New Found Ancient Treatment

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Once known as a special treatment for the higher class Pizhichil in now available for all people to enjoy.

This wonderful source of healing which is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment that is said to be a cure for everything from hypertension to feelings of nervousness.

This gentle, coordinated massage of the body is done using warm herbal oil as a lubricant.

The oil is generally spread on the body by a cloth soaked in the comfortably heated oil and then the massage takes place.

Unlike other massage treatments a patient sits on a chair specially made for Pizhichil treatments specifically.

This is an ancient treatment that has only recently come back into a more popular practice.

This is a valuable practice that can provide a higher quality of life to many different people, suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

The Healthy History of Pizhichil

Pizhichil was a therapy developed thousands of years ago in Southern India. It was developed as a relaxing all intensive massage therapy to heal many different ailments.

It became popular with the ruling royal family in India so this warm and wonderful treatment earned the title, The Treatment of Kings.

Pizhichil is one of the Ayurvecic therapies and it is luxurious in its delivery. It was delivered to make the ruling class feel special inside and outside.

It has been a real mystery, why this therapy never took off and became more popular in the west before.

Over the years as the reputation of this treatment grew, inevitably the western world wanted to experiment with Pizhichil.

So many people started looking for ways to find a way to experience this indulgence. It is really not a wonder as the experience has been described as both blissful and nourishing.

The nearly total emersion in heated therapy oils which are softly and lightly massaged into the skin is going to create one of the most comprehensive and complete states of relaxation a person has ever felt.

As these oils are poured onto the body, some people can swear that they see ailments and aches that they have felt for years, just melt away for the moment. If the therapy is continued over many visits then it can be a permanent healing.

Pizhichil New Found Ancient Treatment

As the western world starts to reach back to the past to find cures and treatments that have been ignored or forgotten, there has been an acute awareness that this was a mistake.

If only one small part of the ability of this massage to heal and relax is true. Than more and more people will be searching for a facility that offers this type of massage therapy.

This massage has the ability to alter, heal and soothe the mind, the body and the spirit. It will make you experience a comfort level that has never before been felt in your life.

Performed correctly there will be an incredible depth to the relaxation and should bring on an overall feeling of charm and skill.

The combination of therapeutic oils and soft professional massage will provide the gift of healing to many thousands of people, who open their minds and give it a try.

The many Benefits of Pizhichil

Many people seek the more traditional Ayurveda and massage therapy because they are an old fashioned way to cure some of the modern ills that mystify many doctors and treatments.

Done correctly Pizhichil will provide an exceptional healing experience with lifelong benefits of peace and happiness.

One group that particularly gains from the benefits of Pizhichil is a person who has recently undergone a pregnancy.

Any mother going through the postpartum experience will really be in need of the deep relaxation that Pizhichil can provide.

As the special oils are cascaded all over the body, all of the ailments and trauma of birth seem to be addressed and on their way to healing the body.

Recent mothers can explain that they feel their bodies start to reform and heal.

There is such a feeling of relaxation that occurs with this type of therapy that are rumored to remove harmful toxics from the body and to help entice organs, displaced during childbirth, back in place.

This type of therapy is recommended within a month to fifty days after birth.

Another group that can gain significant benefits from Pizhichil treatments are anyone who suffers from joint pain or arthritis of any kind.

It is unlike any other therapy, because your joints and tissues are covered with specially treated oils that are lightly and deftly massaged into all areas of the body.

Pain is relieved and a state of relaxation that an arthritis sufferer hasn’t known for years. With an extended therapy program the arthritis sufferer may reach a level of comfort they haven’t known in years. This can reduce the reliance on medication for pain relief.
Another group that can definitely benefit from this type of therapy are many people who suffer from a number of skin irritations and rashes.

These medically enhanced oils will be able to penetrate the top level or epidermis of the skin.

As they are massaged into the skin, all of the nutrients the skin needs in order to reclaim its natural smoothness.

As a person’s skin becomes more supple and pliable, people naturally start to look younger. Although this isn’t a fountain of youth it is a tool in fighting that aging process.

Most importantly, Pizhichil treatments can restore your healthy skin of youth and allow you to enjoy life again.

Diseases that have an effect on muscles and muscle tissue are also able to be healed or treated effectively by Pizhichil. It has been used to treat everything from paralysis to muscle spasms.

The combination of gentle and consistent massage and warm nurturing oils has seemed to help muscles start to rejuvenate toward their previous capacity.

