Easy Ways To Zap Away Menstrual Cramps

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Pre-Menstrual Preparation

Many women are misguided by the fallacious notion that pain reduction begins as soon as menstrual cramps infiltrate your body. If you begin mitigating menstrual pain on the first day of your period, you will undergo an incomprehensible level of suffering.

Did you know that for women under the age of 30, menstrual pain is the foremost cause of absenteeism? That means that menstrual cramps have such a compelling sensation, that they can literally prevent you from attending work, school and other events. Luckily, cramps do not have to alter the course of your life.

Clearly, there are many things that you can do before your menses starts in order to mitigate the pain. Furthermore, this will be coupled with remedies that you can use during your period, as well. A week before your period begins, it is highly recommended that you consume a healthy diet that is relatively low in sugar and fat, and high in water intake. Furthermore, you should bolster your manganese and calcium intake significantly. It is also recommended that you avoid caffeine as much as possible during this time.

What can you expect from these pre-menstrual preparation tactics? The inner lining of your uterus contains what is known as prostaglandins, which is a chemical designed to induce contractions in the inner lining of the uterus.

You may be pondering why this chemical is needed. During the period, the endometrial lining is shed, in an effort to reactivate the cycle of fertility. When you fail to fertilize an egg, the endometrium sloughs off and you have your menses. The prostaglandins enable your period to occur. Of course, when these prostaglandins go unregulated, they exact more harm than good.

 How To Stop Menstrual Cramps Fast

Stopping Those Cramps

By integrating the power of NSAIDs with home remedies, you can pursue a life devoid of debilitating menstrual cramps. If you simply follow the tips that are listed, you will experience a great degree of relief.

The first step to mitigating your period symptoms is to radically alter your diet. A stated, you must prepare for these symptoms by pursuing a healthy diet before your menses even begins. However, your diet during your cycle matters as well. In terms of boosting the level of manganese levels in your diet, you should consume more almonds overall.

This is because manganese is uniquely endowed with the ability to help the body regulate its pain levels, and this applies to the menstrual cycle. Another key element of your diet should undoubtedly be calcium, as this reduces pain levels, as well. For this reason, consume more dairy products and other foods that contain high levels of calcium.

Using a heating pad to reduce the painful sensation in your lower abdomen is a very effective way to rid yourself of your pin. This increases blood flow in that region, enabling your blood vessels to permit realization in the muscle in that area.

Believe it or not, moderate exercise can counteract the pain that is associated with your menstrual cycle. Most people abstain from exercise because the pain is simply too debilitating. However, contrary to popular belief, the pain can actually be appeased by light to moderate exercise.

One great way to reduce your menstrual pain is to engage in the use of pressure points. As it turns out, different pressure points in the body actually correspond to energy pathways. And if you manipulate those pathways correctly, you can successfully reduce your body’s pain levels. Choose a pressure point corresponding to your type of pain, and localize pressure on that particular area. There are a few yoga poses that can actually decrease menstrual pain, and they include the head to knee forward bend, the noose pose, the camel pose, as well as the reclining big toe pose.

Breathing exercises, which are designed to relax the muscles, can alleviate the cramps to an extent by mitigating stress and enabling the uterine wall to release tension.

Do not dehydrate yourself with caffeine, as this will merely increase muscle tension. Drink the recommended amount of water in order to bolster your muscle relaxation and to reduce pain, as well. Just as you can obtain sufficient water throughout water itself, you can also select foods that contain high levels of water also, including celery.

Additional Tips

As you may already be aware of, the menstrual cycle is accompanied by far more than mere cramps. While the cramps singlehandedly afford you with the worst possible bodily sensations, accompanying systems can maximize the pain overall. Most women complain incessantly of bloating during this time of the month, and weight gain is fairly common.

In order to counteract weight gain, you should not resort to consuming more caffeine. As stated, caffeine can actually increase your muscle tension and your painful symptoms, also. To combat bloating, you must do something that is counterintuitive. By increasing your water intake, you can compel your body to shed any excess water that it has accumulated in the process. Furthermore, you can resort to using natural diuretics, which can be found in vegetables and fruits. This allows you to forego the use of caffeine.

Another common ailment that is experienced during the menstrual cycle is mood disturbances and fatigue. If you are stricken with both lethargy and an unstable emotional state, then consider consuming foods that counteract these effects.

A proper diet truly is the hallmark of regulating period symptoms. For instance, a number of foods, including broccoli, allow your brain to produce more serotonin and elevate your mood state overall. Furthermore, in terms of fatigue, natural carbohydrates, such as oranges, can be used to energize you.

Advantage to Relieving Cramps

When you transition from a physical state of excruciating pain, to a physical state of immense relief, the feeling is simply indescribable. When you implement the techniques learned in this article, you will find that you can still enjoy life, attend work, and events without being bedridden during your cycle. Your life does not have to be ruled by pain, if you know how to stop menstrual cramps fast through the aid of yoga, pressure points, and proper dieting.

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