How To Deal With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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It is important to understand details about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so that it becomes easier to deal with the condition.

Some of the symptoms experienced from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are as follows:

  • Ache in forearm
  • Pain in Wrist
  • Numbness in the hand
  • Pain in Hand
  • Tingling sensation
  • A sensation that gives electric shock feeling especially in thumb region
  • Hand weakness

Some of the above symptoms can be seen along with pain and swelling. Some patients also report inflammation in the affected region which in turn causes swelling effects.

Without treating this problem, it will not be possible to do any regular activity or any day to day work.

The inflammation and swelling can also result in squeezing of the nerves that can be really painful. This can block the nerve movement through the carpal tunnel.

Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are various methods in which the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated. Some of the below methods will be very helpful.

Some of the treatments can prevent further complications from happening. Some methods can even be a permanent solution for you by relieving the pain.

Frequent Rest

People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should take frequent rest. It is advisable that you should take regular rest at the right time.

It may be highly convincing to do your work by bearing the pain, but it can sometimes lead to other complications.

When you are doing your work, there will be some instance where your body will require some rest. During that situations, it is highly advisable to provide what your body asks for.

Address inflammation

For some patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it may not end up with just pain. It can even lead to inflammation.

If you get inflammation in your hand region, it becomes very difficult to continue with other works.

It becomes very important to reduce swelling and inflammation. There are many natural ways to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Epsom salt is identified to be one of the great ways to reduce your swelling. You can soak your hand in warm water mixed with Epsom salt.

This can be a very good solution for your problem. Sometimes if you use it regularly, it can even become a cure for the problem.

The inflammation can also lead to swelling which can block the nerves. This can restrict the free blood flow to the nerves. So this is a situation that should be addressed immediately.

How To Deal With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Gentle exercises

Some people do hard work with their hand and complicate the problem with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In that case, it is important that you do the right amount of exercise.

You can consult a physical expert to understand which type of exercise will be suitable for handling the pain and swelling in your hand and carry out that gentle exercise to find a good relief.

The exercises can vary from one person to another person based on the condition of the problem. Some people have also seen a permanent remedy by doing regular exercises.

Regular breaks during work

Relaxation is very important to calm your mind. It is not the case that relaxation is important for your mind but also it helps your body to take some rest and continue with the work again with proper flow of energy.

If you are a person who does continuous work, it is important that you should take regular breaks during your work. This will help in reducing the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This relaxation or rest can be something like getting out of your seat and focusing on something else and relaxing the mind.

The relaxation can be based on the nature of the work that you do. But ultimately taking frequent rest can provide you a good feeling and good relief.

Yoga helps

From the experiences of people and also from researchers, it has been proved that Yoga plays a very important role in treating the problems with the body.

When you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to which when you get wrist pain and hand pain, you can use Yoga methods to treat the problem.

There are many stretching asanas available as part of yoga that can be very helpful in keeping the pain symptoms under control.

Apart from keeping the pain symptoms under control, yoga also helps in strengthening the joints which are very important for doing day to day activity without any problem.


It is believed that acupuncture is capable of treating problems related to the body. It is becoming very famous everywhere and people have also started experiencing relief from acupuncture treatment.

In acupuncture treatment, it is believed that the Chi flow in the body is important for the body to be healthy and be away from any problems.

With Acupuncture treatment, the trigger points are identified and treatment is provided which helps in giving a good pain relief.

Alternative medicines

There are many alternative medications available to treat Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not necessary that you should always take painkillers to keep the pain under control.

But before you go for an alternative medicine it is advisable to visit your doctor first to get some additional details before you start the medication.

Some of the medication can be contradicting to your present condition. Your doctor will be able to guide you.

There are also many therapies available that can help you out to get a good relief. Some of these therapies are alternative therapies and most of these will not have any side effects.

If you take necessary steps to handle the problem with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it is easy to treat the problem.

Some people are a bit nervous about the treatment options available and they end up living with the problem.

You can also get suggestions from people who have overcome such painful situations.

There are many online forums and discussions available where you will be able to read the experiences of the existing patients.

These experiences will be very helpful for you to take a decision on what steps you should take to handle the problem.