At the very least it will provide the mind an hour to an hour and a half of peace and relaxation.

There are many claims about other ailments that can be treated by Pizhichil.

Sexual impotency, hypertension, vitamin deficiencies of some kinds and the revitalization of atrophied limb muscles, all have been claimed to have been helped by this kind of therapy.

It is amazing that those in more advanced western cultures have ignored this type of therapy for so long.

What the Pizhichil Treatment is Like?

Pizhichil is a word that literally means squeezing, and a major part of the treatment is a constant twisting of warm oil soaked cloth onto your body.

Many subscribe to this treatment being performed in a special chair, but some feel a more traditional lying down position is appropriate.

This medicated and treated oil is first squeezed onto a body and then expertly manipulated into every pore of the skin with gentle massage.

There is a traditional headband that is worn to keep oil from inadvertently running into the eyes. There can be a single worker or a tandem of two people massaging at the same time.

Continually squeezing oil and rubbing the oil all over the body. It is like no other sensation from any other treatment.

You will feel like a member of an ancient privileged class as the luxury of the experience takes hold of you.

There are many ailments listed above which should be motivation enough to investigate the wonders of this therapy solution.

The patient can expect to undergo a synchronized body massage. The warm oils are constantly flowing over the body as two people are rubbing them deeper and deeper into the tissue of people. Most therapies start from the top as suitable oil is applied to the head and body.

The twisting of the clothe, when done appropriately will provide a steady and constant stream of oil on the surface of the body.

The process always begins the same. The patient is in a seated position. In between they are expertly moved from seated to lying and the oil is continually applied throughout.

It is normal to drift into a great state of relaxation and pain relief will be felt throughout the process.

It is not rare for someone to want to experience this type of procedure once in awhile, but the recommended dosage is to undergo this rhythmic massage under a constant onslaught of oil for a period of an hour to an hour and a half.

Not just once for but for a week to twenty one days worth of intensive therapy and enjoyment.

This is another reason why this therapy is known as the “Therapy of Aristocrats” because you would have to be quite wealthy to be able to afford to spend that type of time partaking of this treatment.

Will Pizhichil Cost an Arm and a Leg?

What price would a person pay to experience total relaxation and relief of aches and pains that have plagued them their entire life?

There would probably be no price too high for this. It seems that it really depends on where this treatment is performed that determines the price.

Easily online a person can find the prices listed for almost any massage therapy organization that specialized in eastern treatments.

The price will vary depending on the exclusivity of the club where the service is being offered or even the country that the service is being offered in.

There are hotels in India that offer Westerners a course of treatments, for 14 or 21 days and it can cost as little as $240 for a fourteen day treatment.

Of course, you would have to be in India to enjoy that type of service, living in a hotel or hostel.

In the United States, there are not very many establishments that offer Pizhichil at this point, which makes it a highly sought out specialty.

Although this is changing as more specialists from India are moving into the country and bringing their techniques with them.

As for one single treatment the cost could be a reasonable $40 -$60 for the required hour to hour and a half that is needed to properly experience the service.

Because of the nature of the treatment, the packages are generally offered in weekly segments, seven, fourteen or twenty one days.

Each will have a corresponding cost. But the bargain is going to be found looking for the twenty one day treatment.

This can cost anywhere between $300 and $3,000 depending on the exclusivity and location of the treatment center.

Most believe that the greatest benefits come from enduring the total three weeks of the therapy.

If you are suffering from an ailment or pain in your body, then what price wouldn’t you pay for a constant form of release? There is probably no reasonable price a person wouldn’t pay to feel normal again.

The cost of these types of treatments are not going to be covered by traditional insurance programs but if you shop around then finding a practitioner that will fit your budget can be done.

Price shouldn’t be too much of a consideration for the person who really can benefit from a intensive Pizhichil treatments.

Unique Treatment, Uncommon Results

So as you consider the reflective benefits of participating in Pizhichil massage treatments, you will have to open your mind to the possibilities of something different.

This can be difficult for many people in America and Western Europe. There is an unexplainable trust in only modern methods of treatment.

There have been many examples of treatments that were ignored by the more “advanced” societies, leading to untold suffering that could have been cured by paying attention to older medical practices.

What a person believes about a treatment is going to be most important.

Once a person experiences the constant stream of warm medicated oils being rhythmically manipulated into the skin, they will feel like they have a new lease on life.

The belief that the treatment can rejuvenate a recent mother or help to bring back the use in atrophied muscles, can mean that is just what will be experienced.

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