Things People Who Have Lupus Wish Others Understood

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Most of the symptoms of these chronic conditions are not visible outside. People who have chronic pain will look very normal in front of others but they will have all the suffering inside them.

It is not the case that chronic pain will be a problem only to the adults. There are also many cases where even teens experience troubles from chronic pain symptoms.

Lupus is a diseases that is caused due to auto immune response. We will be able to understand the problem of other person only when they tell you or else they will look absolutely normal.

The problems that people with chronic pain experience will have direct effect on their day to day activities.

There are few things that usually people who have Lupus wish that others understand. Some of these things are difficult to express but most of them will be evident when they explain the symptoms that they undergo.

There are millions of people who live with chronic pain conditions. Some chronic pain conditions can even develop during the young age and can be very difficult to deal with. One such painful situation is this Lupus pain.

They will not be able to life the same life what others life. The pain that they undergo will disturb them from getting the complete enjoyment in their life.

Sometime they will feel like expressing things with others but they will also have a feeling that others may not find it comfortable or they may not understand.

The illness is real

Sometimes when someone with Lupus problem says that they have a problem, their friends will not believe it.

From the external look, the affected person will look very normal. There will not be any kind of illness visible in the face unlike other problems that show signs in face.

So people should understand that the illness of Lupus patients is real and they also suffer with pain and other symptoms.

Stop pushing them

Some people when they don’t see any symptoms or signs outside they will start to dismiss whatever the affected person says.

They will push them to wake up and get up from bed. They should stop saying that the person is looking normal so they will have to get and go on with their day to day activities.

To some extent this may be motivating for the affected person to forget their problems and go on with their life.

But at one point when they experience severe problem that makes them very sick, this should not happen to them. They will expect others to understand the problem and help them.

Chronic pain is not the same as other common illness

People compare the common problems like having cold or fever to that of chronic pain. Lupus is a chronic pain that becomes difficult to express and it is totally different from the other common illness a person can get.

People should understand that the common illness is usually for a short period of time and the patient will recover and become normal when the symptoms are gone. Chronic pains are usually for a longer period of time.

In some cases it may even last till their lifetime and will not have a proper cure. In that case people should not compare the common illness with chronic pain.

It is necessary to understand that people with chronic pain may suffer with that problem throughout their life time looking for a cure. If possible we can provide a helping hand to them when they need something.

 living with lupus

Don’t advice about future

Without knowing the current condition of the patient advising about the future is not good. They will start to say that, “if you continuously keep your problems, you will end up ruining your future”.

This is obviously not a good statement to someone who is already suffering. Some motivational speech can be really helpful but these words can hurt them and make them think and worry about their future.

In some cases this can also lead to further complications like depression and stress.

Let them choose their food

Some people with Lupus and other chronic pain will also be very sensitive towards their diet. In that case providing an option to them will not be a good idea.

It is good to let them choose the food that would like to have. Due to their conditions they might have some restrictions. So taking decisions for them will be disturbing to them.

Some people from their experience with chronic pain have started to learn which food will be best for them and which food they should be avoiding.

In that case their preference is highly essential as they have gathered good amount of information about their dieting procedure. This can also help them feel relieved mentally.

Don’t force smoking and alcohol consumption

People who have chronic pain start to become more cautious about their body. They will not find it very comfortable to do any act that can ruin their health.

They will be very cautious to avoid the activities that can create further pains to their body.

Smoking is considered to be one such thing for people with chronic pain. Even in some cases people who just see others ruining their health with chain smoking will feel annoying.

Also when it comes to alcohol, it is said that for chronic pain condition, alcohol can act as a stimulator complicating the pain and other symptoms. So people usually avoid consuming alcohol when they are with friends or in a party.

In that case people should understand their problem and should not force them to smoke or consume alcohol.

Understand that they are living with the pain

As a motivational note, it is said that people who have chronic pain like that of Lupus are the one who are not suffering from the disease but however it is said that they are living with the disease.

So others should understand the pain that they undergo and have something clear in their mind that nobody is perfect and should understand to let them live their life.