Ginger & Chronic Pains

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ginger for chronic pain

It is said that the best thing about Nature is its infinite capacity to protect and heal us. It is perhaps for this reason it is called Mother Nature.

Among its many wonderful elements there are these herbs, plants and roots that have sustained man through the ages as food as well as essential medicines. Ginger is one of the top names in this list.

For most of us, ginger is an intrinsic part of our daily diet. This very versatile ingredient is added to millions of dishes around the world to add that special taste and flavor that only ginger can bring.

Above all these, ginger has also been known for its medicinal value for ages. From common cold, to stomach ailments to managing pain, it has stood by us since time immemorial.

Today, the goodness of ginger has found new found popularity as more natural and holistic medicines come into being, using ginger as their key ingredient.

One of the best things about this herb is that it is available in abundance and can be preserved for long.

Most people believe that it is the root of the ginger that is used in healing, but in reality the underground stem or rhizome is also used extensively as a spice or as medicines.

The popularity of ginger stems as much from its innate goodness as its versatility which allows us to mold it and use it in varying forms in a number of things, from food to a curing drink.

A short history of Ginger

Originating from Southeast Asia, ginger is one of the most common yet precious herbs used almost everywhere in the world.

This rhizome is mainly found in the tropical countries as well as the United States.

The use of ginger dates back to more than 4,400 years, just as a spice however, records of using ginger as a medicinal herb goes back to around two thousand years or so showing its importance and regular use in curing various diseases.

Amazingly enough, ginger was quite popular during the times of Roman Empire.

However after the downfall of this empire this herb disappeared mysteriously only to return again during the times of Marco Polo who traveled to the Far East and exposed the wonders of the Orient to the rest of the world.

Since its discovery ginger has been used as spices, herbs and medicinal rhizome by different communities around the world.

As a spice it is popularly used in Asian cookingand its great usefulness extends to curing even the most chronic diseases faced by us today.

health benefits of ginger root

Ginger tea is a quite popular drink in different parts of the world and is also a very good form of digestive aid.

The main reason behind ginger being a good digestive aid is that this rhizome increases the secretions in stomach and saliva.

The increased secretion enables the food to get digested easily. Along with this ginger also helps in soothing the digestive tract and prevents irritation or inflammation of the stomach.

Over the years and with extensive research it has been found that this rhizome has the ability to treat and cure complex and chronic diseases apart from being a great digestive aid.

This all round usefulness of ginger has made it one of the most essential and popular herbs, with extraordinary medicinal value.

Ginger is a great reliever of common cold. It has been seen that common cold as well as seasonal cold can be cured effectively by ginger.

Ginger heals coughs and soothes any internal ruptures caused by continuous coughing.

It helps in preventing nausea that can be caused by a stomach pain or an upset stomach, motion sickness, pregnancy and even from the chemotherapy treatments for cancer. It is a natural soothing agent for any kind of irritation.

Unlike any other nausea-preventing medications, the natural essence of ginger works directly on the digestive system and treats the problem without blocking it with temporary relief.

Ginger is a great reliever of inflammation. The anti inflammatory agents of ginger help in relieving different kinds of pain.

Researches as well as age-old uses of ginger have proved the fact that it can cure joint pains and inflammation including the swelling around the knees.

The extraordinary healing properties of ginger have made this herb a common choice for many cures and treatments.

Ginger is also well known for treating arthritis, gallbladder inflammation, diverticulosis, heart ailments among others.

All these diseases can fast reach the chronic stage and lead to other serious ailments later. Inflammation is an underlying cause of various illnesses.

The beneficial properties of ginger can cure inflammation because of its two important enzymes, namely COX or cyclooxygenase and LOX or 5-lipoxygenase.

Usually, the anti-inflammatory drugs available in the market block the COX, thus leading to ulcers and other dangerous side effects.

Using ginger naturally enables one to benefit from the healing properties of COX found in the herb thereby soothing and protecting the stomach.

Since it is a 100% natural product there is no fear of side-effects and easily helps the body fight pain and all other ailments with increasing immunity.

Ginger also has some critical anti-cancer properties in it. Thus, use of ginger in food and drinks on a regular basis is highly recommended.

Ginger can cure block viruses and diseases leading from such. What is evident from these points is that ginger is one of the top immunity boosters that Nature has gifted us with.

Simply using it regularly in our foods will help the body gain back its initial strength and fight all foreign elements and diseases with ease.

Relieving chronic pain with Ginger

There can be a number of causes for chronic pains. Damages from accidents, injuries, bad posture as well as increasing age can add to pain.

While various joint pains and back pain is more commonly seen, there are various other kinds of pain frequently affecting us. Some of the common causes for pain are:

  • Bad sitting postures for years
  • Carrying heavy objects and improper ways of lifting things
  • Traumatic injury caused by some accidents
  • Obesity and being overweight can cause damage to the back and joints
  • Any congenital condition like the curvature of the spine
  • Sleeping on improper bed or mattress
  • Use of high heels on a constant basis
  • Aging of the spine or backbone due to degenerative changes

The treatments of chronic pain are numerous and the scope is huge. There are lots of treatments that can help prevent the pain temporarily, but a very few options that can actually cure it once and for all.

Going with natural treatments like ginger therapy, work the best at times. Chronic pains such as back pain or joint pains are difficult to cure completely.

However, use of ginger as a medical herb can go a long way to contain the pain for a long time.

The healing properties of ginger are amazing and thus it can cure a long borne pain completely.

This remarkable herb has thus been used for thousands of years to help relieve pains that are chronic and persistent.

Chronic pain can be severe and thus it needs proper treatment and cure that will also prevent the body from getting affected by other diseases in the long run.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger allows it to heal and lessen chronic pains such as back pain, muscle pain or joint pain.

Research has shown that the consumption of 30mg to 500mg of ginger on a daily basis,from four to thirty six weeks can successfully reduce joint pain.

This is especially true of women who are suffering from osteoarthritis who can greatly benefit by regularly consuming this herb.

A recent study conducted in the University of Georgia has been found that ginger consists of potent muscle pain reliever properties.

The study was carried out between seventy four students who were induced with muscular pain by performing improper exercises.

In the course of the study they were regularly administered various ginger based therapies, nutritional and otherwise.

At the end of the study it showed that the consumption of ginger by these students reduced their muscle pain quite considerably.

The most interesting thing that differentiates this herb from any other anti-inflammatory drugs is of course the fact that it does not have any hazardous side effects like ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

 Ginger not only cures chronic pain but its natural immune boosting properties heals the body completely.

Its uses are simple as it can be taken raw or as a spice in the food. However as a pain reliever, it is best to consume ginger raw or with tea.

This will soon lead to amazing healing effects. The potent antioxidants such as gingerols, zingerones and shogaols present in the ginger are great for any kind of pain.

When it comes to healing chronic diseases, the best way is the natural and herbal way, and ginger’s innate healing powers make it a manna from heaven whenever you are in pain.

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