7 Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

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Bone broth is a healthy drink that supports aging health and is a cure for several diseases. We talk about the health benefits of bone broth for seniors in this guide 


Bone broth is not a new term. If you look back at history, you will read about this customary dish evolving in different parts of the world. A Chinese staple diet, the bone broth has been known as both a medicine and a tasteful drink. 

In South America, it is believed that consuming only a cup of bone broth will serve you with all the essential nutrients.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

However, there are only limited sources that claim the scientific evidence to its health benefits. But many dietitians have outlined health benefits that will cure some, but not all, health problems for older people. 

This guide will help you understand how a flavorful cup of bone broth is a cure for digestive problems, joint pains and also strengthen bones and muscles. 

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a liquid-based food made from the combination of animal bones, meat, connective tissue, and some vegetables. Although known for healthy nutrients, the broth has a flavorful taste when you add some herbs, spices, and vegetables. 

Bones are immunity-boosters and have collagen, which is a protein-rich nutrient. For this reason, many nutritionists advise people to include at least a cup of bone broth in their diet to consume collagen. 

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How to Make Bone Broth?

There is no one recipe to cook a bone broth, but this is one of the best ones that we tried making ourselves. Here are a few simple steps that can help you make a bone broth at home.

  • Use a large container or a slow pressure cooker. 
  • Add bones, vegetables, connective tissue, herbs, and spices to plain water. Make sure that the ingredients soak in the water completely. 
  • Mix all the ingredients firmly and bring them to boil till you see a few small bubbles.
  • Cook the dish at the lowest temperature for the next 12-24 hours. 
  • After long hours of boiling, strain the solid particles and let the juice cool down completely. 

Chicken bone broth is the most common of all the bone broths, which can be consumed as a health drink. Alternatively, Americans prefer to use bone broth as a base for soups, gravies, or curries. 

Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

Where to Buy? 

You don’t have to necessarily hunt for raw bones at a local shop. You can simply store those leftover bones from chicken or beef. Pour some water on these bones to keep them ready for use next time. 

Alternatively, one can buy powdered or organic bone broths from any local store or Amazon.

Nevertheless, it is important to identify which types of bones are available to reap maximum benefits. 

  • Chicken or beef for knuckles, joints, marrow bones, feet, and ribs. 
  • Fishbones
  • Deer, buffalo, or lamb
  • Bison, veal, and turkey.

Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

Popularly known as chicken soup in ancient times, people used bone broth to heal bad throat or sinus infections. Many dieticians were taken aback when they could see the rapid improvement in seniors for digestion, joints, and overall better health. 

Here are seven tried-and-tested health benefits of bone broth. This simple drink will help seniors deal with age-old problems without changing their meal plans.

The Abundance of Collagen

You can extract animal bones from fish (with skin), beef, and chicken. The bones of these animals are usually layered with a protein-rich fiber called collagen.

When bones are boiled, they impart substantial collagen content in the water. Known for improving bone density, collagen not only repairs bones and muscles but also works magic on ligaments, cartilage, and other connective tissues. Getting collagen in liquid form may help with building strong teeth too

Powerhouse of Nutrients

Bone broth has long been used for one primary purpose: nutrients. Animal bones are loaded with a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. It contains minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus that make healthy bones, muscles and maintain a regular pulse rate. 

Additionally, bone broth is a rich source of vitamins A and K, Iron, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Zinc, Amino acids, and healthy fats. 

When you add vegetables like carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, onion, or any other leafy vegetables, you consume a whole bowl of good nutrition. The combination of all these nutrients is so powerful that it will quickly relieve muscle and bone-related problems in older adults. 

Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

Good for Digestion

As we age, poor digestion, constipation, and other common problems related to the digestive cycle are very common. When food fails to reach the small intestines, the stomach has to bear the food waste for a long time. This, in turn, leads to abdominal pain, diarrhea, or chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 

For the body to absorb the food quickly in the digestive tract, the bone broth helps ease the muscles that contract the food in the stomach. Drinking a cup of chicken or beef broth will also correct the “leaky gut syndrome,” a disease with broken stomach lining, and allow toxins to enter the body. 

Eliminates Joint Pain

Inflexible joints cause pain that is a result of inactivity or immediate strain on joint pains. This is a common occurrence in old age when the joint tissues wear down, leading to diseases like Osteoarthritis

Doctors recommend nutritious bone broth because it leaves you energized and strengthens your posture. This is because the collagen in bone broth releases gelatin, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are good sources of amino acids that heal severe joint pains. 

Act as an Anti-inflammatory Agent

Many people spend on anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce red bumps or prompt swelling. Dermatologists prescribe medicines for inflammation which can have side effects if eaten in high doses. 

For this purpose, the anti-inflammatory properties of bone broth will help reduce redness and patchy skin and heal sunburn with a few sips.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

Helps in Weight Loss 

Weight loss management is the topmost priority for the elderly because obesity is a common problem in old age due to lack of activity and improper nutrition. Bone broth is considered a good source of nutrition and helps fill the stomach without adding extra fat or carbs to your diet. 

Cure for Skin-related Problems

If you are not familiar with the collagen in creams and serums, you are probably losing out on some useful information. Without spending a pretty penny on beauty products, you can still have collagen in your diet. This is particularly helpful for the 60+ age group since collagen in bone broth will help you reduce your wrinkles. 

There is a science behind the production of collagen and how it is naturally present in the body. But as we age, the increasing years take away the collagen as well. For this reason, including collagen in any form might diminish the aging effect. 

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Take Away

The benefits of bone broth are many, even though more research is still needed. However, many nutritionists still suggest drinking bone broth to consume all the nutrients. It not only nourishes your body and soul but promotes sound sleep and relaxation. 

Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Seniors

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