loss of concentration and focus and reduced motor ability that affects fine motor skills. All these problems have several cures and treatments.

However, it is worth noting that nearly all treatments that depend on the administration of chemical drugs rely on merely suppressing these effects and not on rooting out the actual cause. In addition to this shortcoming, chemical treatments often have unwanted side effects that can actually cause more serious more serious problems in the long and short runs.

The drugs used to treat depression, anxiety and lack of mental focus generally work by blocking certain receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for causing these problems. This means that the moment the drug is discontinued, the problem returns and is often more serious than it was before.

Common natural remedies for nervous problems

The nervous system evolved over millions of years in nature so it only makes sense that nature has substances that can help sooth it and cure problems that arise from it. Some of the most common problems like insomnia and nervous agitation have very simple natural cures that actually work and produce a noticeable change.

One cure for insomnia is to simply reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Another great substance to cure insomnia is valerian root. A concoction made of valerian root is a great way to calm nerves and get some quality sleep.

Nervous agitation is a problem that can be cured by strengthening the nervous system. This can be accomplished by various methods including the ingestion of sunflower seeds. One good cure is to boil sunflower seeds in water for around half an hour and then drink the tea after it cools.

Nervous spasms are another problem that can be cured simply by eating the right things. A good treatment for this problem consists of consuming a concoction of garlic and milk. Garlic has several beneficial chemicals that help in the proper functioning of nervous receptors and chemical.

Milk has several well known substances in it that sooth the nervous system. Drinking a warm glass of milk is also a cure for insomnia as it helps the nerves and brain to settle down and go to sleep.

Exhaustion is a problem that is caused by enduring stress on the nervous system. The brain and nerves become taxed beyond their ability to cope and a person becomes lethargic and lacks energy and drive. A gentle head massage with salty water is a great way to combat exhaustion. This can be done every night before bedtime.

Another source of nervous problems can be gastric problems. Gastric distress can be caused by eating the wrong foods over and over for long periods. A great way to sooth the digestive system is to refrain from complex sugars and excessive spices.

A good herbal tea containing valerian root and chamomile tea can also help in accomplishing this. Mint and coriander are also great herbs that help to reduce gastric problems and restore proper function.

It is always preferable to natural remedies like herbs and fruits to calm the nervous system and to cure other bodily problems as they have virtually no side effects and the body has evolved over millions of years to digest and use these substances as opposed to chemical treatments that have been developed only in the last century or two.

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