The Top 10 Heated Pads to Help You Beat That Back Pain!

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A back pain is an unnecessary evil that is feared by most. The feeling of being unable to carry about your day to day tasks because of that uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable feeling is something everyone tries to avoid.

Sadly, due to hectic schedules, compelling tasks and constant standing; back pains become unavoidable. The good news is there are many products on the market today that are available to combat that back pain from the comfort of one’s home.

This article comprises a list of the top ten heated back massagers/pads, what makes them superior and where you can find them:

Shiatsu Massage - Neck Shoulder And Back Massager with Heat

1- Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Getting to the massage parlor to alleviate your back pain can prove to be a big headache. A massager at home provides comfort from the pain as well as alleviates the stress associated with arriving at your destination.

This Shiatsu shoulder massage is a perfect massager for the home. Not only does it target the back, it also focuses on getting those tricky knots loosened.

It provides pain relief as well as relaxes the user. The Shiatsu Massager provides convenience with its Velcro strap and home and car adapter to ensure its always charged and ready to use.

Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad

2- Express Heating Pad Made for A King-Sized Bed!

A bed is the perfect welcome to a back with a pain! What’s even more welcoming is a pad that can bring heat straight to that pain point within thirty seconds.

It is machine washable and comes with and an adjustable auto-off session which is perfect for falling asleep.

The reversible color of camel and hunter green makes it a perfect two-in-one for a great price.

Sunbeam For That Stubborn Back Pain

3- A Bit Of Sunbeam For That Stubborn Back Pain

This sunbeam King-sized heating pad is perfect for that stubborn back pain. It comes with an ultra-heat technology which ensures the highest heat is maintained at a constant temperature to ensure relief quickly. Suffering from arthritis as well?

Well this is ideal as it comes with a large switch slide controller with 3 heat settings. Inclusive in this, is an absorbent sponge which is perfect for moist, heat therapy for that penetrating back pain.

Sunbeam Body Shaped Heating Pad

4- Alternating Temperature Heating Pad to Perfectly Fit Your Body

Some like it hot, others prefer it cold. Depending on the therapy preferred for that back pain, this sunbeam body-shaped heating pad is good for the job. On the go? No worries!

This pad can be worn in the comfort of the home as well as on the go. The design, which is unique to the wearer is specially made for back injuries.

It works well with the body to ensure the maximum heat transfer and provide fast and soothing relief. It is machine washable and comes with a removable hot and cold gel pack for mobile therapy.

therpaq shoulder massager

5- All in One Wrap for Those All in One Pain!

This product promises to be an essential part of any household as it is reusable and offers fast relief, anytime and anywhere.

The accompanied strapped-on ice-pack offers both hot and cold therapy.

It can be used as both a Heat Wrap or Cold Pack and targets the pain in back, legs, neck, ankles, calves and hip areas. Weighing slightly over one pound, this wrap is perfect for at home or on the go.

sunbeam Ultimate Heat and Ultimate Pain Relief

6- Ultimate Comfort, Ultimate Heat and Ultimate Pain Relief


Whether there is a desire for comfort or optimal heat, this Sunbeam micro plush king-sized heating pad will deliver both.

It also offers personalized heat therapy with four different settings and can automatically shut off when sleep occurs during therapy.

There is also a moist heat option that can get rid of that stubborn, penetrating back pain.

Moist Heating Pad Delivers Therapy to Pain

7- Moist Heating Pad Delivers Therapy to Pain

Pain that stems from muscle strains and sprains, joints, and inflammation are easily removed by the BodyMed White digital electric moist heating pad.

Using humidity to create its own moisture, this pad’s digital LCD allows for the user to control the temperature, treatment and time.

A lockout ability insures that no intentional touching can disrupt the treatment and an automatic shut-off functions occurs in increments of 1 minute to an hour.

Pure Relief XL

8- Pure Relief XL, King Sized Heating Pad for Those King Sized Back Pains!

Sore muscles in the back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms are made new again with the Pure Relief XL heating pad.

The thick micro plush fibers provide comfort for everyday use and the fast heating option ensures that pain relief is received within seconds.

The six temperature settings ensure a variety in your treatment and the storage bag provides an easy avenue to store your pad when not in use.

Sunbeam 730-811 Heating Pad plus Massage

9- Pain Reliever and Back Massager in One

Comfortable, convenient and soothing. The warmth from the pad along with the vibrations offers both pain relief and a sense of relaxation for both sore muscles and arthritis.

This Sunbeam heating and massage pad provides and automatic, one hour shut off. Machine washable and easy to carry around, this pad is definitely going to be packed for both home and on-the-go usage.

Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap

10- Blue Renue Therapy Wrap to Get Rid of Those Blue Pains!

This blue heating pad by Sunbeam is a machine-washable gadget which comes with a LED controller.

The snap enclosure offers a comfortable fit and the four heat settings with a two-hour automatic shut off ensures its convenience.

It is luxuriously soft which offers comfort and works very well to alleviate pain from the back and spine, neck and shoulders. Definitely a pad that can get rid of the pain comfortably.

No longer will back pain be a nagging issue that requires hours and hours of therapy at the massage parlor or doctor’s office.

Any one of these heating pads promises to deliver just the right amount heat needed to ensure complete relief and soothed muscles.

These are therefore a great investment for the home, office or car. Take your heating pad and leave your back pain!