Use Tennis Ball To Ease The Pain Of Sciatica

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Have you ever thought tennis ball can be helpful in treating problems with the body? Yes you heard it right and it is true that tennis ball can be helpful in easing the pain of Sciatica.

For people who regularly experience back pain, this is going to be a good news that they can use tennis ball to treat the problems with Sciatica.

Back pain can be responsible for troubling you through the day preventing you from doing your day to day activities.

Back pain can be due to various reasons and it can also be a result of an activity that you do in a wrong position. Heavy weight lifting can also sometimes contribute to pain of Sciatica.

Technically speaking there is a nerve called Sciatica nerve in your back region that is one of the longest nerve responsible for various activities in your body. It starts from lower back region and goes till your leg region.

People with Sciatica nerve pain will usually experience pain in one of the leg region and it can also differ from one person to another person. There are some causes of sciatica nerve pain commonly discussed. They are as follows:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Lifting weight in wrong position
  • Bone spurs
  • Compression to nerve
  • Herniated discs

When people have such problem, they find it restless to be in any position. Even with the pain symptoms, people will find it very difficult to get good sleep.

There are also many other disturbances caused due to the pain of Sciatica. One good thing about this pain is that, though it creates lots of suffering, it settles automatically after few weeks.

But during the course of pain, you can do some home based remedies to handle the pain of Sciatica.

Tennis ball therapy

People find it strange when they usually read that a tennis ball is used to treat pain from Sciatica nerve problems.

Though it sounds strange, there are many people who have been benefited from this therapy.

Recently it was identified that tennis ball can be used to treat various problems associated with human body.

These problems are usually brought due to disorder in nerves or the muscles in the body. With the help of tennis ball therapy, you will be able find a relief and remedy for the body in natural ways.

Some people have reported that they get good relief by just following this for some days continuously.

Tennis ball therapy has been a good solution for people suffering from various chronic pain conditions.

The exercise can differ from one person to another person based on the necessity of the exercise and the disorder a person usually get.

With the help of tennis ball therapy you will be able to address problems with your piriformis muscle which in turn provides a good relief to the problems with Sciatica nerves.

Tennis ball therapy helps in increasing the blood circulation in certain region of the body which helps in getting a good relief towards the ache in your nerve and muscle region.

Some of the other therapies used to treat the pain of sciatica can be a little disturbing but people who use tennis ball therapy on their own have provided good feedback about this.

They also feel that it helps in getting a relief before it automatically gets settled. This can also be very helpful for some people to continue with their day to day activities.

 Tennis Ball for Sciatica

Exercises using Tennis ball for pain of Sciatica

There are many exercises available that you can do to ease the pain symptoms of Sciatica. These exercises are home based remedies and can provide you good relief from the pain.

People also use tennis ball to treat various problems in the body. But they have found it very effective in particularly treating the problem with Sciatica nerve.

Though the pain symptoms will automatically get settled in few weeks, it is quite unbearable to continue day to day routine withstanding the pain.

There are some particular exercises available that can be done with the help of Tennis ball to ease the pain of Sciatica. Some of the exercises that you can do with tennis ball are as follows:

  • Lie down on a tennis ball and roll over it in a particular direction constantly. The rolling direction should be towards the position of your Sciatica nerve in your body.
  • Hold the ball in your hand and roll it tightly over your front part of the body gently from neck region to hip region in a particular direction.
  • Place the tennis ball on the ground and keep your leg on it and roll your leg over the ball. This will act as a trigger for the nerves in the leg region providing good exercise to them.
  • You can lie in side direction and place the tennis ball under your hip and roll it. This will also provide a good relief to the nerve pain usually in the side hip region of your body.
  • You can keep tennis ball under your back during your sleep to get things sorted when you are sleeping. If this becomes disturbing for you sleep, you can remove it and look for other options.
  • Keep the tennis ball exactly in the place that is affected. You can also use multiple balls if the circumference of the affected area is bigger.
  • In all the ways you should roll your body to make the ball roll over the affected region up and down.

While practicing the above mentioned exercise you should remember the fact that these steps are to provide a good relief for you from the pain.

You should be very careful that the exercise that you are doing should not increase the pain that you already have.

You can also consult someone who is an expert in tennis ball therapy before you try to handle your pain of Sciatica with the help of it.

Some online references and videos available online will be able to guide you in getting a clear picture on how tennis ball therapy should be used to ease the pain of sciatica.