Pros and Cons of Anti Epilepsy Medications

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Anti Epilepsy medication

With epilepsy, there are a lot of options that you have in terms of treatment, but many of them end up including medication in some way, shape, or form.

There are other forms of treatment as well, including relaxation therapy, electrotherapy, massage, and even behavioral therapy that may be used in order to reduce the stress that may be causing the seizures.

That being said, there are a lot of pros and cons that are related to these medications, and before you start taking them for any period of time, it’s best that you understand these pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

An informed patient is always going to get the best care for their needs, and will be able to communicate effectively with those that are taking care of them.

Pros of Anti Epilepsy Medications

Obviously, there are always pros to medications; otherwise they wouldn’t be used by the specialists that prescribe them. So, first, we’re going to take a look at all of the positive things that these drugs have been able to do for people who suffer from epilepsy and other issues.

First off, science and technology have come a long way in the past few decades, to the point where people who suffer from epilepsy can live normal, fulfilling lives even though they suffer from the disorder.

Many of the medications that are currently on the market can actually almost completely eliminate seizures and make living a little more comfortable. This is something that was not able to even be imagined until a few years ago.

Another interesting pro about anti epilepsy medications is that they have become so advanced that people are able to take only one of them at a time.

This is very different than the old times, when the doctors had to make a cocktail of medications in order to even start helping someone to see a reduction in their seizures.

Many doctors and neurologists now try to make it so that people take one, maybe two of these medications max. This lessens the dependency on those medications, and it makes it easier on the person and/or their caretakers.

Another great pro of anti epilepsy medications is that they are much safer than these sorts of drugs used to be.

The side effects are definitely lessened, and fewer people talk about the problems that they may have experienced with the drugs.

Experimentation and testing have made it so that we know about the side effects ahead of time, and it makes it so that people don’t have to feel as anxious about the medications that they are taking or giving to their children.

Cons of Anti Epilepsy Medications

Of course, medications do have a number of issues that can be associated with them as well. That’s why you will find warnings on your medications and you will often have to have conversations with your doctor and/or pharmacist about what is going on with these medications.

Obviously, not everyone is going to end up dealing with the same side effects and issues, because it depends on the way your body is set up and if you have any sensitivity to any of the products that are in the medication that you are using. Here are some of the cons and the risks of anti epilepsy medications.

The medication may, at first, make it difficult for you to concentrate or do simple tasks. Because of this, you may not be able to drive for an extended period of time, or you may be unable to run machinery or do other tasks that may put you or the people around you at risk.

Make sure that you take it for a few days before you do any of those tasks, because it may result in some very dangerous situations. Either plan to stay at home or find people to help you out.

Anti epilepsy medication is often associated with mood swings from time to time. Emotional changes may happen from time to time, and depression and anxiety are sometimes a side effect of what you’re taking.

In the most severe cases, you may need to take an antidepressant or anti anxiety medication in order to deal with these side effects. Behavioral therapy may also be necessary in those cases.

Another common problem that occurs is related to the blood cell count. Many medications have issues with blood cell counts.

That being said, many seizure medications will require their patients to get regular blood work done and will tell them about the possible side effects that may indicate what is going on.

For example, you may want to watch your body temperature (to see if you have a fever), see if your mouth has ulcers, bruising, random bleeding, and a number of other symptoms that may indicate that your blood cells aren’t working correctly.

You may also notice that your immune system is not working as well either, indicating that your white blood cell counts are not as they should be.

Sadly, sometimes these seizure medications can have severe side effects as well. In the worst cases, you will find that seizures actually become a lot worse as a result of what is going on.

If this is the case, then you will want to stop taking them right away and possibly go to the emergency room in order to take care of what is going on.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons that you need to consider when looking at these medications. That being said, there may be some more specific pros and cons when you get into specific types of medication.

If you have any concerns or questions, talk to the doctor that has prescribed the medication for you or the pharmacist that you are working with in order to get the medications you’ve been prescribed.

They will be able to answer anything that may come up and help you to have peace of mind about your treatment plan.

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